forum Is there any way to request a refund?
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I was trying to cancel my premium plan and I accidentally clicked on a different plan, charging me an extra $9 with absolutely no confirmation or anything. A single click. Its a bit frustrating and i need the money.


Holy shit okay it happened again and it charged me $60 as j was trying to use the credit it gave me. I an panicking Andrew please help

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Hey there, a refund is no problem. You shouldn't have to pay for anything you're not using! I just issued a full refund for the extra charge today and went ahead and cancelled the plan you upgraded to so you don't be charged again. Your credit did apply correctly the second time you upgraded so there was no second charge, but feel free to reach out by email if there are any other issues!


I appreciate the kindness and understanding! You are truly a great person! Sorry for panicking again, I'm not the most rich person aha <3