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Name - What is Felix Erwin’s full name?

Felix Erwin

Role - What is Felix Erwin’s role in your story?

Main character, softboi protag

Other names - What other aliases does Felix Erwin go by?


Gender - What is Felix Erwin’s gender?


Age - How old is Felix Erwin?



Functionally straight, but also doesn't care that much. He doesn't label himself, and while he mostly sticks with relationships with the opposite gender, it's not exclusive.

accessibility Clothing
Usual outfits:

He's a fashion conscious fellow. He looooves winter/fall fashion, and any time he gets to wear a long coat and a scarf, he's happy.

face Looks
Weight - How much does Felix Erwin weigh?

idk, he's thin, so light ig

Height - How tall is Felix Erwin?

He's tall. He's around 6'5"

Hair Color - What color is Felix Erwin’s hair?

Dark brown.

Hair Style - How does Felix Erwin style their hair?

It's pretty short normally, but he combs it forward and it's getting a little long. He's yet to find time to trim it, and it's starting to get annoying to brush it out of his eyes all the time.

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Felix Erwin have?


Eye Color - What is Felix Erwin’s eye color?

Greyish blue

Skin Tone

He gets out very little, and his skin is quite pale. Plus he lives on the east coast, so there's not a lot of sun already.

Body Type

I wouldn't quite call him delicate, but he's close. He's definite 'pretty boy' material.

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Felix Erwin have?

He's pretty attractive, physically, if you like the soft boy look. He almost always wears the same long coats, round glasses, soft sweaters, and scarves so he's easy to pick out by his outfit.

fingerprint Nature
Hobbies - What hobbies does Felix Erwin have?

He plays video games with his brothers, and goes out to explore the local wilderness with his little brother.
But his passion is music and writing. He plays acoustic guitar, writes poetic love songs, and if you really pester him, he'll sing one for you.


He's got a lot of stress on his shoulders right now, so his previous anxiety is definitely worse. He also has whatever the opposite of insomnia is. If he doesn't have to get out of bed, then good luck getting him up. (hint: it's the anxiety telling him sleep more = deal with life less.)

Personality type - What personality type is Felix Erwin?

Sorry this is lack luster Im feeling poorly :/ We're going to bullet-point his personality

Felix is:
- Extroverted
- Romanticizes everything
- Kind
- Unsmiling
- Dry, sarcastic, moody b*tch
- Way tougher than he looks, but he doesn't know it
- He's determined and doesn't let go of something if it really matters
- But he's also made of glass and angel feathers.
- Good big bro
- Great middle sibling
- The son you want, unless you really want toxic masculinity.
- Chaotic
- Shy around his crush, but not too shy
- Cares a little to much about physical appearance

Felix is a quiet, unsmiling fellow with a dry sarcastic streak.

Talents - What talents does Felix Erwin have?

Music. he's a really good singer and song-writer.

Flaws - What flaws does Felix Erwin have?

He smokes. It's a new habit, but he's under a lot of pressure lately, and this is how he's been dealing. He tries to keep it secret, and never smokes in/around his home.
He's also pretty impulsive, and a little on the reckless side. He could get dragged into trouble by the wrong crowd, and has few qualms about some minor mischief making/fraud/white lying. He's also bull-headed and give him an agenda and he'll never let it go.

Motivations - What motivates Felix Erwin most?

His family

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Felix Erwin have?

He's an expert of the deadpan stare. Again, he rarely smiles, unless he's playing around with his family. He also tends to slump, but that's probably because of how tired he is.

groups Social
Favorite possession - What is Felix Erwin’s favorite possession?

His expensive coat that he didn't have the money to buy but bought anyway and treasures. And his guitar. And the family piano in the basement.

Favorite weapon - What is Felix Erwin’s favorite weapon?

lmaooo he's never fought ever. He punched one person once when he was like,,, 8, and cried because it hurt his hand.

Favorite animal - What is Felix Erwin’s favorite animal?

CAT he lika da cat

Job - What job does Felix Erwin have?

He works at the local restaurant, doing whatever needs done. He's the only employee, so he does a lil of everything.


Coral: Boss/family friend. She runs the restaurant he works at.
Sally: His crush, who is the biggest supporter of his musical pursuits.
honestly it's a tiny town, he's knows all of them.


He and Sally are perfectly encapsulated by Say So by Doja Cat.
Him: I just don't know if she cares about me like that.
Him: ...
Him: I don't want to make things weird between us
Him: Well, I just don't know-
Her: BRO

Favorite color - What is Felix Erwin’s favorite color?

Any fall color.

info History
Background - What is Felix Erwin’s background?

Again, lack luster I am not feeling well :<

His mother died when he was young, but his father took good care of them though they were always tight on money. he wanted to go to music school, and had started saving up when he was twelve.

Now, skip forward to his early twenties, his older brother joined the military, got deployed, and then not a year later his father's previously undetected heart problems struck, and he almost died. To cover the hospital bills, Felix had to sacrifice all he'd saved as well as the rest of the family's emergency funds. They're still thousands in debt, and he's had to shelve his own life to care for his ill father and younger brother. His older brother is struggling to get the military to let him go, but has promised to come home as soon as he can and help. Until then, his military paycheck is going straight to them anyway.

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