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Name - What is Ae Lee’s full name?

Ae Lee

Age - How old is Ae Lee?

122 (Looks to be about 23)

Gender - What is Ae Lee’s gender?


Other names - What other aliases does Ae Lee go by?


face Looks
Eye Color - What is Ae Lee’s eye color?

Crystal blue, so blue they seem to pop out of his face. Flecks of white in the iris.

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Ae Lee have?


Hair Style - How does Ae Lee style their hair?


Hair Color - What color is Ae Lee’s hair?


Face Shape

Triangular. Very straight nose. Narrow jaw. Small chin. Heart shaped lips.

Height - How tall is Ae Lee?


Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Ae Lee have?

Black eyeliner. Pink or red or black (depends on his mood) lipstick to make his lips pop. Light blush. Black (and flawless) nail polish. Not a single scar on his body. He has a black tattoo of a cross on his right palm.

Ae also has wings! They’re feathery, and they’re nonexistent unless the viewer already knows they’re there/has been told they’re there. The feathers kinda change color, like you know how twenty dollar bills have color changing ink on them, and when you rotate it it changes color? His wings are like that, from different angles the change color from black to white.

Body Type

Not much muscle or fat, very lean, thin waist

Skin Tone



Button up black dress shirt and black dress pants, occasionally adorned with a black feather overcoat.

Race - What is Ae Lee’s race?


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Hobbies - What hobbies does Ae Lee have?

Drawing comedy comic strips, usually with satire or caricatures. He also likes to feed pigeons.

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Ae Lee have?

Looking down at his nails during a conversation is a habit of his, he often flicks his eyes up and down people without recognizing that could be considered rude and judgemental.

Motivations - What motivates Ae Lee most?

Self Improvement

Flaws - What flaws does Ae Lee have?

Doesn’t know how to show he cares and therefore comes off as distant and apathetic. He also struggles to figure out the best thing to do in most situations regarding other (ie, what should I say to make them feel better??? *Panic *)

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Job - What job does Ae Lee have?


Favorite animal - What is Ae Lee’s favorite animal?


Favorite food - What is Ae Lee’s favorite food?

Wine (red)

Favorite color - What is Ae Lee’s favorite color?


Religion - What religion does Ae Lee practice?

Christian, because, ya know, he works for God haha. Though he’s not anti-other religions either, just he knows that that’s solid for him.

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info History
Birthday - When is Ae Lee’s birthday?

December 16th

Education - What is Ae Lee’s level of education?

When he was alive, he made it through high school and got a job at a newspaper company.

device_hub Family
Pets - What pets does Ae Lee have?

He owns two doves, four pigeons, and one crow—all of which come and go out of his apartment window as they please

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edit Notes

Roleplays would be modern, maybe roommate style rp. Other character would move in with him (other character might be a demon? Maybe? Might fit better to be average human). Just kinda romance from their, figuring each other out, other character would probably want to know what Angel’s hiding and that leads to them persistently sticking around him despite his weird quirks, and they eventually find out he’s an angel.

Always introduces himself as Angel. His real name is kept secret, as it’s a form of a ‘password’ to his entry into Heaven.

He also lies about how he became an angel.

Based on Christian religion ’cause I just know that best, God and Heaven will be mentioned in this roleplay.

Song(s) that’s vibing with them right now

Hallucinogenics by Matt Maeson

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