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What the title says! They're mainly just little doodles, not fully done drawings. I wanted to help other artists and nonartists alike come up with character concepts, so here I am!

All I ask is that you give me the following:
Character name, looks (including the outfit you want drawn), personality, pose (optional), and a quote (optional).

@ClownB*tch eco

Hi can you draw my girl Flower?

Name: Flower Fae Davidson-Peters
Looks: Long, flowing, silky, straight, light pink (ffb6c1) hair; very skinny and athletic with a thin face; very fair skinned with light freckles covering her body. Flower has bright green eyes with hints of gold and she wears long flowing and thin white dresses with lace trim and commonly wears flowers in her hair which is normally down.
Personality: She is calm and well-mannered with rare judgement of others.
Pose: Preferably Leaning against something, maybe a tree while smoking but anything works
Quote: "No, I rather just lay in the fields bathing in sunshine and picking flowers thank you very much"


I don't want you to feel obligated in any way! I only offered to do these 'cause they're fun for me and good practice c:
That said, if you really want to try your hand drawing one of mine, I'd love to see one in a different style! Let me know so I can dm you the information!

@squiddicus language

Hi, could you do a sketch of Jordan? Jordan Murphy
Looks: dirty blonde hair, floppy fringe going over to the right side of his face. Skinny, about 5 foot 6. He has golden brown eyes and pretty pale skin.
Outfit: yellow hoodie and jeans, converse trainers.
Personality: bubbly, kind, always polite and willing to help
Pose: could you do him standing playing a guitar? or just holding a pile of books if not
Quote: 'Hey, guys. I made bagels!'

@JillyB88 Premium Supporter

hey friend you may not be doing any more requests, which I totally get but if you arent Id love if you'd draw my character Laurel Laurel B. Wise your art is amazing by the way!