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A lone wanderer, born just after WW3

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Tall and thin

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Pale white

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Honey brown

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Pulled back, with some loose hair in front swept off to the side

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Born just after WW3, before the effects of the radiation seeped into more rural areas like her hometown. Khalida was the daughter of a farmer, living a simple, comfortable life in a small town. She was known in the town for her sweet, caring nature. She fell in love with a local man, but he rejected her after she confessed her love to him.

She fell into a deep depression, believing herself to be unworthy of anyone's love. This changed when another man expressed his affection for her, and slowly won her heart. They were wed, and Khalida's life was complete. Almost.

After some time with her husband, she realized she still had feelings for the first man. Her heart fluttered every time she saw him, though she tried to deny her feelings for the sake of her husband. But her feelings were too strong. She had to act, one way or another.

In defiance against the goodness inside her, she killed the first man. If she could not be with him, he could not be allowed to walk the earth. She would not let him interfere with her new life. But the heinous act left an imprint on her soul.

When it was discovered what she had done, her husband was heartbroken, and she was condemned to death. But she could not die. Even when she escaped, and tried to take her own life many different way, she still did not die. For a demon had taken up residence inside her, chaining her soul to the living world.

Now she wanders earth alone, searching for a way to clear a debt that can never be repaid.

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