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Name - What is Rojod Grahaghan’s full name?

Rojod Grahaghan

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Eye Color - What is Rojod Grahaghan’s eye color?

Pure black

Hair Style - How does Rojod Grahaghan style their hair?

Buzz cut

Hair Color - What color is Rojod Grahaghan’s hair?

Naturally strawberry blond, just like his brother, but he’s dyed it to be a soft brown

Height - How tall is Rojod Grahaghan?

6’3” and he’s not happy about it. You can catch him wearing shoes that give him a couple extra inches too.

Body Type

Absolute twig, but don’t let it deceive you. He’s got good agility and stamina

Skin Tone



Skimpy outfits, for the most part. He’s used to advertising his body and doesn’t give a flying fuck if people don’t like that. In all reality though, he doesn’t necessarily enjoy wearing showy clothes, he’s just adapted to it and turned it into something he’s proud of instead of something he hates. He often ends up wearing tight mesh or fishnet tank tops, pants vary a lot depending on what his employer wants, but usually it ends up being something tight that shows off or highlights his ass. If Rojod has the freedom to wear whatever he wants, he usually goes for baggy pants and a plain t shirt. Shoes usually end up being either sandals or black stylish boots.

Race - What is Rojod Grahaghan’s race?

Caelum / I’dagé

fingerprint Nature

Rojod has a small condition that local doctors haven’t been able to diagnose, and his parents haven’t had the money to take him to see better, more experienced doctors, but sometimes he’ll just start feeling pain all over and has to sit down and ride it out for a while. Usually happens about once a day for about five minutes.

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Background - What is Rojod Grahaghan’s background?

Rojod hated the community house he grew up in, and he blamed his parents for not making more money. It was dangerous where they lived, and he felt his parents didn’t care about their safety. Rojod was there the day of the gas leak, and he saw all the chaos. Families weeping over the loss of loved ones who couldn’t get a mask on/who weren't aware of the leak so they didn't hold their breath (the can hold their breath for a half hour at minimum because of an air sack in their chest). Rojod was one of the kids who hadn’t been aware of the gas leak and hadn’t got a mask on in time, and that was the day his magic flared up to save him. His mother hadn’t been so lucky, and that was her own fault, in his opinion. They had all known how poorly the community house had been made, and yet they had done nothing. Rojod put on a sad face for his father and brother, but in reality… good riddance, honestly. Rojod was never the favorite child anyways.
By the time his father had disappeared in the mines, Rojod was already secretly looking for a place to live in the city. He found a two person apartment -a rarity for its size- for himself and his brother and was already contacting the owner to set up a payment plan. After his father’s body was found, that was even more reason to move, and he tried to convince his brother to come live with him. The bastard wanted to stay at the community home, and Rojod had to leave without him because he couldn’t stand another day in that damn house, and he told his brother he was going to get more education so he could live a happy -safe- life in the city. He wasn’t going to risk his own life anymore for his family, even if his brother meant a lot more to him than he led on. So Rojod moved to the city, and started looking for a place to work to go to school, and for someone to share the apartment with. Unfortunately, not many of the rich pricks felt safe living with only one other Caelum, and even with the money that his brother sent him for ‘school’, Rojod soon couldn’t afford to pay the rent. He got kicked out of the apartment—and of course he didn’t tell his brother. So, without anywhere else to go, he went back to a place he’d accidentally found while searching for jobs. It was a small ‘restaurant’ called Paradise -not much food to serve other than drinks and the equivalent to lamb chops (made from Ocei) on the Caelum’s planet- by the interplanetary space station, the ‘waiters’ and ‘waitresses’ wearing showy clothes and a couple pole dancers in the back. The owner was more than happy to hear he had reconsidered, and soon Rojod became a ‘waiter’ there. He made some connections, and thankfully a couple months later he found an apartment with five other -rich- Caelum around his age, and soon he began to sneak by without paying his share of the rent.

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Names of his apartment mates: Vigar, Tules, Espo, Riheng, Yhing.
Vigar: male, hired Rojod once and that eventually led to Rojod moving in with him and the rest of them later. Vigar inherited money from his parents.
Tules: male, very business focused. Oldest in the group. He started up a banking business in the city and it boomed with the help of Vigar’s mother’s advertising company, he rakes in a lot of money through that.
Espo: female, very sweet. She’s very happy go lucky all the time, though she doesn’t really acknowledge issues around the planet. Lives in her own bubble. Gets a lot of money from her mom.
Riheng: male, nicknamed “Ri” [pronounced “rye”], very fashion oriented. He started a fashion business, and similar to Tules, he made it big by pairing with Vigar’s mother’s advertising company.
Yhing: female, she’s Riheng’s sister. Model. Heavy on the make up and outward appearance.

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