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Name - What is Elex Miller’s full name?

Elex Miller

Age - How old is Elex Miller?


Gender - What is Elex Miller’s gender?


face Looks
Eye Color - What is Elex Miller’s eye color?

Chestnut brown

Hair Style - How does Elex Miller style their hair?

Wavy, messy. Bangs stop just above his eyes, pretty standard masculine haircut

Hair Color - What color is Elex Miller’s hair?

Honey Brown

Height - How tall is Elex Miller?


Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Elex Miller have?

A semicolon tattoo on his left inner wrist, a paint brush + palette on his right inner elbow, both are black and white but the tip of the paintbrush has little hints of color.
The palette has flowers growing out of it where the paint should be.
Also has scars over his left wrist.

Weight - How much does Elex Miller weigh?

136 lbs

Body Type

Square, average. Not much for muscles, but not any fat either

Skin Tone

Golden tan

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Hobbies - What hobbies does Elex Miller have?

Painting, drawing, sculpting, ANYTHING to do with art. He throws himself into his career and puts all his emotions out in his personal pieces.
Also plays the piano, is amazing at it, but not often. It’s very personal to him, and he’ll draw comfort from it on the worst days.

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Elex Miller have?

Chewing on the end of a paint brush when he’s working.

Motivations - What motivates Elex Miller most?

His old friend, who died years ago when they were in high school together. The whole reason he tries to be so kind to charities and blood donations and stuff like that is because he feels like it’s the only way to somehow forgive him of the guilt he constantly carries.

Flaws - What flaws does Elex Miller have?

Can be taken advantage of easily, doesn’t share with people when something is bothering him and unhealthily bottles up his emotions.

Talents - What talents does Elex Miller have?

He’s brilliant with the piano and art.

Personality type - What personality type is Elex Miller?

Anxious and kindhearted, a little anti-social and very chaotic. Not much for self-preservation skills.

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Job - What job does Elex Miller have?


Favorite animal - What is Elex Miller’s favorite animal?


Favorite food - What is Elex Miller’s favorite food?


Favorite color - What is Elex Miller’s favorite color?


Occupation - What is Elex Miller’s occupation?


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info History
Birthday - When is Elex Miller’s birthday?

August 14

Background - What is Elex Miller’s background?

Super brief but:
Connor. Thick as thieves, best friends. Connor was straight, and Elex didn’t ever have a crush on him or anything like that, they were more like brothers. Connor’s house was yellow, his mom would always wear yellow, she always wore glimmering gold wedding ring. Connor and Elex would hang out, and then one day Connor’s mom raped them both and from then on kept abusing them. Conner couldn’t take it anymore and killed himself, and Elex was absolutely destroyed. A few months later, Elex tried to take his own life too by jumping off a bridge but someone grabbed him and physically stopped him from committing suicide. After getting help, Elex took up painting and aromatherapy to calm himself. Connor’s mom was never convicted for the crimes she did.

Education - What is Elex Miller’s level of education?

High school

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What do they smell like?

Paint/clay, very small chance of hints of lavender because he had a lot of aromatherapeutic lavender wall-plug-in,





How they met (if they have a love interest)?

Met through a ‘Help the Blind’ app, Elex went to go assist Rhys but it ended up developing into a different kind of relationship.

Are they in a relationship? Crush?

Crushing so hard on Rhys at the moment, but would never dare tell him.

Who do they like?


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How would they act preventively against corona virus?

Honestly he wouldn’t know what to do, he’d probably look to Rhys for guidance. He might start doing a little photo documentary of people during COVID-19 and would probably do a couple paintings portraying the corona virus pandemic, but overall he’d just be your average citizen—following stay-at-home orders and such, and being pretty neutral unless those closest to him were acting differently.

How would they act when they get corona virus?

Elex would HATE it. He’d hate being sick, always had and always would. He’d probably binge watch shows to get his mind off of, but overall he’d be absolutely miserable. He’d try his best to stay inside and keep himself from spreading the virus to anyone, he’d probably still wear a mask while he was sleeping.

How would they act around those who have corona virus?

Elex would be cautious, but if Rhys was having COVID-19 really bad? He wouldn’t hesitate to help care for him. He’d happily snuggle up with him if that’s truly what Rhys wished, even though he’d know he’d be miserable, he’d be happy to be miserable with Rhys.


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