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Name - What is Colin Oakwood’s full name?

Colin Oakwood

Other names - What other aliases does Colin Oakwood go by?

Coliflower (derogatory)

Gender - What is Colin Oakwood’s gender?


Age - How old is Colin Oakwood?


Sexuality and pronouns

Homosexual, pronouns are he/him

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Weight - How much does Colin Oakwood weigh?


Height - How tall is Colin Oakwood?


Hair Color - What color is Colin Oakwood’s hair?

Chestnut brown

Hair Style - How does Colin Oakwood style their hair?

His hair is always messy and frizzy, no matter what he does

Eye Color - What is Colin Oakwood’s eye color?

Heterochromic. His left eye is brown and his right is blue

Race - What is Colin Oakwood’s race?


Skin Tone

Really pale, not to the point of being porcelain, but close

Body Type

He's a bit c h o n k y

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Colin Oakwood have?

He has a large red birthmark covering the right half of of his face, and his hands and half of both his forearms are covered in burn marks

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Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Colin Oakwood have?

He has a habit of speaking somewhat quietly, and he usually clasps his hands together

Motivations - What motivates Colin Oakwood most?

What motivates him is simple: to be able to eventually control his powers

Flaws - What flaws does Colin Oakwood have?

Sometimes when he starts talking he doesn't really know when to stop. And he's, really scared of what he can do.

Prejudices - What prejudices does Colin Oakwood have?

He just hates bad people, other than that he's really accepting of alot of people

Talents - What talents does Colin Oakwood have?

He's good at writing, and he also strangely likes knitting

Hobbies - What hobbies does Colin Oakwood have?

Knitting, writing, and trying to smooth down his hair

Personality type - What personality type is Colin Oakwood?



ADHD, Dyslexia, PTSD

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Occupation - What is Colin Oakwood’s occupation?

Academy student

Favorite color - What is Colin Oakwood’s favorite color?


Favorite food - What is Colin Oakwood’s favorite food?


Favorite possession - What is Colin Oakwood’s favorite possession?

His gloves

Favorite weapon - What is Colin Oakwood’s favorite weapon?

He hates hurting people, but if he ever needs to he uses his lightning powers

Favorite animal - What is Colin Oakwood’s favorite animal?


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Birthday - When is Colin Oakwood’s birthday?

February 14th

Education - What is Colin Oakwood’s level of education?

Hes technical in college so- college level

Background - What is Colin Oakwood’s background?

I don't have time to type out his entire backstory, but I'mma just say that he accidentally killed his parents and was sent to the academy to help control his powers.



Ok this is his actual backstory jshsj: Colin was born with his powers, and all the way up until he was about 15 they were manageable and never really caused bad things to happen. But as he got older, they just got harder to control. Which uh, plays a huge part of what happens next. So quick note, as he got older his powers also got more unpredictable, and a thunderstorm could easily set them off because of the lightning.

And on the, particular night that everything went wrong, there was a thunderstorm. A bad one. One that was directly over the town that Colin lived in. So on this, particular night, Colin was getting a glass of water when lightning flashed multiple times outside, sparking his lightning powers.

You can probably see where this is going.

So his hands are sparking electricity and it's really hard to make them stop, and this is when the parents come downstairs because they heard the ✨sparks of electricity ✨

Badabing badaboom, one of the parents surprised Colin so much that he accidentally sent a lightning bolt their way.

Also, another note, it doesn't happen often, but sometimes Colin's powers can attract actual lightning bolts from the sky, especially when there's a thunderstorm.

And that just so happened to happen that night.

So lightning strikes the house while the remaining parent is freaking out, and Colin is crying on the floor since the lightning bolt he sent out knocked him onto the ground.

Then the house catches on fire

And gets struck again

Chaos is everywhere.

And the remaining parent got pinned down by a falling beam from the roof.

So yeah

Colin never had a nice backstory

Never will

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edit Notes

He wears gloves (rubber), because when they're not on his powers can suddenly, out of nowhere just come out. He can manipulate lightning, and his powers are really hard to control. So ah, the gloves are important.

He hates getting made fun of for his appearance, not only because of his birthmark and eyes, but also since he has a bit of chonk- he's not fat or anything, just a bit chonky

Despite being a really nice person, he does get made fun of, but he doesn't let it get to him too much

He's the type of person who like, aggressively comforts you if you're sad

Oh and also, his eyes turn all cool and bright cyan when he uses his ✨lightning powers✨, and he cries tears of pure e l e c t r i c i t y

Why am I having so much fun designing this guy-


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