info Overview
Name - What is Avon West’s full name?

Avon West

Role - What is Avon West’s role in your story?

Emotional Support

Other names - What other aliases does Avon West go by?

  • Ave, Vonny

Both nicknames given to them through Dahlia

Gender - What is Avon West’s gender?

non-binary, they/them

Age - How old is Avon West?


nfc Name

Ay-vON jass-perr West

First Name History


Welsh origin! means "river" or "lives beside the river"

Middle Name(s) History


Persian origin! means "treasurer"

Last Name History


anglo-saxon origin! means "man from the west"

face Looks
Race - What is Avon West’s race?


1/2 Japanese, 1/2 French

Height - How tall is Avon West?

5'10", relatively tall but not a tower

Weight - How much does Avon West weigh?

155 lbs, perfectly average for their height. skinny but not skeleton, a healthy amount of fat and muscle

Skin Tone

a pale olive with pinkish undertones, especially in the cheeks

a few moles on their neck and shoulders

Body Type

Tall and willowy, rectangular body type, long limbs

Face Shape

long, ovular face with soft cheek and jawbones. fairly pronounced dimpled chin.

Hair Color - What color is Avon West’s hair?

Raven black

Hair Style - How does Avon West style their hair?

they wear their hair in a ponytail at the top of their head with two long pieces framing it. The texture of their hair is thick and glossy with a slight wave to it.

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Avon West have?



stenciled black eyebrows with a small arch to them, fairly thin


almond shaped eyes with dark, dark brown irises that are difficult to tell from the pupils. feathery eyelashes, sharp eyeliner, occasionally some pink eyeshadow


long and thin nose, slightly hooked at the tip


thinner lips, straight teeth, sort of an awkward smile.


a few stretchmarks on their thighs and waist, a crescent shaped scar on their right thumb from an accident with shattered glass


some cherry blossoms tattooed on their right shoulder


stands straight but unsure, arms are always moving around like they don't know what to do with them. looks around a lot.

mood Personality
Description of Personality:

Avon is a naturally anxious individual who always wants to please whoever they're around. Avon tends to fidget a lot, always finding something to do with their hands as they heavily contemplate their next words.

Avon is also kind to their very core. All they want to do is help and that's the only time they'll speak up without hesitation. They give out compliments through a slight stutter nearly daily.

They're also a pushover who will put their enitre day at risk to please someone else. Avon's backbone is flimsy at best and succumbs very easily to peer pressure.

Despite this, Avon knows how to pick good people out from the bad and spends plenty of energy to avoiding the bad. Avon loves their friends dearly and will do anything for them, nearly to the point of self-destruction.

Avon has an eye for design, leading them to becoming an intern at Brooks//Bricks Fashion Agency. They love to deal with pastel colors and flowers in most of their designs. They're extremely organized and efficient.


Lawful Good

Flight, Fight, Freeze?

freeze and panic

Avon isn't necessarily the bravest of people and they tend to freeze up when presented with a threat


  • getting into trouble

  • the people they love getting hurt

  • having people hate them

How others would describe them: (3 words)

anxious, kind, agreeable

fingerprint Nature
Motivations - What motivates Avon West most?

  • help their friends (Midge, Howie, Dahlia, etc.)

  • make Dahlia happy

  • make a happy life w/ Dahlia

Talents - What talents does Avon West have?

  • designing

  • styling and fashion

  • ikebana (flower arranging)

  • always knowing what colors clash with each other

Hobbies - What hobbies does Avon West have?

  • fashion designing

  • arranging flowers

  • following Dahlia (who is following Midge and Howie)

pan_tool Mannerisms
local_hotel Mannerisms 2
group Social
date_range History
Birthday - When is Avon West’s birthday?

May 14th


Avon grew up in a small town in Maryland

Education - What is Avon West’s level of education?

went to a private elementary school ages 5-11. Public education from ages 11-18. got a very well rounded general education there with a lot of electives in art.

currently in Alabaster University studying fashion and design, has an internship at Brooks//Bricks Fashion Agency

Current Residence


Avon lives in a pretty small studio apartment in the middle of Alabaster that's walking distance between their internship, their favorite café, and Dahlia's apartment. Pretty loud traffic, but Avon doesn't mind too much.

The studio apartment is nicely decorated with mainly whites and beiges. The floors are a dark wood, the walls a soft off-white. There are hanging plants and pink accents on the walls and pillows. older appliances that usually break, creaking floors. a fire escape outside the biggest window that has lots of plants.

timeline Arc
filter_list Abilities/Powers
translate Voice
Description of Voice

very quiet, timid, usually a brief hesitation before they speak. a little on the higher pitched side.


nervous: awkward and uneasy chortle
joyous: quiet, kind of giggly, very pleasing to hear


Mainly only English but they're trying to learn some Japanese to impress their mom's side of the family.

work Inventory

Avon usually wears loose pastel clothing with lots of perfectly matched accessories.

Outfit 1:
- chunky white sneakers
- knee-high white socks
- wide-legged and loose pastel pink pants
- white leather belt with white buckle
- fitting white crop top that resembles wraps
- oversized and baggy pastel pink jacket that's always slumping off the shoulders
- pink choker
- pink cherry earrings
- pink, white, and silver rings
- white watch

healing Medical
device_hub Family
directions_walk People

  • Brooks//Bricks Fashion Agency (intern)

  • Alabaster University (student)

  • Alabaster Crooks Inc. (reluctantly dragged into it via Midge and Howie)

favorite Love

lesbian, nblw

Feelings Towards Love:

Avon hecking loves love. They grew up in a very good household with both of their parents still head-over-heels with each other and Avon wanted that for themself. Growing up, Avon would always daydream about the perfect wife and they would hold hands and go out on the lake. Avon's definitely a romantic.

Love Interest(s):

Dahlia Rose
Avon and Dahlia met at the fashion agency. Dahlia is an up and coming designer straight from school and Avon is an intern searching on how to move up the ranks. It was kind of a meet-cute. Avon nearly ran into Dahlia with arms full of coffee, Dahlia offered to help them take it up to everyone. After that, they became sort of friends and slowly it morphed into something else. Dahlia asked Avon out and now they're dating.

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plus_one Other

pink flowers, sunny afternoons, pretty dresses and handbags, cherries and boba tea, a small sense of anxiety woven in

pinterest board:

Color Scheme

soft pinks, light beiges and all sorts of whites


very much smells like flowers due to their favorite perfume, a light scent


  • sudden loud noises

  • the color green

  • the smell of gas

  • people who ask too many questions

  • spiders

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