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I dunno if anyone else on here plays Splatoon but here's the chat for it XD

OkAY but if they don't bring back the Killer Wail for Splatoon 3 I will throw something.

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I was thinking of making a chat for this.
Honestly, Killer Wail has to be like…the best thing in the game. If Splatoon 3 doesn't have more customization options, I will set the damn game on fire. I'm actually curious about what the single-player mode is going to be for Splatoon 3. Maybe something to do with the Final splatfest? Seeing as Chaos won, maybe Inkopolis has been thrown into chaos? Who knows. I'm also curious to know what squids or octolings are going to replace Pearl and Marina. And for the love of cheese, they better put a less annoying guy to run the Ammo Knights shop, because I've had enough of Sheldon for a lifetime.

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The Killer Wail is my favorite special in both of the games. When you use it in Port Mackerel >:D

But yeah… I also N E E D more hairstyles for Octolings! I was thinking a dreadlock style for male Octolings would be cool. Just more hairstyles in general.

Also a more interactive square would be fun. In Splatoon 1 you could climb on everything in the plaza, but now in the square you can't jump on anything :(

But maybe some male newscasters would be pretty fun. And an option to skip the news if you've already heard it once… And I wanna say more ranked modes, but after Clam Blitz… I think I'm fine with just those four.

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Yeah, it sucks that we don't have many hairstyle options. Especially for the Octolings! It'd be cool if there was an option to have the Octoling hairstyle from single-player mode.

Oh, really? I didn't play Splatoon 1, so I really wouldn't know. I mean, If you count jumping on those little poles in the square, the tables, and the occasional jumping on the jellyfish and jumping over other players heads….that's better than nothing.

YES. MALE NEWCASTERS. That'd be super cool to see. Oh, yeah! Or maybe just an option to speed the news up, just like they did with Sheldon xP

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I was so happy when I figured out I could speed up what Sheldon was saying. Nobody cares what he says. And Crusty Sean still needs to be there in Splatoon 3. He's a legend and if he get replaced or cut out I will riot.

Okay, random question, have you read the Splatoon Manga? Its official name is Coroika. The 11th volume just came out in English and just a;dlkfljas;dfasldfjasdfklajsdflka

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Yes, Crusty Sean shall not be replaced. If so, millions of fans are going to do their best to make Nintendo put him back in the game.

I actually haven't. I've heard about it, but I've never actually read it.

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Yeah Coroika is okay, the mcs get annoying after a while but the side characters are pretty cool.

What do you main in? I use Clear Dapple Dualies and N-ZAP 89. I used to be amazing with a Heavy Splatling Remix, but I just lost touch with it :'(

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Ah, annoying MC's are the worst.

The Kensa Octobrush, Kensa Splattershot Jr, and the Krak-On Splat Roller. I pretty much use every weapon I have a couple of times or so.

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gonna have to fight DJ Octavius for like the first time in my life. And then just visit to hear Marie "roast" Callie

Haven't gotten the DLC yet. But I really want to, because I wanna play as an Octoling.

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I'm like not broke, but I just don't have any money in my Nintendo account. I rmight as well just buy the card thingy that they sell at stores.

Oh, I do it too. Sometimes.

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Yeah I think that Three is the tired mom friend who runs on 15 minutes of sleep who would die for the other Agents. Four is an energetic crackhead with a heart of gold. And Eight is a friend who's always encouraging Four to do stupid stuff.


That’s pretty accurate to my agents

Elle (aka Three) is pretty much the tired mom friend (despite Four being older than her and Eight) who would die for the others

Jana (aka Four) is really energetic and absolutely loves the others to death

Aqua (Eight) is the sweet bean who’s also a friend

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I also just call them by their number names but they're actual names would be Shelby (LS in Coroika-verse), Cory (I forgot what his name in Coroika-verse was aaaaaaaa), Skipper (Urchin in Coroika-verse) and then Ten is Finn (Reggae in coroika-verse)