info Overview
Name - What is Soryn’s full name?


Gender - What is Soryn’s gender?


Age - How old is Soryn?



Semi broken English

Typical Clothing

Typically dressed in animal furs, leather, and hand-mined/ forged metals.

Other names - What other aliases does Soryn go by?

"Iaza" - means love in his language, given to him by his bf

face Looks
Skin Tone

Very dark brown

Body Type

Lean with muscle

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Soryn have?

Sharp and long canine teeth, like vampires, with the rest of his teeth being a little sharper than normal human teeth. Short claws for nails that are kept neat and clean


Ear piercings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets


Dark skin, sharp bone structure, and JAWLINE. Hot damn does he have a drool-worthy jawline. Sharp and long canine teeth, like vampires, with the rest of his teeth being a little sharper than normal human teeth---meant for a main diet of meat. Slim and sleek eye shape with pale red irises. Long and pointed ears that have minimal movement. Loosely curled black hair that is partially buzzed on one side, with shaved pattern 'carving', and hip length. The buzzed part is usually covered by the rest of his hair unless it's pinned back or styled a certain way that exposes that area. Short claws for nails that are kept neat and clean. Tol boy, with a lean and slim-built body with muscle from fighting and hunting.

Height - How tall is Soryn?


Hair Color - What color is Soryn’s hair?

Jet black

Hair Style - How does Soryn style their hair?

Long and loosely curled

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Soryn have?


Eye Color - What is Soryn’s eye color?

Slim and sleek shape; Pale red color

Race - What is Soryn’s race?

Ina Klan; Ani-Trikyt

fingerprint Nature

Very sweet, very lovable, highly loyal, and very family oriented. Somewhat of a little shit around his friends because he loves playing games with them, even if they're just personal games that only he knows about. Tries his best at everything he does and doesn't let failure get him down. If he aimed for a goal and fell short, he'll see that as a victory still because he managed to do something. Basically, a puppy incarnate.

Motivations - What motivates Soryn most?

His family

groups Social

Too many to count. He loves pretty much everyone that will give him the time of day.

Best Friends

Neiwa - son of the Ta Purk chieftain
Sharre - Jhan Cjorda; blacksmith's daughter



Favorite food - What is Soryn’s favorite food?

Garlic spiced lamb's blood

Favorite color - What is Soryn’s favorite color?


Favorite possession - What is Soryn’s favorite possession?

Bone bracelet Akim made for him

Favorite weapon - What is Soryn’s favorite weapon?

Throwing axes

Favorite animal - What is Soryn’s favorite animal?


Job - What job does Soryn have?

Hunter and warrior

info History

Ani Trikyt, Kezera klan within the northwestern forest

Birthday - When is Soryn’s birthday?

17th day of Faer Naz (Bear Moon)

aka March 17th

Education - What is Soryn’s level of education?

Average level Trikyt education, above-average in English

Background - What is Soryn’s background?

Soryn grew up as an average Trikyt member. Nothing really special stood out about him. He has the same range of hobbies and interests, the same community-based goals and interests, the same skills that are expected of his kin. The only standout part of his upbringing is his family's willingness to let him explore other communities, leading to a network of connections between the different klans that can be quite useful in various scenarios.

device_hub Family





Azze (older sister; 25)
Kydari (younger sister, 19)

Pets - What pets does Soryn have?

Boof the wolf
Harsk the bear

shopping_basket Inventory
favorite Love Life


Love Interest

Akim Sayer

Current Relationship

Akim Sayer

Past Relationships

Vex (f)
Klyn (m)

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