forum I need ideas for my new thriller story! Help?
Started by @JayBirdFly

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Hey guys, so a bit of background: I really like writing thrillers and my most recent slice of life stories aren't cutting it for me, so I'm setting them aside to start a new story that can spark my creativity. Now, here's where my problem arises: I want to scare people with this story. I want to make them think "what if that happened to me?" and be terrified of the prospect.
So, here poses my question: What scares you?


well, for me, i'd have to say when a person or creature is strangely calm or their expression is stable while their body isn't, or vice versa; like Lupita Nyong'o in Us; her scratchy voice paired with her seemingly blank look and movements, or that one reddit story about a guy being followed late at night by this guy with a this— twisted smiling look as he was running straight at him and, like, ballet dancing in the street. so i'd say a mix of chaos and stability of some type, would be most terrifying, for me.