info Overview
Name - What is Ray Mitchell’s full name?

Ray Mitchell

Age - How old is Ray Mitchell?


Gender - What is Ray Mitchell’s gender?


face Looks
Eye Color - What is Ray Mitchell’s eye color?

Chocolate brown

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Ray Mitchell have?


Hair Style - How does Ray Mitchell style their hair?


Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Ray Mitchell have?

Scars on his abdomen

Body Type

Pretty ripped, he’s in football after all, and works out pretty hard off season so he can still be in shape when the next year comes.

fingerprint Nature
Hobbies - What hobbies does Ray Mitchell have?

Gardening, but he’d never dare tell anyone (except Nikolas cause he’s bae). Football is a more obvious hobby of his.

Flaws - What flaws does Ray Mitchell have?

Sometimes he acts too quickly because of his emotions. Doesn’t have a huge amount of willpower when it comes to Nikolas.

Talents - What talents does Ray Mitchell have?

Football, all the way. He can get straight up vicious on the field, he tackles opponents with such a force that they couldn’t believe he’s also a snuggler and likes- no, craves to be held and carried.
He’s great at it, amazing runner and catcher and tackler, and does amazing teamwork. When the Depression hits, you’ll see the former three traits being amplified to the extreme, while the latter being almost completely absent, ESPECIALLY with Nikolas.

groups Social
Job - What job does Ray Mitchell have?


Favorite animal - What is Ray Mitchell’s favorite animal?

Dog, Newfoundland to be specific

Politics - What politics does Ray Mitchell have?

wHaT aRe PoLiTiCs??? Ray doesn’t like to form a strong opinion on government or anything about politics.

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info History
Birthday - When is Ray Mitchell’s birthday?


Education - What is Ray Mitchell’s level of education?

High school, and he hopes to go to college for football

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edit Notes

Certified Baby

Also plant+earth magic

Song(s) that’s vibing with them right now

“maybe i’m afraid” - lovelytheband

favorite_border Love
What do they smell like?

Carmel, sometimes hinted with metal


Gay, struggled with internal homophobia for a really long time.



How they met (if they have a love interest)?

Football practice

Are they in a relationship? Crush?

Boyfriends~ and undiscovered mates

Who do they like?

Nikolas Ficher

new_releases COVID-19
How would they act preventively against corona virus?

Ray would be secretly very scared and paranoid. He’d constantly say it’s no big deal and that he didn’t care whether he got it or not, but really he’d be wearing masks and gloves everywhere and taking showers after going out in public places. Also, if he were to get a tickle in his throat? Cue one hour of scouring the internet about COVID-19 symptoms. Someone coughed next to him in the grocery isle? Cue one hour of scouring the internet about COVID-19 symptoms. Someone he knew got diagnosed with the corona virus? Cue him lying awake at night searching up symptoms and pondering whether he should get tested.

How would they act when they get corona virus?

Ray would detest being sick. He’d turn into Baby Mode, and he wouldn’t do anything for himself. He wouldn’t get up and feed himself if he was hungry, he wouldn’t get up to grab a blanket five feet away—rather, he just curl up and shiver until someone came and gave him some sympathy, he’d also tell everyone to stay away from him -especially Nikolas- so he wouldn’t get them sick too even though he’d actually really love and want attention and care.

How would they act around those who have corona virus?

If Nikolas got the corona virus, he’d insist on helping and taking care of him. Except he’d do it wearing full body armor. He’d be wearing masks, goggles, gloves that went up to his elbows, a hair net even, long sleeves and pants, and he’d probably try to stay as far away as possible yet still be nearby—like in the same room but at the very opposite end of it. Ray would probably say it was no trouble helping out and taking care of Nikolas, but probably every time he helped him he’d be washing his hands raw and putting rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and spraying himself down, if not taking a shower.


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