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Name - What is Maxwell Darby’s full name?

Maxwell Darby

Role - What is Maxwell Darby’s role in your story?

The Intern

Age - How old is Maxwell Darby?


Gender - What is Maxwell Darby’s gender?


Full Name

Maxwell Benjamin Darby

Other names - What other aliases does Maxwell Darby go by?

Max, Mr. Darby


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First Name Meaning

Great Stream

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Middle Name


Middle Name Meaning

Son of the Right Hand

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Surname Meaning

Free From Envy

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Race - What is Maxwell Darby’s race?


Body Type

Small and slim

Weight - How much does Maxwell Darby weigh?

A little below average

Skin Tone


Height - How tall is Maxwell Darby?


Hair Color - What color is Maxwell Darby’s hair?


Eye Color - What is Maxwell Darby’s eye color?


Hair Style - How does Maxwell Darby style their hair?

Neatly styled

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Maxwell Darby have?


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Personality type - What personality type is Maxwell Darby?

Max is a fairly serious worker, but is surprisingly awkward and dorky around his friends. He's shy and soft-spoken with some self-confidence issues, and is a bit too gullible for his own good. Very enthusiastic about his interests. He also volunteers a lot of his time, even if he doesn't necessarily have it, and is very eager to help.

Skills and Hobbies

Playing the flute, memorization, surprisingly okay at dancing

Motivations - What motivates Maxwell Darby most?

To succeed in business (preferably due to trying)

Hobbies - What hobbies does Maxwell Darby have?

Playing the flute, taking ballroom dancing lessons

Flaws - What flaws does Maxwell Darby have?

Doormat, overly serious, awkward, overly loyal

groups Social
Favorite possession - What is Maxwell Darby’s favorite possession?

His flute, which he's had since 5th grade

Lovers (Current and Past)

Alice Lowe (Current, fiance)

Favorite or Associated Animal

Arctic foxes

Favorite weapon - What is Maxwell Darby’s favorite weapon?


Occupation - What is Maxwell Darby’s occupation?

Intern for Charles Flynn Sr., wants to be a history teacher.

Politics - What politics does Maxwell Darby have?


Religion - What religion does Maxwell Darby practice?

Jewish. Notably, one of the first signs of his anxiety was his uncharacteristic fear of speaking at his Bar Mitzvah.

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Favorite food - What is Maxwell Darby’s favorite food?


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Background - What is Maxwell Darby’s background?

A chronic overachiever, Max has been a "gifted child" since elementary school and often felt a bit stifled by it. While it gave him recognition for his brains, he never really wanted that, and ended up feeling othered from his classmates. Stress grew with his schoolwork, and he eventually had a bit of a nervous breakdown in high school, passing out before a speech he was meant to give for student council. He refused to lighten his workload, afraid of being seen as a failure if he did, and continued to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks until he met with a therapist. He's in college during the story, and interning with Charles Flynn Jr. while balancing a major in American history and a minor in engineering.

Birthday - When is Maxwell Darby’s birthday?

June 18th

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