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Name - What is Finley Dalton’s full name?

Finley Dalton

Role - What is Finley Dalton’s role in your story?

Friend of Mara and Emily

Gender - What is Finley Dalton’s gender?

(But they'd thank you for the offer)



Age - How old is Finley Dalton?


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Hair Color - What color is Finley Dalton’s hair?


Hair Style - How does Finley Dalton style their hair?

A mullet, but tone it down a little. It's pretty short overall, but the back is longer

Eye Color - What is Finley Dalton’s eye color?


Skin Tone

Dark brown

Body Type

Pretty average, a little overweight

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Finley Dalton have?

A duck shaped birthmark on the back of their neck, eyebrow piercing and nose piercing

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Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Finley Dalton have?

Jerky head tilts, shrugs shoulders a lot, rolls wrists

Motivations - What motivates Finley Dalton most?

They can and will rant for hours about intersectionality if you let them. They're very passionate about equality, the environment, true crime, cupcakes, and comics

Hobbies - What hobbies does Finley Dalton have?

True crime podcasts, they're into random doodles and drawing on their hands and arms (not really anything very detailed or meaningful), decorating cakes and cupcakes

Personality type - What personality type is Finley Dalton?

Finley is pretty outgoing, but very introverted. Social situations leave them drained, although they won't tell anyone about it
They're very charming, even though they're not fond of old people. Conservatives tend to be wary of them for obvious reasons, but they know what to say and which buttons to push to get someone to like them.


Coded with a mild tic disorder that's never confirmed or denied

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Religion - What religion does Finley Dalton practice?

Vaguely atheist. They don't really think there's anything out there but they don't think about it too much

Politics - What politics does Finley Dalton have?

Hella leftist

Favorite color - What is Finley Dalton’s favorite color?


Favorite food - What is Finley Dalton’s favorite food?


Favorite possession - What is Finley Dalton’s favorite possession?

The little rainbow charm on their keychain

Favorite animal - What is Finley Dalton’s favorite animal?


Job - What job does Finley Dalton have?

Gas station cashier



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Birthday - When is Finley Dalton’s birthday?

June 20

Education - What is Finley Dalton’s level of education?

Currently in college

Background - What is Finley Dalton’s background?

Finley was adopted by their parents as a baby. They grew up in a very diverse and accepting community so they came out as bisexual and agender at a pretty young age. They've loved animals their whole life and are currently in college studying to become a zoologist.

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Pets - What pets does Finley Dalton have?

None because they currently live in an apartment that doesn't allow pets, but they'd like a ferret one day

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