forum Beastars anyone?
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Okay I was suspicious of Beastars but I actually fell in love with it!

Also Wild Side makes me nut and I love it

Who's excited for season two in July?

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I definitely am
I haven't read the manga yet, but overall the story looks great! I was quite disappointed that they didn't dig deeper into Tem's death, but even though I really got interested and I can't wait for the next season. and I absolutely love both openings.

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I'm looking into the manga, and it's prolly gonna be my next splurge lmao. I wish they dove deeper into his death too but I'm sure they'll have a lot of opportunity to do that in the second season.

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it's about a world where carnivores and herbivores are, essentially, split by ableism, and where herbivores live under carnivores due to fear

a wolf attacks a rabbit student but he lets her go, and short and sweet, ends up falling in love with her, while she lives in fear of him, but can't deny that she likes him back-ish. I'm not sure how to like, explain it more than that and it's definitely deeper than that.