forum Minor updates: 1/24/21
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Hey all!

Been hard at work in the background lately (and finally getting a little more time to actually use the site myself!), but I'm excited for some bigger features coming soon. Pushed out a smaller release tonight that's mostly just full of a lot of suggestions/feedback I've been getting lately, some optimizations, and a couple of bugfixes.

Here's the interesting stuff:

  • You can now add tags to Timelines
  • You can now filter your Timelines view by tag and/or universe, or quickly search by name/description
  • The image that shows up in the header on notebook pages (characters, locations, etc) is now always the first image uploaded to that page, instead of a random image each time.
  • There's now a scrollbar on the "Currently Online" user list on the forums, because we're too active for our own good
  • I re-enabled email notifications for followed discussions on the forums. You can change your setting for whether or not you are receiving these emails in your discussion settings. I'm gonna keep an eye on this though; if it sends too many emails, I may disable it until I can figure out how to bundle multiple updates together.

As always, let me know if anything looks off after the update. And if you have more suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

Happy worldbuilding (and happy new year)!

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Oh! I was wondering why I had so many emails all of a sudden, I was so confused. πŸ˜‚ Thank you for the update and your hard work! (^v^)

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Hello andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer)! Thanks for adding that small Update I asked for! But for some reason, it's not working correctly? Ill try to PM you!

@andrew health_and_safety flash_onAdmin

So we burned through our entire quota of emails we're allowed to send per month… in about 24 hours.

I'm upgrading our email plan to get back online (and make sure important emails like password resets and collaboration requests go out!), but I'm probably going to end up either disabling discussions emails again in the next day or two, and/or mass-unsubscribing everyone from email updates to force a reset and make sure people truly opt in to what looks like a lot of emails. It'd also be nice to be able to bundle up a day's worth in a single email, but it looks pretty difficult to do – I'll look into that as a nicer middle ground. With this many emails going out I had to go through a few extra hoops to verify the email sending them, so you'll now notice that emails are coming from instead of

Also, a small update is going out tonight that fixes a few more bugs (including one with the currently online scrollbar).

Happy worldbuilding!

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Hey andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer)! The update with the scrollbar works! It's amazing!