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Name - What is Silver Enington’s full name?

Silver Enington

Age - How old is Silver Enington?

23-34, probably leaning towards older though

Gender - What is Silver Enington’s gender?


Other names - What other aliases does Silver Enington go by?

His old friends used to call him Gold

Role - What is Silver Enington’s role in your story?

Game Master

face Looks
Eye Color - What is Silver Enington’s eye color?


Facial Hair - What facial hair does Silver Enington have?


Hair Style - How does Silver Enington style their hair?


Hair Color - What color is Silver Enington’s hair?

Dyed silver, naturally a soft brown

Face Shape

Oval, a very sharp chin

Height - How tall is Silver Enington?


Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Silver Enington have?

Scar on his left ring finger from removing a tattoo. He almost always wears yellow eye make up and black eye liner

Body Type

Mesomorph, ish. Not a huge lot of muscle, but he has a narrow waist and broad shoulders.

Skin Tone



Always a suit, and never a wrinkle in sight. In the roleplay he’ll be appearing in a gold and black suit (see gallery)

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Hobbies - What hobbies does Silver Enington have?

Solitaire, or really any card game, but solitaire is his favorite

Motivations - What motivates Silver Enington most?

Past, grief, revenge

Flaws - What flaws does Silver Enington have?

Oh boy he’s got a lot of em. And he’s not exactly redeemable either, unless you stick it out and try to fix him.
But yeah. He’s bad. Takes his anger out on strangers, he’s apathetic to the lives of others—to a point of endangering others. He’s been different ever since the ‘Incident’.

Talents - What talents does Silver Enington have?

Very good at diplomacy and an incredible business man.

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Job - What job does Silver Enington have?

Founder and CEO of a company called ‘Silver Life’, manufactures solar panels and funds environmental protection. He also developed a safer way to euthanize animals.

Favorite animal - What is Silver Enington’s favorite animal?

Killer whale

Favorite weapon - What is Silver Enington’s favorite weapon?


Favorite food - What is Silver Enington’s favorite food?


Favorite color - What is Silver Enington’s favorite color?


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info History
Birthday - When is Silver Enington’s birthday?

April 2nd

Background - What is Silver Enington’s background?

“How have you been feeling today, Silver?”

“Good, good, quite well actually.”

“Really? That’s very good to hear. Have you been doing the meditations I’ve taught you?”

“That? No, no, not at all. But I’ve been thinking about what happened quite a bit, isn’t-“

”Wait, why haven’t you-“

“-it funny how humans exist? We’re all creatures with an instinct to survive,” Silver leaned in, a happy, almost free look in his eyes, “yet we don’t want to obey our instincts, do we?”

“Well, I would argue that-“

“We could easily further ourselves, it wouldn’t take much. I could easily steal your wallet, and yet I don’t, even if it benefits me. While two opposing lions will fight over prey without hesitation.”

“Well, I guess you could say humans have more compassion-“

But we don’t, do we?” Silver interrupted, his features darkening for a moment before being replaced with a smile. The therapist hesitated. “If we were compassionate beings, my fiance would still be alive. Isn’t that funny?” A laugh bubbled out of Silver, his eyes full of delight. The therapist opened her mouth to speak, but he didn’t give her the chance. “So maybe we are selective. We get to choose so many things in our lives. I got to choose whether I or he died that night, and I chose him.”

“Grief is a strange thing, but you weren’t responsible for his death that night, it was the man that-“

Don’t. Don’t tell me that bullshit, I made a choice that night.” And I pulled that trigger. “But it got me thinking- I was lucky to be given that choice. Only I got to experience that predicament, so I think it’s my duty to allow others the opportunity to feel the way I felt that night-“

“Silver. We’ve talked about this. Nothing can be done to reverse what happened. We just-“

“I know, I know. I really don’t mean to worry you. I only wanted to tell you about how I’ve been thinking of writing a book,” Silver told her, a light smile on his face. Lies. Silver had a much bigger plan in motion, and it would be so, so good.

Education - What is Silver Enington’s level of education?

Masters in business

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Bad dude
Will you help redeem him after he tries to kill you, and kills others?

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What do they smell like?



Bi, leans towards men


A lot of top energy, is actually a bottom

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