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Name - What is Vant’s full name?


Role - What is Vant’s role in your story?

Miniboss, Side Character

Other names - What other aliases does Vant go by?


Gender - What is Vant’s gender?


Age - How old is Vant?

'bout 28

face Looks
Weight - How much does Vant weigh?

Hyrule doesn't really have a weight system... two concrete bois.

Height - How tall is Vant?

6'10" gets his height from his ancestor Jilden.

Hair Color - What color is Vant’s hair?

Greyish Black

Hair Style - How does Vant style their hair?

Short, thin

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Vant have?


Eye Color - What is Vant’s eye color?

Cloudy grey

Race - What is Vant’s race?


Skin Tone

Pale white

Body Type


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Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Vant have?

A bit of a wimp sometimes, but very brave when it comes to his crush Norvi.

Motivations - What motivates Vant most?

Norvi is really the only thing keeping him going after the divorce.

Flaws - What flaws does Vant have?

Acts like a little baby, cannot function at times.

Prejudices - What prejudices does Vant have?

hates his ex-wife ofc

Talents - What talents does Vant have?

Has the power to teleport at random, spawn enemies.

Hobbies - What hobbies does Vant have?

Likes to write journals in his spare time, talking about what goes on in the castle, at home, or whatever.

Personality type - What personality type is Vant?

Wimpy wimp wimp.


If you haven't noticed, Vant is quite emotionally unstable. If he loses Norvi, it will most likely take him many years to recover from that loss, if he even does. His divorce from his wife Yizmu was quite traumatizing.

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Education - What is Vant’s level of education?

More educated than most Hylians, learned from chilling in the library most of his childhood.

Background - What is Vant’s background?

A close descendant of Jilden, the creator of the twilight realm. He comes from his fathers side.

device_hub Family

Unnamed Father, The descendant of Jilden, the hero of the Twili, and Tael.

Pets - What pets does Vant have?

None, no pets in the twilight realm

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