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Name - What is Davey Douglas ’s full name?

Davey Douglas


Alive (undead)

Role - What is Davey Douglas ’s role in your story?

"Flagship" Character

Other names - What other aliases does Davey Douglas go by?

Alain McLaren
William Grey
Mick Stuart
Felix Gage
Milo Duval

Gender - What is Davey Douglas ’s gender?


Age - How old is Davey Douglas ?

Born May 25th 1699
Embraced 1725
physically 26 years old
(309 in 2008)


Chaotic Bisexual

face Looks
Weight - How much does Davey Douglas weigh?

180 lbs???

Height - How tall is Davey Douglas ?


Hair Color - What color is Davey Douglas ’s hair?

dirty blonde

Hair Style - How does Davey Douglas style their hair?

various lengths
always curly, shaggy

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Davey Douglas have?

Occasional stubble but ne're more than that. In life, he was never able to grow a full beard or mustache drove him a little nuts. It looked like shit and he got shit for it from all his sailor buddies. As a vampire, he will never be able to grow a beard or a mustache, but since he died with light stubble that's the most he'll ever have.

Eye Color - What is Davey Douglas ’s eye color?

Jade green, ringed with gold.

Race - What is Davey Douglas ’s race?


Skin Tone

deathly pale

Body Type

well built, muscular, strong but not overly ripped.
laborer strongk

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Davey Douglas have?

Various tattoos
Including but not limited to:
a swallow
something for Scotland
a weeping willow for Adele DuSaule

Sunlight burn scars across legs, back, upper chest


Jensen Ackles (pre-supernatural)
Sam Claflin
Brenden Fraser (young)
Paul Simonen

fingerprint Nature
Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Davey Douglas have?

Davey has an unintelligible international Frankenstein accent. Is it Scottish? French? A little Cockney? Is that a Southern drawl? Nobody knows.
He is not graceful. He’s tall, doesn't have the best posture but not a chronic sloucher or anything.

He's really quite handsome but has a bit of a chronic case of resting bitch face.
If he decides he likes you, he's really very chill and goofy. Accidentally charming, classically debonair.

Motivations - What motivates Davey Douglas most?

He has a lot of anger, some of it supernatural Brujah rage but he was a very angry person when he was alive as well. There's a bit of wanderlust going on here too. His whole existence he's never stayed in one place for very long, with a few exceptions. He is fiercely loyal and protective towards his friends and people he loves.

Flaws - What flaws does Davey Douglas have?

Sometimes down right mean
He lies

Prejudices - What prejudices does Davey Douglas have?

He's very resistant to change, even though he's quite progressive socially. He just can't really fathom the technical advancements we've made. The best example of this being the moon landing.

Talents - What talents does Davey Douglas have?

He was a good sailor. He's quite musical, he can sing, he's one of those people who can just pick up an instrument master it in an afternoon. He never really does anything with this, even though he probably could. He's got vampire strength obviously, but he's physically quite gifted. Even as a human. He was always strong and capable. He's a good boxer. He's a decent shot, not great but not terrible. I see him favoring blunt weapons but I'm sure he's pretty good with swords and knives.

Hobbies - What hobbies does Davey Douglas have?

running around on rooftops




He's pretty grungy in the modern day. He's worn nothing but jeans since 1850. He favors flannels and old band tees, ripped jeans. Not for the aesthetic but because he needs new clothes. Occasionally wears eye makeup and black nail polish.

groups Social
Religion - What religion does Davey Douglas practice?

Catholism (over 250 years ago)

Politics - What politics does Davey Douglas have?


Occupation - What is Davey Douglas ’s occupation?

When he was alive, he was a sailor and eventually a pirate.
After his embrace, he did some of these things:
Dick Turpin style highwayman
1800s bareknuckle boxer
Cowboy/hired gun/bandit
Art thief

Favorite color - What is Davey Douglas ’s favorite color?

black probably

Favorite food - What is Davey Douglas ’s favorite food?

it's fucking blood dude.

Favorite possession - What is Davey Douglas ’s favorite possession?

He doesn't have a lot, he lost most of what he had in Katrina.
Probably a sweet old lighter, he smokes a lot. But not cigarettes. Davey smokes pipe tobacco. He has some decently valuable art he's stolen, it's the one thing he really has to show for all his time spent. He's sick of it and wants to get rid of it but feels like he can't sell it.

Favorite weapon - What is Davey Douglas ’s favorite weapon?

He has some really sweet old guns from his cowboy days.

Favorite animal - What is Davey Douglas ’s favorite animal?

fox, who doesn't love a fox.
also loves a good cat

Job - What job does Davey Douglas have?

Bouncer at Compulsion, a vampire run night club in Chelsea.


Scottish Gaelic

date_range History
Birthday - When is Davey Douglas ’s birthday?

May 25th, 1699

Education - What is Davey Douglas ’s level of education?

He can read and write but not very well. He learned out of necessity and has never been to formal school.


Portnacroish, Appin, Scotland

Places lived

New Orleans
New Mexico
New York City

device_hub Family
Pets - What pets does Davey Douglas have?

None personally but in New York City in 2007, he finds a kitten in a back alley and brings it to his new friend Aurelie Damas. He names her Chouchette and gets pretty attached. He goes to see her fairly frequently.

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