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Name - What is Wesix the Sungift’s full name?

Wesix the Sungift

Gender - What is Wesix the Sungift’s gender?


Age - How old is Wesix the Sungift?

Doesn't like talking about their age



Typical Clothing

Ranges anywhere from hipster to suits to 'bad boy/girl' depending on how they're feeling and where they're going.

Role - What is Wesix the Sungift’s role in your story?

Owner of Love Bites

Other names - What other aliases does Wesix the Sungift go by?

Icarus (former)

face Looks
Skin Tone

Human: Medium olive
Demon: Purple-ish blue, see gallery

Body Type

Lean, kinda slim. Soft but defined muscles

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Wesix the Sungift have?

As a human, they still have slightly pointed ears that can be passed off as a defect. They're not as long or pointed as their demon form, but they're a good mark of their non-humanness. Other than that, they're considered to be 'flawless,' a charm that comes with being a Daema

Also has a pair of gorgeous golden feathered wings, as seen in the gallery.

And horns, also seen in the gallery.

And a long & typical devil's tail.


Human: The same, ahem, chest piercings as their demon form. A line of piercings up their ears, the lobe ones being small hoops. Snake eye tongue piercing.
Demon: See gallery.

Height - How tall is Wesix the Sungift?


Hair Color - What color is Wesix the Sungift’s hair?

Raven black

Hair Style - How does Wesix the Sungift style their hair?

See gallery

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Wesix the Sungift have?


Eye Color - What is Wesix the Sungift’s eye color?

Light violet

Race - What is Wesix the Sungift’s race?

Daema (Succubus)

fingerprint Nature
Magical Abilities

  • Seduction: They can seduce anyone that has a sexual attraction to anyone, doesn't matter if they are gay, straight, or whatever. The only people that this doesn't work on are people that are asexual.

  • Glamours

  • Minor shapeshifting (human/demon)

  • The ability to tell what one person wants more than anything in the world, even if that person doesn't even know that's what they want
    -Minor telepathy

  • Slight sunlight manipulation


i fuckin hate filling this out because i'm shit at explaining

Uhhh, okay. Lively, spontaneous, slightly reckless. Gives off major Big Sibling vibes around the regulars at the bakery, since they'll dish out advice and chat with them without a problem. Discounts are given out to everyone but the people on their bad side, so having to pay full price for a muffin is a way to see if you're the dick of the town. Flirty to a point. Lots of people are minors to them, so they refuse to do anything with them. They will, however, help a pal out of they're questioning their sexuality, specifically if they're ace, since their powers of seduction are useless against the aces. Seems to know everything that goes on around town. Just generally super friendly and helpful, but also playful and youthful. Slightly full of themself, but whaddya gonna do.

Hobbies - What hobbies does Wesix the Sungift have?

Baking, flirting, eavesdropping, giving out advice, teasing, reading, flying, looking up at the sun

Flaws - What flaws does Wesix the Sungift have?

None :)
Jk, sorta. No physical flaws because they're a being of seduction, ain't got time for flaws. But as I've stated before, they're slightly arrogant and reckless, and impulse control goes off the fritz quite a bit.

groups Social


Religion - What religion does Wesix the Sungift practice?

Doesn't really do religion, but they don't not believe, y'know? More like an acknowledgment that all cultures have their gods and beliefs.

Politics - What politics does Wesix the Sungift have?

Ur funny

Favorite food - What is Wesix the Sungift’s favorite food?


Favorite color - What is Wesix the Sungift’s favorite color?


Favorite animal - What is Wesix the Sungift’s favorite animal?


Job - What job does Wesix the Sungift have?

Owner of Love Bites

info History


Birthday - When is Wesix the Sungift’s birthday?

Long ass time ago, roughly around 2697 BC. And it's less "birth" and more "creation" day.

Education - What is Wesix the Sungift’s level of education?


Background - What is Wesix the Sungift’s background?

Daema can be created two ways. One is through the usual summoning ritual. Another way, a very rare and damn near unheard of way, is if a god favors the dying, loves the dying.

They bring back the one they fell in love with, but in a different form, a slightly twisted form, bound to no contract but fiercely loyal to the god that saved them without knowing why. Without knowing the love that had resurrected them, even if they had known in their mortal life.

That is how Wesix was created.

They don't remember their past life, but they had been lively. Spontaneous. Reckless. Foolish. They still contained some parts of their old traits, but those traits were coated by a sexual and sensual undertone. Now almost everything they did, knowingly or not, was meant to seduce and allure. But back then? They had fallen hopelessly in love with the sun, and it cost them their life in the end.

Their father had been a foolishly brilliant man, always concocting strange ways to appease his boisterous child's wishes. One day, Wesix, once named Icarus, had asked for wings to fly with. Their father had obliged, granting them a pair of wax wings coated in brilliant feathers. Icarus took these wings to the highest cliff they could run to and made it their mission to greet the sun they had admired for so long.

They jumped.

They flew.

But the wax could only hold for so long. The closer they got to their beloved sun, the more the wax melted and scorched their skin. But Icarus didn't care. They flew higher and higher, a grin on their face that could rival any light. They laughed as they lost air. They turned on their back and watched the sun as they plummeted to the roaring sea. Skin scorched, feathers lost, eyes trained on the sky.

As Icarus fell, the sun fell with them. The god that upheld that mighty task raced after that reckless mortal with an intent to save them.

But it was too late, and ill-fated.

So as the sea crashed just yards away from the mortal's mutilated back, the god wrapped his arms around the young man and held them close to his chest. The last thing a smiling Icarus felt was a warm kiss to their forehead--

And then Wesix woke up in the forest, suddenly created without a summoner, but an urge to look to the sun and smile every hour, every day.

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