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Ethan Ford

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Old, looks 18-21 range

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Johnny — Best Friend
Vanessa — Johnny’s wife, sweetest woman on earth

Richie — Johnny’s oldest son, 18, troublemaker and ‘bad boy‘ at heart, he’s very proud of his motorcycle. Him and Ethan are tight, Ethan is his godfather. Richie is gay, but hasn’t come out to his parents yet (even though both his parents are 110% fine with their sons being gay)

Jamie — Johnny’s middle child, 16, wants to be just like his dad and serve in the Navy. Absolutely fascinated with war stories and action, he’s very disciplined. He loves his brothers, is kinda like a defender of them—if anyone messes with them, especially if they’re homophobes and hurt Richie (who is still pretty tough on his own), he’ll be on their doorstep the next day.

Eddie — Johnny’s youngest son, 11, shy and quiet and smol. Hides behind his parents a lot, flinches easily when people yell.

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How would they act preventively against corona virus?

Oh mama. Ethan would be actively trying to get the corona virus. He’d be going out to public places every chance he got and touching nearly everything he could. He’d really want to just get it and get over it, so he wouldn’t have to worry about it afterwards. The only person that could possibly talk some sense into him would be Kenji, only because he wouldn’t want Kenji to get it.
Ethan would also be running everywhere. He’d go stir crazy, probably doing workouts inside, and he’d go jogging down hiking trails in the woods.

How would they act when they get corona virus?

He’d be too prideful to act sick. Even if everything hurt and all he wanted to do would be to pass out on the couch, he’d still be trying to act like he was a-okay and normal. Though maybe if Kenji were to insist and tempt him into relaxing with snuggles, MAYBE he could be convinced into taking it easy.

How would they act around those who have corona virus?

If Kenji got corona virus, he’d go into Must Protect Mode. He’d be giving Kenji everything he could possibly want, also maybe calling doctors and reading book to try to find the best way to recover from COVID-19 quickly. Ethan would especially not care if he got COVID-19 from Kenji, there’d be no way to stop him from stealing kisses and cuddles from the man he loved most in his long life.


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