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(guys slight problem—)
(I've been so busy I didn't truly realise that school ends in two days for me, so more than likely my parents are going to lock my computer in their room the whole summer. I'm sorry I didn't mention it before, I've just been really distracted. We can either stop this roleplay or you guys could make a groupchat and continue it without me, and we could pick it back up when I get back from summer break. Or we could just stop it?)


( well I don't want to stop this roleplay but I feel bad continuing without you)

(you guys could maybe make a group PM and continue it without me, like an AU of the roleplay, then continue it with me when I get back?)

@Twoex group

(I'm okay with ending it, I have other roleplays I can focus on and tbh I don't want to have roleplays in my PMs)


(I mean, unless you want to keep it, im fine with whatever, I just assumed you all didn't want a thread that would be practically unattended just sitting there for like two and a half months—)