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Name - What is Teigi Namaka ’s full name?

Teigi Namaka

Other names - What other aliases does Teigi Namaka go by?

Tei, Poet

Gender - What is Teigi Namaka ’s gender?


Age - How old is Teigi Namaka ?


face Looks
Height - How tall is Teigi Namaka ?


Hair Color - What color is Teigi Namaka ’s hair?

Ash brown

Hair Style - How does Teigi Namaka style their hair?

Short and slightly spiky, sometimes pushed out of his face with a bandage serving as a headband

Eye Color - What is Teigi Namaka ’s eye color?

Jade green

Race - What is Teigi Namaka ’s race?


fingerprint Nature
Hogwarts House



Devil Fruit eater, ate the Write-Write Fruit

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