info Overview
Name - What is Tomas Selvar’s full name?

Tomas Selvar

Other names - What other aliases does Tomas Selvar go by?


Role - What is Tomas Selvar’s role in your story?

Main character
Morally grey asshole

Age - How old is Tomas Selvar?

24 in the first book/beginning, 27 at the end

Gender - What is Tomas Selvar’s gender?

Male, he/him

face Looks
Facial Hair - What facial hair does Tomas Selvar have?

Scruffy dark hair along his jawline

Hair Style - How does Tomas Selvar style their hair?

Messy, but short. Not wavy or curly

Hair Color - What color is Tomas Selvar’s hair?

Jet black

Height - How tall is Tomas Selvar?


Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Tomas Selvar have?

Sharp canines, which is typical for a werewolf
Scar on his left cheek
Multiple nicks and scars on his hands and arms
Long scar that runs perpendicular over the left side of his collarbone

Body Type

Inverted triangle, well muscled

Skin Tone

White, with a light tan

Race - What is Tomas Selvar’s race?


Eye Color - What is Tomas Selvar’s eye color?

Amber, with slightly elongated pupils

fingerprint Nature
Flaws - What flaws does Tomas Selvar have?

So many
Little to no morals, and doesn't care if he kills innocents while killing his real target. Meaning, he sets an incendiary in a theater and kills everyone inside just to kill the one corrupt politician that was attending that night.
Stubborn, and doesn't like listening to other people about what they think he should do or how he should behave.


Is werewolf-ism a condition?

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Tomas Selvar have?

Fidgets with his dagger when he's bored, or taps the blade or against his teeth while staring at someone. Not quite an intimidation measure, but often comes across as one.
Taps his fingers against each other or against his knuckles when thinking.
Cocks his head when someone catches his interest, or when he's considering something.
Juts his chin out when he's feeling defensive in an argument

Motivations - What motivates Tomas Selvar most?

Tomas is a bit complicated, in terms of motivations. He is motivated by a displaced feeling of revenge, if that makes sense. Werewolves have been discriminated against by the mostly human government for years, and he considers himself a freedom fighter. He was kicked out of the real rebellion because he was too much of a radical for them, and ever since has been, quite literally, a lone wolf. He is, therefore, motivated by wanting to bring about justice and equality, but the way he does things is not quite a good way of doing so.

Prejudices - What prejudices does Tomas Selvar have?

Really doesn't care about normal humans, at all, which feeds into his not caring if innocents die. This does eventually change a little bit, but not much. Certain humans he cares about, but most of the time he doesn't care.
Definitely has a "i can do everything myself" sort of mentality, and believes he doesn't need anyone or anything else

Talents - What talents does Tomas Selvar have?

Killing people
Singing, actually. He has a surprisingly good singing voice
Quite good with electronics (such as they are; the equivalent technology of his world is approximately mid to late 1800's)

Hobbies - What hobbies does Tomas Selvar have?

Killing corrupt and racist (as in hating werewolves) humans. Is that a hobby? a talent? who tf knows at this point
Woodcarving (with the same fuckin knife that he kills people with so)

Personality type - What personality type is Tomas Selvar?



groups Social
Favorite color - What is Tomas Selvar’s favorite color?

Dove grey

Favorite weapon - What is Tomas Selvar’s favorite weapon?

Either his knife/dagger, or his pistol. He has had both for years, and is an expert when it comes to wielding them

Favorite possession - What is Tomas Selvar’s favorite possession?

...his knife/dagger or his pistol. Or, later in the story, his wedding ring

Favorite food - What is Tomas Selvar’s favorite food?

Ice cream, surprisingly enough

Occupation - What is Tomas Selvar’s occupation?

Radical freedom fighter or serial killer and murderer. Depends on who you listen to

Politics - What politics does Tomas Selvar have?

A radical freedom fighter, man. Just...kills his political opponents, I guess?? His politics is he believes werewolves deserve equal rights and treatment under the law, but the way he accomplishes that is...Not Good.

Religion - What religion does Tomas Selvar practice?

Atheist, but wonders sometimes if there might be someone/something up there. Fate, perhaps?

Job - What job does Tomas Selvar have?

No "job" per se

info History
Birthday - When is Tomas Selvar’s birthday?

March 15

Background - What is Tomas Selvar’s background?

Tomas is an only child of a human man and a werewolf woman. His father had an affair with his mother, which produced him. His mother died when he was very young, and left him with his father. His father was neglectful and, as Tomas got older and it was revealed he had inherited werewolfism from his mother, turned straight out abusive. The law didn't care, since Werewolves are seen as second-class citizens anyway, so no one cared about the young werewolf boy who was regularly being abused by the man who was supposed to be his greatest protector. Tomas ran away at eleven, and lived on the streets from then on. On the streets, he was witness to a lot of abuse from humans and even other werewolves, falling into a loose pack of other street children, and they worked together to survive, stealing food and money and living in abandoned houses throughout the city. Even with the pack, though, Tomas was still subjected to a lot of abuse from humans or from older, crueler werewolves. This twisted his mind a bit as he grew up, since he never had anyone to look up to who had a good moral compass. The "Alpha" of the street pack was a boy two years older than Tomas, who was notorious for being cruel and violent to those who stepped out of line. Tomas quickly rose through the ranks of the pack to become the Beta, and ended up being the one often doling out or witnessing these punishments, which only further twisted the young man's morals. It was during these years on the street that he got his knife and his pistol, and learned to use them to deadly precision. His first kill happened when he was 15, in a robbery gone wrong.
By the time he was 18, he had no concrete sense of right or wrong. He left the street pack, and for two years was actually doing well, with a small apartment and a semi decent job. He knew how to read and write and do math, and taught himself more through borrowing books from the library and neighbors. Soon, though, he fell in with a rebel group, and rose quickly through their ranks as well. Despite his lack of formal schooling, he was extremely intelligent, and willing to learn, which meant he was quite good at whatever he applied himself to. The rebel group, though, was not as physically inclined as he had thought they were. They were rather peaceful, for rebels, intending to accomplish their means through protests and changing the laws. Violence was a last resort. Tomas felt that they should be using violence to accomplish their means; peacefully protesting and lobbying hadn't accomplished anything. They kicked him out, seeing how dangerously twisted he was becoming. He was now 22 years old.
He wandered for a while, taking up odd jobs and learning more and more. After a while, he learned of a corrupt politician who liked to abuse young werewolves, especially women. Tomas, enraged by this, because of his memories of his own father and the streets, quickly came up with a plan. He found out where the politician lived, and carried out an assassination. This was not, however, a quiet assassination, in and out again. No, Tomas broke into the house, and killed anyone who saw him or got in his way, leaving a trail of bodies until he found the politician, asleep in his bedroom. There, Tomas tortured the man for about an hour, before taking an ornamental spear that had been hanging on the wall, and stabbing the politician through the gut, impaling him into the wall. The politician died soon after, and Tomas calmly wrote out a note explaining that this had happened because the politician had been hurting werewolves. "Wolves have teeth, and it's time we used them". Then he left, after washing off in the politicians own bathtub.
News of this spread like wildfire, and by the time Tomas was 24, he was known as "the Avenger", since most of his first kills had been about avenging cruelties. However, he had by now begun to branch out, killing anyone who was at all involved in the suppression and racism against werewolves, regardless of whether or not they personally abused anyone. He also didn't care if innocents were killed. Women, children, elderly people. He didn't care, so long as he killed the target he was after. No one knew his true identity, not yet, as he never left victims alive to describe his face. The few that had didn't know his name, and the sketches composited from their descriptions usually didn't look enough like him to be any help to the authorities.
He found out about a young woman who was the daughter of a politician. This politician, after all the killings, had a large security unit for himself, and Tomas knew he hadn't a chance at getting to the politician. His daughter, though? Her, Tomas could get to. And get to her he did. To his surprise, she fought back, and was strong enough to wrestle his own knife away from him, slashing at him and leaving the scar that now arches across his collarbone. He eventually managed to pin her, and was going to kill her when she demanded to know why he was going to. He replied that he was killing her because her father was oppressing his people. She told him that she disagreed with her father, explaining that she had been doing her best to undermine her father. He stared at her for a moment, then sat back and demanded an explanation. She explained, and they began to work together, albeit grudgingly, as he still disliked and distrusted her, and vice versa. Her name was Kora, and she eventually grew to be one of his closest friends.
Together, he and Kora recruited a young man named Mitch, who helped out with the technical side of things, as he was extraordinarily good with electronics and the like.
One day, he struck out on his own, coming across a large house deep in the woods. This house belonged to Kora's uncle and aunt, and currently it was lived in by her cousin, Lauren, and some servants. At first, Tomas had every intention of killing Lauren, staking out the house and watching the servants come in and out. One day, Lauren herself came out to the garden, and he found himself rather entranced. He had had romantic and sexual liaisons before, but nothing serious. He eventually approached her, and she slapped him for trespassing and startling her. He just smiled and asked if he could come in and have dinner? He ended up staying at that house for two months, as he and Lauren grew closer and began to fall in love. She didn't know, of course, the truth of him, what he did and who he was. She only knew that every now and then, he vanished for a few days, and that somehow he knew her cousin.
Kora and Mitch finally tracked down where he was staying after about six months, and Kora was absolutely horrified. She locked him into one of the storage rooms so she could interrogate him about what the hell he was doing with her cousin. He explained that he was in love with Lauren, and had no intention of harming her. Kora was still furious that he was entangled with Lauren like this, as it brought so much danger to her cousin. So they (him and Kora and Mitch), left the next morning. Tomas came back to visit when he could, and, on one of these visits, asked Lauren to marry him. She said yes, and the two were married with relatively few in attendance. He was now 26 years old, with hundreds of kills to his name. He told her the truth just before the wedding, kneeling to her and explaining that he wouldn't hurt her, ever, and that he understood if she wanted to call off the wedding and never see him again. At first, she was aghast and, understandably, horrified, but she came to terms with it and told him she would still marry him. She loved him, and he loved her, and they made it work.
The noose, however, was beginning to close on Tomas. Through some intensive work and a mistake that Tomas had made during one murder spree, they had figured out his first name, and from there it was just a matter of time before they figured out just who he was.
Soon, posters and rewards littered the cities, calling for his arrest. Bounty hunters could bring him in, dead or alive, for a reward. The hunt began. Tomas did his best to continue doing what he had always done, but soon found himself in a country-wide manhunt, on the run and hunted. He came to stay with Lauren for a week. It was the last time he ever saw his wife. He wore his wedding ring in a chain around his neck, always.
He, Kora, and Mitch were on the run, and a bounty hunter eventually caught up to them. He managed to subdue this bounty hunter, but more were coming and the three of them were cornered. His own gun was out of ammo, so he took one of the bounty hunter's pistols, put it in Kora's hand, and asked her to kill him, saying that if he killed himself, his skull would be so mangled that the government would claim it a lie. If she shot him, he would still be recognizable. If he was captured alive, he knew the government would torture him and make him into an example and a reason why werewolves should never be equals. He asked her to tell Lauren, who was pregnant with their child, that he loved her. Kora was crying, but eventually did as he had begged her to, pressing the pistol to his temple and firing. He died instantly. He was 27 years old.
Kora took the body back to Lauren, and they had a small funeral, burying him beneath a maple tree.

Education - What is Tomas Selvar’s level of education?


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