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hey @andrew

i was wondering,
why am I getting an email everytime someone posts in a discussion I'm following ?
I've tried fixing it myself
I don't know how to
and its slightly clogging up my inbox making it hard to find other emails that I need (work, school, uni, etc.)
so I'm wondering if you can help at all ?


there's a "Settings" button by your "inbox" button, just click on that and you should see the area for turning off the emails

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Gonna pin this thread to the top in case other people have the same question. Email updates for followed threads have been a feature for a while, but weren't working until last night's release. In addition to clicking Settings in the top-right of any discussion page, there's also a link at the bottom of each email to go to the settings, or you can click here.

It looks like this:

Deleted user

So, there's no place to turn it off for me???
I don't want emails from this site to completely fill my inbox

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Yeah, emails are turned off again for now. You can manage your email preferences for discussions messages by email here or by clicking Settings in the top-right of any discussions page. It'll probably be turned on again in the future (after I've figured out how to bundle multiple emails together), so it's still useful to update your setting even if they aren't sending right now. :)