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A group of college kids sign up for a buddy program near the end of the year, in which they get assigned a group, said group then travels to France, to stay in a two story house for the rest of the summer.

"You're so golden
You're so golden
I'm out of my head
And I know that you're scared
Because hearts get broken"

basically Andrew's rules, and if you have any triggers, please let me know :)

You're so golden
I don't wanna be alone
You're so golden
You're so golden
I'm out of my head"
And I know that you're scared
Because hearts get broken"

Please send a short one paragraph (or more if you'd like) writing sample. Just so I can get the basic feel of your writing.

"I know that you're scared
Because I'm so open"

Character Sheet:



(When I saw your so golden all I thought was the Outsiders and "Stay Golden Pony Boy" I am crying help, also I will join but only if you are cool with an enemies to lovers trope bc I love it)


(well it's a group roleplay so maybe someone else will be cool with it when it comes down to the characters?)
(may I have a writing sample?)

@ScotchTapeWorm group

Dewey's eyes widened to an almost scary degree, his green eyes fixed on a soon to be furry feline friend sitting quite peacefully across from him in the park. The boy grinned, hopping to his feet and trying, in his way, to approach the cat casually, so as not to scare the critter. The tabby glanced up warily, side-eyeing the golden haired boy. Dewey suppressed a grin, not wanting to show the poor cat his teeth as if he was snarling, painfully slowly he lowered himself to one knee, holding out a hand. After a long moments hesitation, the tabby cat curiously sniffed the offered hand, then began to purr, pressing up against Dewey's legs. He couldn't stop himself from grinning in delight, petting his new buddy. I wonder if Ophelia will let me keep him! Dewey thought, and the logical part of his brain told him no, so he promptly ignored it, instead imagining all the great adventures he'd have with his new kitty friend.
"Aww- You're so cute! I'll name youuuu… " Dewey spoke aloud, and then his few remaining braincells failed him and he frowned, unable to think of a name. "Uhh-" He looked at the brown cat, then at it's brighter orange and blonde tail. Two of his braincells desperately rubbed together and, in Dewey's opinion, came up with something brilliant. His face lit up and he exclaimed "Torch!"

The newly dubbed Torch looked up and meowed curiously, but didn't seem angry with the name. Dewey gently scratched behind their ears, telling Torch all about himself, so they could 'get to know each other'.

@Twoex group

((Hello there! I used to roleplay a ton a couple years ago, and I've been getting back into it the past couple months. Here's a post I pulled from another rp I am in (though I completely understand if you would not like me to join!)))

Sarsönil Eoiali was so very far from his home in the Pilliaxn deserts as he rode upon a dusty brown steed to the palace grounds of Opila. How long ago were the days when he ran along the hot red dunes to watch the oxen and when he sparred with his brother around the embers of the prior night's fire? The prescence of the three leather anklets on his leg seemed even more pronounced as he hooked and unhooked his boot in the stirrup.

Sars shook his head at himself as his horse slowed to a trot, then a walk. He always found himself turning nostalgic before the start of a job. He needed to get out of the habit. There was no use in swimming in memories that are long gone.

Sporting a simple black pants and a deep blue tunic adorned with three glimmering pins -imitating badges of victory in war- Sars scanned the area. His dark eyes danced over the grand entryway and landed on a carriage that rested nearby. He moved his lips into an easy smile as he steered his horse to come up beside the vehicle. Sars gave a light knock of his fingers against the side of the carriage, his voice smooth like milk as he said, "Hello there. Might you know a Miss Drestyl?"

@imNOTdenki group

"You know…it's funny that you think I'm perfect. I could probably make a ton of jokes how very not perfect I am. You'd laugh too." He muttered, keeping his position of being curled up in a ball like a little kid.
It reminded him of when he was a little kid and he would pout to his parents or get upset. He would curl up into a ball, like a turtle curling up and hiding inside it's shell. Turtles could protect themselves that way, but he wasn't a turtle. He still got hurt and damaged with no where to hide, even when he begged his parents not to go on that buisness trip, pleading with them desperately to think about the family and not about the buisness for once..
They didn't listen, of course. He never seemed to get people to listen to him anyway, why would them be any different? Why would now be any different? Why did he even try in the first place? He didn't know sometimes.
Well it turns out he was right for them not to go on the buisness trip, they got in a car crash and died.
Leaving kyon alone to fiend for himself. He had all of the money from the company, but what he wanted more then anything was to embrace his parents one last time, beg them to stay and just be a family for once. Though he knew that would never be able to happen again, and it broke his little damaged heart. It splintered into pieces and they fell, and sat there. Echoing into the abyss and just glowing very dull, if anything at all.
He could understand the need to adapt, to change and move forward. To survive and adjust to your surroundings. In a way he had to do that himself, tho he didn't have a super serious situation as etos he'd wagger. Which ..made him seem pathetic in ways that far sucseded eto ever being pathetic. If Eto was able to push past his situation then why should a situation that was so much easier be just as hard? Surely it was just because of his weak resolve and horrible levels of insecurities. He had his own share of wrong doings, so many of them really, and he was just trying to make up for them and make everyone happy. It didn't really matter that he wasn't truly happy, he just wanted others to see the sunshine while he layed with his face in the dirt. He was fine with that…he was.
He let out a sigh.
"I know it's not going to be right away, I don't expect you to change right away or even just attempt to change in general. I can't push you to do things the right away because sometimes I don't even know what the right way is." He set his head on his knees. "I guess in a way you could say I had to adapt, I had to play the jester. The two face, decide which mask to play which face to choose. Tho I doubt it's anything like you've had to face. I'm still sorry about that by the way, I know saying I'm disappointed in you won't do anything, I'm sorry for calling you a jerk too.."
he sniffles once more, though he just got frustrated when he wiped his face.
Don't cry, please don't cry.
He mumbled something before just laying down behind him and keeping his knees the same way they were before.
He layed an arm over his face.
"I..miss my home…I miss what little family I had left…I miss having any small semblance of control or just having the small comfort that I had my brother and as long as I had him I'd be okay…but now- n-now I don't even-" he cut himself off, his voice cracking. He could feel the tears coming.
"a-and now- i-i don't even k-know if h-he's okay.." his voice broke even more and he could feel the tears falling down.
"it's funny b-because you think it couldnt g-get worse…b-but-…what if he's completely f-fine- without me..? All the work i-ive done to keep his life living as good as I can to make sure he's safe and sound and happy. W-what i-if he's h-happy w-w-without me..?" You could hear the raw pain In his voice as his breathing quickly came in shallow breathes.

(Here's my attempt)

@imNOTdenki group

(you're in!)
(but honestly, you didnt have to submit a sample, since we already are in two RP's together)

(Lol I wasn't sure bc you didn't respond to my hi-)


(you're in!)
(but honestly, you didnt have to submit a sample, since we already are in two RP's together)

(Lol I wasn't sure bc you didn't respond to my hi-)

(sorry, im busy because of school and I probably didn't see it— im sorry)