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AFTER MONTHS OF WORK AND CODING I finally got my Minecraft SMP server up. I just need to do the builds and finish casting and season 1 can start. Let me know if you want to join, pc is required. If you want to join I can walk you through all the steps you need in order for the server to let you join.

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That looks so cool!!!

Does anyone have plans for the Caves & Cliffs update? Opinions on any of the changes?

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The axolotls are already dear to me.

And the new stone is awesome, but isn't it supposed to take a lot longer to mine? That stuff is going to be a pain to collect lol, even with beacons and enchantments

And no clue, just know that it's supposed to be sometime mid-2021. Which actually isn't too far off!

Do you guys play Java or Bedrock?

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I accidentally got Bedrock edition 'cause I didn't realize Windows 10 was basically Xbox when it comes to games, but I ended up being able to play with a bunch of my friends so I'm happy. I wanna get Java at some point, too!

But yeah, just got the Beta version for Bedrock and got to see the giant mountains and the goats! They're so cool! Snowy slopes are def my favorite biome at the moment, but I haven't been able to see cave biomes yet 'cause it hasn't been added. I hope they change the current iron ore texture soon


You mean the old one or the new one? I've seen a lot of people say the new one just looks like beetroot seeds but I definitely understand what they were doing from an accessibility standpoint


Yeah pretty sure that's the new one, and I definitely agree. It Does Not Spark Joy but also I understand why they did it. Just… idk something about how the iron meshes with the stone makes my eyes say ✨no✨

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It's one of those things I can live with, but it almost makes me wish they would've just kept the old texture tbh
Why do you think they did it, if you don't mind me asking?