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Jona is very confused, but he stays.

"Explain, please. What the fuck did I do? We don't know each other."

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Jona shakes his head, completely serious.

"I swear on whatever god you believe in that I have done nothing to you. I don't even know who the fuck you are, really. All I have is a name and that you were tortured. I don't even know by who, but I can relate. I didn't even know you existed until two days ago."

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Jona finally snaps.

"Okay, you want me to prove it? I'll prove it, once and for all."

He reaches out with his mind towards Eve and shows her his entire life up until that point. 80+ years of life, crammed into the span of a minute.

"Does that prove that I'm innocent of whatever thing you're accusing me of?"

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Jona stares at Eve.

"You think I'm the one that hurt you to where you can't go out. I'm not. I've never met you before. I didn't even recognize your face when I saw it, much less your voice."

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"No, I'll say anything to make you believe me. Explain what the fuck I supposedly did to you."

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Jona looks shocked.

"I. . . can't do that. Couldn't do that. You want to know why? I have those exact same fucking scars. Except the only difference is, mine go across my entire body. Not just my arms and chest."

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"I. Wouldn't. Do. That." Jona hisses.

"I know how it feels, lady. I'm leaving for the day, but I will come back tommorow. And the day after that. And the day after that. Until I explain everything."

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"Yes, I will. What'll you do, call the cops on a person who isn't even supposed to exist? I'm not registered in any databases anymore. Not since I went MIA 20 goddamn years ago because of one fuckhead from my platoon. He decided to set off a landmine. Underneath our Hummer. You want to know what I saw?" Jona snarls.

He doesn't wait before continuing. "I saw my friends, my goddamn family, turned into ash and bloody mist. I was captured by enemy forces. Then tortured for 4 goddamn years. 4. Fucking. Years. Spent in a prison cell, where I was left to rot in my own filth. I was nearly dead by the end of it. And I can't die easy. Hell, I'm still not entirely sure I can die at all."

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Jona takes a breath and walks away, hands shoved deep in his pockets.

"Damn her. . ."