info Overview
Name - What is Barabbas Vulfike’s full name?

Barabbas Vulfike

Age - How old is Barabbas Vulfike?


Gender - What is Barabbas Vulfike’s gender?


Other names - What other aliases does Barabbas Vulfike go by?


face Looks
Eye Color - What is Barabbas Vulfike’s eye color?

Honey Brown, but he’s gotten his sclera tattooed to be black (which is a surprisingly real thing)

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Barabbas Vulfike have?


Hair Style - How does Barabbas Vulfike style their hair?

Buzz cut

Hair Color - What color is Barabbas Vulfike’s hair?

Almost like ash brown hair, more brown

Height - How tall is Barabbas Vulfike?


Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Barabbas Vulfike have?

Two scars on the sides of his face, dragging from the corners of his lips to the tops of his ears. There’s scars on his arms, like one long spiral dragging from his wrist to his elbow, clearly intentional, as if someone dragged a knife around his arms multiple times over the same line (also, he didn’t do it to himself, for clarification). Also scars at his wrists, not as concise as the previous one, from handcuffs. He has numerous other, smaller scars along his body, none as notable as the others mentioned.
Two tattoos on his left leg, just a inch-thick black line wrapping around his ankle, and another line wrapping around just under his knee.

Body Type

Not a lot of muscle, not a lot of fat. Narrow waist, what little bit of muscle he does have is noticeable due to his lack of food.

Skin Tone



Typical orange prison uniform
On the outside, he wears jeans with a thick ass belt askew on his hips, black tank top and hoodie tied around his waist.

fingerprint Nature
Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Barabbas Vulfike have?

He taps on things a lot, especially if has like a fork or stick or something. It’s not really ‘drumming’, just non stop little taps.
Also, he doesn’t like being touched, and often times he’ll subconsciously step away from people when standing next to them.

Flaws - What flaws does Barabbas Vulfike have?

He’s bad on a moral level. He’s gonna genuinely need someone to ‘correct‘ him, to teach him some form of empathy, because right now, he’s a genuinely bad guy. He has no issue with furthering himself at another’s expense. In the beginning of this (potential) roleplay, he’s gonna seriously be a bad guy.

Personality type - What personality type is Barabbas Vulfike?

Neutral Evil

groups Social
Favorite weapon - What is Barabbas Vulfike’s favorite weapon?


Favorite food - What is Barabbas Vulfike’s favorite food?

Steak, rare

Favorite color - What is Barabbas Vulfike’s favorite color?

Black, good for not being noticed and blending in.

Politics - What politics does Barabbas Vulfike have?

He doesn’t like law enforcement for obvious reasons, but overall isn’t involved in much politics as he’s been in and out of jail so many times in his life.

Religion - What religion does Barabbas Vulfike practice?


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info History
Birthday - When is Barabbas Vulfike’s birthday?

November 7th

Background - What is Barabbas Vulfike’s background?

He’s been in an out of prison/juvie throughout his life, this time he got nailed for murder—he was robbing a bank and shot the cashier. He wasn’t too proud of that moment, he didn’t like drawing that much attention to himself, but that’s where the cards fell.
Develop/reveal more in the [potential] roleplay

Education - What is Barabbas Vulfike’s level of education?

High school dropout, made it to sophomore year.

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edit Notes

So this guy is for a rp that doesn’t exist yet. I don’t know when I’ll make another rp because life has been hard lately, but I’ll probably use him when I do make another roleplay.
It’d be a gay o/o, done in a PM because I prefer roleplaying in PMs, plus we wouldn’t have to switch over if we were to go smutty, though I doubt that would happen anytime soon with this roleplay.
Your character would be a security guard in the prison, and it’d probably slowly develop into a romance as my dude is always acting out and your dude would probably be keeping a close eye on him.

Also lowkey unrelated but every time I look at this character my mind automatically screams EASTER (cause of the biblical reference) so like yeah there’s that, sorry for not being creative with names haha

Song(s) that’s vibing with them right now

“I Just Don’t Care That Much” - Matt Maeson

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What do they smell like?



Bi, no preference



new_releases COVID-19
How would they act preventively against corona virus?

Zero prevention effort from him, being completely honest. He just doesn’t really care, and he for sure doesn’t want to wear a mask—too stuffy for him. “People who have a problem with it can go fuck themselves” ideology.

How would they act when they get corona virus?

He’d be pissed at being sick, but he wouldn’t be worried. He’d probably cough on people he doesn’t like. Overall, however, he still doesn’t really care.

How would they act around those who have corona virus?

He’d avoid them, but like he wouldn’t go out of his way for it.


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