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Name - What is Scorp Fjnrire (fih-jin-ri-er)’s full name?

Scorp Fjnrire

Age - How old is Scorp Fjnrire (fih-jin-ri-er)?


Gender - What is Scorp Fjnrire (fih-jin-ri-er)’s gender?


Other names - What other aliases does Scorp Fjnrire (fih-jin-ri-er) go by?


face Looks
Eye Color - What is Scorp Fjnrire (fih-jin-ri-er)’s eye color?

Honey brown

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Scorp Fjnrire (fih-jin-ri-er) have?


Hair Style - How does Scorp Fjnrire (fih-jin-ri-er) style their hair?

Short, see gallery cause descriptions are so heckin hard

Hair Color - What color is Scorp Fjnrire (fih-jin-ri-er)’s hair?


Face Shape

Triangular, rounded chin though

Height - How tall is Scorp Fjnrire (fih-jin-ri-er)?


Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Scorp Fjnrire (fih-jin-ri-er) have?

He’s made of Muscle (tm)

But in all reality, he has plenty of scars from training. A lot of his torso and back, along with legs and arms. None on his face though. His most prominent scar is one slicing across his abdomen.

Slim eyebrows

Body Type

Ectomorph, narrow hips and broad shoulders

Skin Tone

White, not really tan but not really pale either, just like right in between


f a s h i o n
Scorp is very fashionable, he likes to wear pink or yellow suits to parties/social gatherings, and those suits are quite extravagant. Heavily embroidered, designs vary based on the suit.

When he’s fighting/doing something more movement based such as a sport, he tends to go look more like a frat boy, but despite the lax appearance, when it comes to fighting, he’s more that prepared. Also, he goes shirtless a bunch.

Or he’ll wear what’s featured in the gallery (not the suits, but with the image of him and his haircut), that’s probably what he’ll choose for the gladiator thingie.

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Hobbies - What hobbies does Scorp Fjnrire (fih-jin-ri-er) have?

Sparring/fighting, reading, partying,

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Scorp Fjnrire (fih-jin-ri-er) have?

Putting his hand on the nearest weapon or what could be used as a weapon.

Motivations - What motivates Scorp Fjnrire (fih-jin-ri-er) most?

Conformity, family’s expectations.

Flaws - What flaws does Scorp Fjnrire (fih-jin-ri-er) have?

Scorp can be very vain sometimes, trust issues are a Thing—I mean he’ll ‘trust’ you, but will he ever really, without a single doubt, trust you? No.

groups Social
Favorite weapon - What is Scorp Fjnrire (fih-jin-ri-er)’s favorite weapon?

Japanese Tetsubo Kanabo (not even sure if that’s the right name, see gallery)

Favorite possession - What is Scorp Fjnrire (fih-jin-ri-er)’s favorite possession?

His weapon of choice

Favorite food - What is Scorp Fjnrire (fih-jin-ri-er)’s favorite food?


Favorite color - What is Scorp Fjnrire (fih-jin-ri-er)’s favorite color?

Brown, like cherry wood.

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info History
Birthday - When is Scorp Fjnrire (fih-jin-ri-er)’s birthday?

January 13th

Background - What is Scorp Fjnrire (fih-jin-ri-er)’s background?

So like Scorp has two different facets of his life that he doesn’t really know how to balance.

He has his paladin roots, he was born and raised a fighter, and he loves it. His parents were very strict with the path he took in life, which wasn’t too bad to begin with. His training came first and foremost above all things until the ceremony on his eighteenth birthday. He was, if he’s being honest, probably the most true to himself when he focused on his training. It was just him, his weapons, and an opponent. Nothing else mattered. However, this part of his training that used to center him was twisted into something else. He was a ruthless fighter, even from a young age. He has yet to make his first kill, but he’s certainly come close.

The other half of his life is the very fake and showy and vain half. He likes partying, he likes fashion, but these enjoyable things almost took over too much of his life. Suddenly he was leaving some of his sparring buddies behind to hang with a more ‘gucci’ crowd. His family had certain expectations about gay men, and he made himself fit that mold—wearing pink quite a bit, hooking up with lots of different men -sometimes spending a night with multiple men at the same time-, took on more of a feminine speaking tone, having unprotected sex. Sometimes Scorp forced himself into these things just to fit what his family thought of him. It was almost a way of ‘coping’ with how he was gay, by throwing himself into the stereotypes, even if he knew he wasn’t being himself, both a way to prove how he felt about guys and to try to still fit other people’s expectation.

Sometimes he just has issues with these two halves of his life, in all reality, he has no idea what he actually wants, instead he goes by what others want from him.
Heads up, he most certainly will have a break down about this way later in the rp. He just. needs a Hug.

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Pets - What pets does Scorp Fjnrire (fih-jin-ri-er) have?


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Fear of suffocation, torture

“If I’m not the gay man and I’m not the stoic fighter, who am I? Who the fuck am I? Please- just- just tell me who I’m supposed to be.”

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What do they smell like?

Pine and s w e a t


Hella Gay, like literally, at surface level, he really seems like a stereotypical gay man


Lives off praise, honestly would be a really good pair with a power bottom. He's not sure what he would prefer overall out of top/bottom/switch

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