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Is it possible to add contributors to a universe? I'm currently using for the PC's characters, and I was wondering if there was a way if I could add them to be able to edit.

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Yeah, you can. There should be a “contributors” section when you’re editing your universe. You just need the email address of the contributor you want to add, and then they’ll join once you’ve sent the invite.

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I don’t have premium and I added some contributors to one of my universes

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@whathappensifidothis is correct – there should be a "contributors" tab whenever you edit your universe, and you can add contributors from there. It's actually not a premium feature, and is free for everyone to use. However, if you do have premium, then all of your contributors also get the little perk of being able to share your premium while within that universe, so they'll be able to create the same pages you can as long as they're working in your universe. :)

Hope that helps!