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I think I remember seeing someone somewhere say that it could have been an accessibility thing? For some people with colorblindness. Ig just to change the shapes up between the ores so it was easier for colorblind people to tell what they were mining.

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OH, duh, okay, that makes sense. My brain just immediately jumped to game design and I was confused how it would possibly make the game run better? I blame sleep deprivation lol

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Hello! I found multiple servers with both java and bedrock, it anyone is interested.
The Cavern ( had a plugins, skyblock, and towny.
The Clublands ( has survival vanilla semimodded.


Minecraft is my ultimate go-to game too! I'm all about PC gaming. While I'm more of a builder than a Redstoner, I do love tinkering with it occasionally. Survival mode is where the real excitement is for me, though I do dabble in Creative for experimentation. I recently stumbled upon , a treasure trove of Minecraft resources, which has really enhanced my gameplay.