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Polind Shepard

Meaning of Name

Derivative of the word Polio, which is made up of the two Greek words for ‘Grey’ and ‘Marrow’

Other Names - What other names is a Polind Shepard sometimes called?

Poll Shepard, Poli

Description - How would you describe a Polind Shepard?

The most intelligent of small dogs, the Polind Shepard was bred and incremented during the Polio epidemic of 1875 as a companion and friend of the children on the wards and in hospitals. They are commonly used as a symbol of medicine in Irma and other allied countries. An old TV show about a boy who travelled the world with his uncle starred a Polind Shepard named Tip, who was famous for his relentless loyalty for the boy, saving him from dangerous situations, and the black tip on his tail, which made him unique to the breed.



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INKC Rating


Breed Group




Breeds Original Purpose

Guarding, Service

Todays Purpose

Service Dog, EMRD dogs, Guardian


Energy Level: Moderate
Exercise Needs: Low
Playfulness: High
Affection Level: High
Friendliness Toward other Dogs: Moderate
Friendliness Toward other Pets: High
Friendliness Toward Strangers: Moderate
Ease of Training: High
Watchdog Ability: High
Protection Ability: High
Grooming Needs: Low
Cold Tolerance: High
Heat Tolerance: Moderate

pets Looks
Weight - How much does the usual Polind Shepard weigh?

Average Weight of Male: (
Average Weight of Female: (

Height - How tall is the usual Polind Shepard?

Average Size of Male: (
Average Size of Female: (


Dark eyes, rimmed with black


Erect, round-tipped ears, thickly lined with hair


Typical “smiling” expression


Front Legs: Feathering on the front legs
Hind Legs: Slanted, strong


Broad, rectangular


Bushy tail curls loosely over back


Thick, double coat


Purebreds are always white. Interbreds can come in many colours (i.e. Black, Blue Merle)

Notable features - What physical features are most notable for Polind Shepard?

All white, often use in hospitals

Species Variations


extension Behavior
Whats Their Personality Like?

The Poli is an incredibly friendly and adaptable dog that flourish in an environment filled with kids. They can become overprotective of their assigned person/s quickly if they feel another dog is invading their space. However, they are naturally gentle, caring dogs that want nothing more than to please.

Whats Their Behavior Like?

Poli’s are calm yet active dogs. They have time set aside for work, and time set aside for digging in the sandbox. Without proper training or schedule, these dogs can become destructive and disobedient. They enjoy digging and chasing young children and have a tendency to nip or bite people who are sleeping, in worry they might be unconscious.

How Easy Is It To Train Them?

These dogs love nothing more than to please. They are incredibly intelligent and are quick learners too, this makes them great service and therapy dogs. Reward good behaviour and this breed can do anything you teach them to.

What Are Their Grooming Needs?

Polind Shepard's hardly shed at all. They do lose hair, however, it doesn’t fly and stick everywhere. This is a result of breeding hypoallergenic into the breed, as they spent most of their time around sick children. They need their daily brushes, however, or their routine may become uneven and confusing.

What Is Their Health Like?

Being all-white dogs, they are subject to deafness and blindness throughout the breed. Poli’s are born in large litters (9-12) as the survival rate for them is low. Due to the lack of healthy pups during the early 1900′s, these dogs have some traces of inbreeding and can be born with developmental disorders or disabilities as a result. Centuries of exposure to sick children and unhygienic circumstances have led them to develop and transfer diseases like HIV or Pneumonia to their offspring. A healthy, purebred Polind Shepard is extremely rare.

Are They Good For People With Allergies?

The international Kennel Club lists Polind Shepards among its breeds recommended for allergy suffers. Remember that no breed is 100% hypoallergenic, and any breed can aggravate allergies. You can reduce your furry friend’s impact on your allergies with frequent baths and brushings to reduce loose hairs and aggravating proteins in your pet’s dander. Use a damp cloth to wipe off your dog after you’ve been playing outside.

What Are They're Instincts?

Polind Shepard’s have strong maternal instincts that lead them to be protective. They were bred to be Guardian dogs and naturally may become possessive and aggressive towards other animals who try to interact with their young.

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Notable Offspring

  • An old TV show about a boy who travelled the world with his uncle starred a Polind Shepard named Tip, who was famous for his relentless loyalty for the boy, saving him from dangerous situations, and the black tip on his tail, which made him unique to the breed.

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