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Name - What is Grant Anderson’s full name?

Grant Anderson

Age - How old is Grant Anderson?


Gender - What is Grant Anderson’s gender?


face Looks
Eye Color - What is Grant Anderson’s eye color?

Icy blue

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Grant Anderson have?


Hair Style - How does Grant Anderson style their hair?

A little bit on the long side, it covers his eyes when he doesn’t have it brushed to the side. Wavy.

Hair Color - What color is Grant Anderson’s hair?

Bleached blonde with natural red roots

Height - How tall is Grant Anderson?


Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Grant Anderson have?

Burn scars all over his hands and some on his forearms (Grant doesn’t self harm, he just isn’t afraid of touching fire and that bites him in the butt a lot, not that he cares about getting burned). He has a fake lip piercing that he desperately wishes could be real. Also, his is lips are very, very soft and smooth—he puts on lip balm every night cause he can’t stand the feeling of chapped lips.

Body Type

Scrawny, borderline underfed but not quite. Long limbs and a short torso.

Skin Tone

Pale af with freckles spattered across his face and covering his shoulders and back.


He doesn’t have anything impressive in terms of clothes. Faded blue jeans and plain t-shirt (most likely grey or a stained off-white), along with a pair of beat up running shoes that desperately need to be replaced soon. Likes black hoodies a whole heckin lot, but almost always scrunches up the sleeves because he’s proud of his burn scars.

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Hobbies - What hobbies does Grant Anderson have?

Adding more later


He has immune system disorder and hemophilia (blood doesn’t clot).

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Grant Anderson have?

He fidgets with his hands and rubs his scars a lot.
Stuttering is very common for him unless he’s very comfortable around you.
Also tends to shrink and take up as little space as possible, usually keeps his arms tucked up against his chest.

Motivations - What motivates Grant Anderson most?

Trying to fit in, being ‘cool’ and ‘popular’.

Flaws - What flaws does Grant Anderson have?

Anti social, he often unconsciously separates himself from others (ex. when hanging out with a group of people, he often thinks of it like they are all friends while he is just existing beside them).
Doesn’t take care of himself as much as he should, self preservation isn’t very strong in him, especially when it comes to taking his medicine.

Talents - What talents does Grant Anderson have?

He’s really good at starting fires and managing them

Personality type - What personality type is Grant Anderson?

He’s very awkward sometimes, and occasionally comes off as creepy. Though he wants to make friends, he has a very hard time doing it. He wants to be a ‘cool kid’ and hang out with popular people, yet at the same time he’s so intimidated. He also tries desperately to act tough around other people, but he usually fails with that too. He loves fire, he loves playing with fire, literally anything fire and he’s obsessed with it.

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Job - What job does Grant Anderson have?


Favorite animal - What is Grant Anderson’s favorite animal?


Favorite weapon - What is Grant Anderson’s favorite weapon?

Blow torch, probably

Favorite food - What is Grant Anderson’s favorite food?


Favorite color - What is Grant Anderson’s favorite color?


Religion - What religion does Grant Anderson practice?

Grant has never really been exposed to much religion, as his parents were atheist, but he’d probably consider himself agnostic for the time being. He would definitely be open to the concept of religion (though he’d need someone with the patience to reach out to him to explain the ideology to him), if given a proper and in-depth explanation and reasoning.

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Birthday - When is Grant Anderson’s birthday?

October 2nd

Background - What is Grant Anderson’s background?

His parents were almost desperate to get rid of him and forced him to go. He’s had plenty of brushing with the law, went to juvie for a bit, because of his ‘bad habit‘ of setting abandoned buildings on fire. For the most part, he’s been pretty lucky not to have gotten into too much trouble, but there had been too many close calls, and his parents thought some time in the woods and interacting with people his age would be better for him. On top of his little hobby of playing with fire, medical bills and insurance work have been weighing on the parents, and they really just wanted a break from Grant.

Education - What is Grant Anderson’s level of education?


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edit Notes

He has an immune system disorder that causes him to get sick easily and has hemophilia. He almost always carries bandaids in his pockets upon his parent’s orders, along with his Red Cross ID so people know that his blood type is O positive if something were to happen. He needs to inject a replacement for the missing blood clotting factor on a regular basis, which he often has a really hard time doing because he detests needles, sometimes he will skip a treatment because he doesn’t want to stab himself, and that has led to bad consequences before and mostly likely will again, especially now that he doesn’t have his parents breathing down his neck.

Boy needs a hug

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What do they smell like?



Gay, but doesn’t really know/acknowledge it yet.

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How would they act preventively against corona virus?

He wouldn’t, at least not outwardly. He would pretend not to care, to be that ‘typical teenager’ who boasts about the low likelihood of getting sick. However, those who know Grant well could see through this. He’s terrified. Grant has an immune system disorder, and he’s slowly coming to terms with the fact that he could actually die and it scares him more than he wants to let on. He won’t wear a mask in public, because he doesn’t want to seem paranoid, but he also makes any and every excuse not to go out.

How would they act when they get corona virus?

He’d be even more horrified than he was before. Grant would be a lot quieter than usual, and probably distracted and sometimes unresponsive. He’d want his friends to be nearby, for as long as possible, and he’d want them to talk. Ramble. They could sit there for hours, and Grant would listen to every word and shift of tone, for two reasons. He realizes that that could be one of his last moments with them. And then, he wants to be distracted, to be able to forget his predicament.

How would they act around those who have corona virus?

Grant would make dozens of excuses to not be next to them, unless they outright asked for a hug or just to stand near—even then, he’d be kinda scared of them, though he’d do everything in his power not to show it.

If it was someone he liked or loved that had corona… if they wanted him near, he’d stay near, but he would tell them about how scared he was of getting sick.


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