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Name - What is Deimos Mysnuk’s full name?

Deimos Mysnuk

Age - How old is Deimos Mysnuk?


Gender - What is Deimos Mysnuk’s gender?


Other names - What other aliases does Deimos Mysnuk go by?

Also goes by Dee, but prefers Deimos

Role - What is Deimos Mysnuk’s role in your story?

Roleplay character

face Looks
Eye Color - What is Deimos Mysnuk’s eye color?

Deep brown, in darker lighting they almost looks black, and when the light hits them just right they look like a smooth milk chocolate.

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Deimos Mysnuk have?

A mustache and a short beard [see gallery]

Hair Style - How does Deimos Mysnuk style their hair?

A little more than shoulder length, a little wavy. He likes to leave it down when he’s alone and comfortable, but will usually tie it up in a man bun or ponytail when he’s working/in public.

Hair Color - What color is Deimos Mysnuk’s hair?

Dark brown

Height - How tall is Deimos Mysnuk?


Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Deimos Mysnuk have?

The very tip of his left thumb is cut off, not enough to take off the while nail but still a chunk of skin is clearly missing. He also has a scar from the left corner of his lip his ear.
(Trigger warning)
A faded tattoo of a semicolon on his wrist, along with faded scars covering his wrists.

Weight - How much does Deimos Mysnuk weigh?

172 lbs

Body Type

Thin, with awkwardly long arms and legs.

Skin Tone

Tan [see gallery]

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Hobbies - What hobbies does Deimos Mysnuk have?

Whittling, he’ll usually make very small items (most about the size of a half dollar coin) and will just leave them places (like out in the woods on a stump, on a bench in a park, by a light post in a busy city, et cetera)


He had depression when he was a teen and early twenties, but he’s mostly recovered now.
He also has sleep apnea, but isn’t aware of it (surprisingly, it’s not uncommon to have sleep apnea and not know about it)

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Deimos Mysnuk have?

Picking at dry skin near his fingernails and speaking softly

Motivations - What motivates Deimos Mysnuk most?

Fear. Sometimes a fear of financial issues, sometimes a fear a failure, sometimes a fear of becoming a disappointment. Not matter what he’s doing, it’s always rooted by a fear of something.

Flaws - What flaws does Deimos Mysnuk have?

Sometimes he has a hard time opening up to others, and he can be a little too loyal to people he’s under the authority of if that makes any sense. He also has a hard time making jokes or even replying to jokes in a humorous way.

Prejudices - What prejudices does Deimos Mysnuk have?

Prejudiced against people who drink alcohol, especially alcoholics. He blames alcohol for the reason his mother and father split up.

Personality type - What personality type is Deimos Mysnuk?

Overall quiet, prefers to do more listening rather than speaking. Pretty observant. He’s reserved and logical.

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Favorite animal - What is Deimos Mysnuk’s favorite animal?

Reptiles, particularly snakes

Favorite weapon - What is Deimos Mysnuk’s favorite weapon?

Switch blade or some kind of pocket knife

Favorite possession - What is Deimos Mysnuk’s favorite possession?

His whittling tools set

Favorite color - What is Deimos Mysnuk’s favorite color?

Dark green, around the color #2B471A (hex code)

Occupation - What is Deimos Mysnuk’s occupation?

Spy/Assassinator for the US

Religion - What religion does Deimos Mysnuk practice?

He was raised Christian (non-denomination) and occasionally goes to church on Sundays

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info History
Birthday - When is Deimos Mysnuk’s birthday?

April 15th

Background - What is Deimos Mysnuk’s background?

He started out in a humble home on the countryside, but then his father became a politician when he was about 5 years old and they moved into the city. His mother started drinking a lot when he was around eight years old, and his parents split when he was ten—he stayed with his father.

Education - What is Deimos Mysnuk’s level of education?

High school, then he went to a military school but he was pulled out of that when he showed exemplary skills, to go on to ‘greater things’, where he trained as a spy.

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His surname is pronounced Mis-nook.
More of a sub than a dom

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What do they smell like?

Olive oil or wood shavings, mostly the latter


Closeted gay

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