forum is anyone a doctor/nurse/medical-knowing person?
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just curious, since i know next to nothing about healing stuff and because doctor friends are great to have when you're a writer. and if you're a doctor/writer, props to you because dang, that's awesome.

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My parents are healthcare professionals, so I know a good bit of this and that. I could always ask, too, they’re used to me asking random questions about med. stuff for writing.

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I’m not medical exactly, but I’m in public health, so I know a good bit about disease spread and characteristics- that sort of thing. I also WAS going to do med school but changed my mind, so I do have a big interest and solid knowledge in that area too.

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My grandma recently retired from being a nurse, and since I was young I've been taking notes from her (and recently put them into practice), and I have have a huge interest in that sort of stuff for cough writing purposes, so I'm open to questions.


I'm a nurse, but not in the US, so my training and job experiences will probably be a bit different. But I guess the medical bits are the same, so I can answer questions about those; or whatever else interests you, just bear in mind that my answers won't always ring true universally :)