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Arthur Bailey

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Arthur, also known as 'Decaf' is a doctor who specializes in prosthetic and amputation. Decaf has also recently invested his time in a side job which has him working in a Meth lab, producing the product.

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Atlas Star Aldine

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Atlas is a previous Syndicate member, her reign ended after she was kidnapped and bought on the black market, where she cleaned her act up and got a job as a Watch member, she is an inside man for her owner. Atlas owes all of her money to her owner, every bit she makes goes to him, though she tries to sneak it all the time.

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Giorno Ghirga

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Main character

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Pip Bailey

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Pip is a scrap worker who constructs armor and swords form scrap pieces of metal, she usually looks down on her twin who's chosen questionable paths in life.

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Sean Wilson

Sean Wilson close

Sean lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, after being there for a while, he notices a strange girl, who seemed to fancy him, she had dark red hair, horns, and sharp teeth, needless to say, he tried to keep his distance. (AU) Sean is a Super Villain called Blackout who has the ability to bend plasma and teleport to nearby locations.

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