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hi guys sometimes i write short stuff with my characters because it either makes me really happy or makes me cry

feel free to read, comment, and/or critique! maybe even throw me a writing prompt or two alsdkjas but yeah,,, woohoo have fun reading some of my funky writing

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TW: blood, uhh murder, massacres, breakdowns,,,

but there's also dilfs and they're both sad

"There's Blood Everywhere–" Raymond murmurs.

And what he says is painfully, obviously true.

Forty-eight corpses, still warm, litter the mess hall floor. Their eyes stare lifeless, mouths hanging open from where their necks had been uniformly sliced.

It's been nearly five years since the liberation of their city. Raymond thought that the violence would be over. He promised his men that no more Evangelinian blood would be spilled on Viennan grounds. He had promised them that they would be free to go home to see their spouses and children whenever they liked.

"There's blood everywhere," the man repeats, hands tightening to fists at his sides. He had been lucky. He was in the forge, blacksmithing a set of knives for the very man who caused the massacre.

"I know–" Comes the strangled sob from behind. Raymond turns, meeting his best friend's stare. Haru's eyes are red, his hands are shaking and he's all but collapsed against the empty cafeteria table. "God, I know–" His eyes clench shut as he withholds another sob.

There should have been alarms the second the intruder entered. She came quickly and without warning with a flock of highly-trained mercenaries, all in pursuit of her machine. She succeeded, and it sickens Raymond to think of at what cost.

As the surviving Evangelinians filter in, crying at the sight of fallen comrades, Haru finally allows himself to break.

"They took him, Ray–" he chokes.

Who else could have caused this.

"She–" A break. "She made them–" A sob. "Do this–"

Something deep within Raymond, beneath the anger and remorse for ever allowing the child into their base, feels for Haru. He lost his wife and son on the same day, only managing to discover recover the child four years ago–twenty-one at the time, now twenty-five and relapsed to all the terrible conditioning and experimentation they went through since boyhood.

Were those four years of healing for nothing? Did Raymond create the very knives that slaughtered forty-eight innocent people?

"She called them a machine–" Haru cries, banging a fist on the table. The metallic shock echoes through the towering concrete walls of Evangeline.

Maybe that's all the child is.

Haru grips his chained necklace. There are four dog tags–three from his fallen comrades in the Grey War, the fourth his own–, a wedding ring, and a circular locket with a photo of a disheveled woman and an infant, taken twenty-five years ago.

Maybe the child's a victim like their father.

A beat of silence. "What are we going to do?" Raymond's voice is low, rumbling only for Haru to hear. "Roo, we can't just sit here–"

"We have to go after him–" The harshness in his raw voice nearly startles Raymond back a step. Haru's eyes are bloodshot and determined, filled with a fire Raymond hasn't seen in a long while. "I've done it before and, goddamnit, I'm going to do it again."

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oh my god this instills so many emotions aaa!! i'm obsessed with this. the "she called them a machine" and the last lines especially got me, haru's love for his son and how far he's willing to go for him is just,,,, damn i can't even articulate.

and i really feel how the tragedy and unfairness and bitterness of how four years of healing were seemingly undone in an instant,, that's one of the saddest things about it for sure and i am feeling EMOTIONS about it. anyway i'm sorry if that was a lot but i hope you know i would read the fuck out of this entire universe!! i love the worlds and characters you create so much :))

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hi i disappeared from here because i am writing batman fanfiction instead of anything actually original alsdkfjd but here's this

The scene opens with a scream of agony ripped straight from perfect lips. The sheen of her hair glistens sickeningly against the angelic glow of the faceless champion. The woman is uninjured yet frozen, trapped with her own limbs in a paralysis that forces her to watch the bloody play before her.

The Champion holds the sword of a comrade–driven straight through the chest and spine, the tip of it drips soundly onto the floor, bringing a sturdy cadence to the panting and sobbing of the frozen woman. Just behind where the Champion stands in all their wretched glory, is a glass eyed corpse of a friend, a teammate, and a worthy companion–they stare endlessly into the cosmos with the claw marks of the masses bleeding into their skin and welts boiling across their once flawless complexion.

Judge, The Champion addresses, voice like silver and caverns echoing like a choir from every corner of the enormous room. Despite the hostile shout, the Champion continues, unfazed by the Judge's fury. It is you who was chosen, not you're comrades. They remove the blade from the body, the strong frame of the Executioner falling to the floor with a listless, lifeless thud. The Judge can't restrain her sob as the Champion drops the Executioner's own sword atop of his cooling corpse. The Jury's abandoned body doesn't even receive acknowledgement. The next time we meet shall be alone.

When the Champion's gleaming gold wings take them away, the Judge finally finds her limbs able to move–but still she's glued, bound to the floor in a curled ball by her own guilt and misery.

Her Court has been ripped from her, already exiled and diseased and slaughtered from an attempt to finally return amongst the Holy. She screams and prays to the god she knows abandoned her long ago.