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Name - What is Killian Clarke’s full name?

Killian Clarke

Role - What is Killian Clarke’s role in your story?

Money Supplier

Gender - What is Killian Clarke’s gender?

male, amab, he/him

Age - How old is Killian Clarke?


nfc Name

Kill-ee-ann K-lar-k

First Name History


gaelic origin, means "bright-headed"

Middle Name(s) History


english origin, means "Ram's Island"

Last Name History


Latin origin, means "clerk/cleric"

face Looks
Race - What is Killian Clarke’s race?


100% Scandinavian

Height - How tall is Killian Clarke?

6'5"/196 cm

Definitely very tall

Weight - How much does Killian Clarke weigh?

180 lbs/81.5 kg

On the definite lighter side for his height

Skin Tone

very, very pale white

Body Type

tall, slender, broad shoulders and a small waist. enough muscle to be toned but not too much to be considered "muscular"

Face Shape

high cheekbones, a pointed chin, slender face shape

Hair Color - What color is Killian Clarke’s hair?

Pale platinum blonde

Hair Style - How does Killian Clarke style their hair?

usually pulls the top part up in a messy (but somehow flawless) bun, half-up, half-down style. occasionally he'll leave it down and natural.

he has long hair that reaches about to his armpits, it's straight and very thin. he takes very good care of his hair

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Killian Clarke have?



darker blonde, uses pencil to shade them. medium thickness, well maintained, sharp


almond shaped and crystal blue irises. blonde eyelashes.


long bridge, slightly upturned tip at the end, small nostrils


plush lips, straight and very white teeth, very attractive smile


none, his line of work didn't permit them


very straight back, poised posture, holds an air of confidence about him wherever he goes

mood Personality

Neutral Evil

How they would describe themselves: (3-words)

Handsome, Powerful, Successful

How others would describe them: (3 words)

Arrogant, stuck-in-the-past, Petty

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group Social
date_range History
Birthday - When is Killian Clarke’s birthday?

February 23rd

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healing Medical
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Twin Sister: Alicia Clarke
Alicia and Killian don't get along in the slightest. She calls him a petty little bitch, he calls her a dirty rat. Alicia disapproves of Killian's luxury lifestyle, sitting atop of piles and piles of money that he does nothing with. Killian thinks that his sister should work a little harder and maybe she would be in a "better place". ("better" being richer/owning thousands of designer coats)
They used to be close. They modelled together when they were children (ages 5-11) but then Alicia didn't want to do it anymore because she felt like she was constantly being objectified. They were on pretty thin ice up until they were 15 and then the ice broke and they blew up at each other and have been hostile since.

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favorite Love
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plus_one Other

  • expensive things

  • soft things

  • being told he's pretty

  • having his picture taken

  • cats

  • white marble swimming pools

  • limousines

  • money

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