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Inkalibur would be similar to the Hammer, but instead of a massive area it's thin lines that go to the end of the map and you can swing three or four times.

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Wait- idea

ink fire

ink arson


Kind of like an Ink Storm but instead of it going up, it stays on the ground and just burns for a little bit and everything the ink-flames touched would now have your color

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well in the preview we saw the inkling run past the down-side up eiffel tower and get on a train to go to Inkopolis. They were in the Splatlands, but who knows how long they were on the train before arriving in inkopolis. Also, I saw the Ammo Knights store in the preview so…. yaaaaay…. more sheldon….. hehehe….yaaaaay-

It actually isn't inkopolis. It's a whole new location in the Splatlands called Splatsville.
sigh Yay, he's back…


It'd be really funny if they put in "retro" or "old-fashioned" weapons based on things from the World Wars. Imagine Cap'n Cuttlefish prying open a floorboard and hauling out a Splattershot that looks like an old water-cooled Browning machine gun.

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That would be funny, ngl

Sometimes, I think that Agent 8 was an elite octoling (like Marina) who was able to escape Octavio's control. So I made my Agent 8 an elite octoling. And yes, Marina was an elite Octoling. I mean look at the seaweed on her head.

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I want a different story mode threat than Octarains :/

Like they were cool and all for the first two games but now I guess since we have Octos living in Inkopolis or whatever there needs to be something different. I have a feeling that Salmonids are gonna play a large part in the next game though.


i think that nintendo had two different in progress versions of Splatoon 3 and they needed help on which one to choose so they held the final fest ( C vs O ) to see which one to go with. Kinda like splatoon one (Callie vs Marie final fest) to see which one got kidnaped in the hero mode for splatoon 2

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Unpopular Opinion: Both Pearl and Marina are great. Both Callie and Marie are great too.

Thank you

You're welcome. I just got tired of everyone saying one is the best and the other is crap, when in reality The Squid Sisters, and Off The Hook are the best. I mean, even fucking Octavio is pretty great too.