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Name - What is Ezekiel Ibufray’s full name?

Ezekiel Ibufray

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French crop, see gallery

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Prejudices - What prejudices does Ezekiel Ibufray have?

Hates vampires, thinks they’re all assholes

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Job - What job does Ezekiel Ibufray have?


Favorite food - What is Ezekiel Ibufray’s favorite food?


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What do they smell like?



Bi but prefers guys. Hasn’t had much of a chance for love in his life.

Who do they like?


Ezekiel likes people who communicate a lot during romantic settings. Not necessarily consent -though he does appreciate asking for consent, he’s happy if (when showing signs that he likes where it’s going) his s/o just keeps going without pausing to ask- but just letting him know what’s going to happen so he has a chance to say no or have some control in the situation.
And example being kissing. Ezekiel loves to be kissed, he especially loves neck kisses from being, but rather than X coming over and surprising him with those beloved kisses, Ezekiel REALLY likes it if X were to seductively say “I’m gonna kiss you until I can’t feel my lips” a second before commencing said kissing. Just a little something so Ezekiel is prepared for what’s happening, nothing major at all.
And of course, overall, Ezekiel isn’t the type to freak out if his s/o doesn’t announce every little bit of romantic affection, he certainly wouldn’t get mad at or be scared of them if they didn’t announce their affections, it’s just something that makes him extra happy.

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