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Okay so this is a reboot of a zombie apocalyptic roleplay! It's gonna have as many people honestly as we can get.
Im gonna tag some peeps from the last one or some who have asked to be in this reboot. If you're not interested, you dont have to reply. Or if you are but want to join later, you can always join later! No time limit.
@Anxietyfilledcinnamonroll @Adaras @Nyx_ @Jacks347 y'all wanna join, you dont have to ask, you can just put your characters. you can put the same ones from the last ones or not if you dont want to. I am haha
Anyway, for the intro!! (yes i copied and pasted my last post haha)
*"Nobody is alone. Not here anyway. There's always someone around. Rotting or not."

The outbreaks' been going on for only 6 months and by that time, it's feeling almost impossible to find anyone whos not trying to eat you. Human or not. The world's a scary place and not just the zombies are the ones you should be scared of.*

So first things first. This is going to be a decently big group roleplay that I've been dying to start for a good while now.
These zombies are your average, typical zombies. Just like the walking dead.
Take out the brain, take out the zombie. Easy as that. They're heavily attracted to sound, so try your best to be quiet and fast.
They're easy to take out with just a few if you know what you're doing. If you don't…you're screwed with just one bite. Its very easy to be overwhelmed by them in numbers.
Cities are where they gather the most, though forests are their second option. They'll eat anything live they can get their hands on.
That's it about the zombies, as if you're here, you most likely know just about everything else. Any questions, you can ask me anyhow.

For the humans. As said before, they're not all friendly. The smart ones have trust issues and don't hesitate to kill. The desperate are a little too trusting and just want company. The loneliness drives them insane.
There are multiple groups, all of them think they're the good guys in their own eyes. To others they're either potential allies or enemies.
We decide who is who.
(basic jist is, let's not make everyone good or bad. Lets have variety! Maybe some characters dont have the greatest morals? Different religiouns, backrounds, morals, personalities, etc.)


First things first. I can say no. For any reason. Don't take it personally please. I don't say no to people often but don't totally rule out the possibility please.

Don't put any basic characters please. No Mary sues or whatever. Have some originality.

With that, make sure the characters you put in are going to be important to the plot of the roleplay. Make sure they're not dragging the roleplay down or holding it back.

I don't put up with unnecessarily short responses. I get it if there's nothing more to say but that's about it. Don't just put in what they're saying. Put in what they're feeling, thinking, senses of all kinds. Three sentences at the very least. If your replies are unreasonable, and consistently short, I will call it out. I'm not a bitch i swear but i do want a good roleplay and i want everyone to have a nice time.

There will be romance. Take smut and stuff to the pms please if there is any.

There will be gore, violence, and mention of triggering topics. Specifically with the mention of triggering topics, put a TW at the beginning of your post.
triggers include: Mention of SA in any way shape or form, mental illness, self harm or the action of any of these things.
As for violence and gore. do the same thing please. Just put like a ///gore warning/// thing at the beginning or before the gore happens in bold and you're good.

My rp my rules. They're not unreasonable but if you don't follow them, you will be kicked. They're easy rules to follow.

You may have 4 characters max. You can add them in any time in the roleplay. So take advantage of that and have fun
(lets say you have 4 characters, one dies, then you can add another)

With the character sheets. Links are welcomed for appearance. Even if you do have a link, please give us a heavy description of your character's appearance. You don't have to be super detailed on personality, for we will find that out in the roleplay as we write together. If you don't know what details to put in your character appearance go off of mine. You don't have to ofc.
Here are some must haves for your characters appearance description even if you have a link.
Weight and height, body type. You dont know how to do that or you're looking for more, look at my character sheets to go off of.

I think that's all for the rules. I will ask for a writing sample of yours if I'm not familiar with your writing. Dont give me a writing sample that doesn't look like how you actually roleplay bc i'll figure out how to rp either way. That sounds intimidating, but the odds of me asking for a sample are very low haha

Here's the character sheet

Personality: (optional)
Backstory: (also optional)

List of characters! You can add however many youd like at any time

Heres a google doc of everyones character sheets, copied and pasted. So if you need to go back and look at someone, its right here instead of trying to find them in the middle of the pages.
Heres more of a short list with basic info :)

Cassius Sandoval 32
Ophelia Sandoval 6
Jesse Nadhi 25
Ryuu Furukawa 22

Chernobyl Melanie Lovette 20

Francesca “Frenchie” Eireann Russo 19

Jaxon “Jax” Ashvale 21

Shaun Harriott 21

Angela 24

Peregrine Sauri 5

Ezra Saquo 20

@Celeste_X0X0_ group

here's my bebe for yall

Name: Jesse Nadhi (pronounced Jessy.)
Age: 25
Gender/pronouns: female she\her
Sexuality: lesbian
Shipping: yes
I've got these paintings of her i did :3 (here's the sketch version of this bc its hard to see)
(and here's an older one ig
here's her Pinterest board that i heavily recommend you looking at bc i worked vv hard on it haha :) (and pictures of her dog is here too!)
She stands tall at 6’4” and Weighing roughly 195-200lbs. Jesse has a muscular build with more broad shoulders and a good bit of definition in her muscles. She protecc, she attacc, but most importantly, she a snacc ;)
She has darker skin (as seen in the painting above^) with green eyes and a caramel faded color along the rim of her irises.
Jesse is part Arabic part German. She has a thick German accent and a low, raspy voice. Like it's so scary and she can be very loud with it too. (she's the type of angry person to get violent haha :,) my girl has anger issues im sorry but she's not)
She has a wolf cut goin on with thick back hair that she sometimes slicks back. She has a black bandana on her at all times be it on her arm or in her hair.
Jesse wears mostly a sports bra or a loose tank with cargo shorts or pants. Like those big bulky ones with a bunch of pockets. yeah those.
She has a bunch of small tattoos along her body along with scars and meticulously places freckles or moles on her skin.
Jesse has thick eyebrows and lashes to match her hair but her lashes aren't super long. They just DARK haha
She has a broad nose with a heavy arch and her eyes are big and slanted upwards. She has a mean look to her that sometimes she purposely does it sometimes she doesnt.
Her lips are full and naturally darker and her cheeks tend to not have much color to them. She has a single thicker black septum ring that goes in a full circle she peirced herself, along with all of her ears that are decorated with smaller black jewelry. She has decently large gauges on either side of her earlobes with, again, she's stretched herself. Which wouldn't be a good idea if she wasn't a piercer/tattoo artist before the world went to shit :D
Jesse overall is a very masculine woman and im all here for it and i hope you are too :)
Personality: (optional)
She likes socializing, but isn't very good at it, as she comes across as mean and crude in a lot of her words and actions. Jesse is playful but again, in a rude way. She doesn’t get along with others much. She isn't very likable (at first anyway, but ill let you be the judge of that)
She will offend you, comment about your looks, call you out for being an idiot, or just plain out be a jerk to you. Even if you're her friend. But if you are, then hey only she can insult you :D
She will try her best to get under your skin mark my words. But that's only if you give her a reason to. She will try to cut down your will to live and make you rethink your whole life if you didn't already. You need someone to comfort you, don't go to her unless you're her bestie.
On the topic of comforting, she's not good at it. Like, she's really bad at it. She may try, but seriously, i wouldn't even think about it.
Jesse doesn't think about a lot of things a normal person would think about. In the meaning of….she's a little dense when it comes to social cues.
She is automatically very questioning of peoples intentions from the very start and she's hesitant even telling people her name. There's a reason to all of this and you will find out later in the roleplay haha)
She's the kind of person that if she tells you to get out of her way or she'll shoot you, you better get out of her way bc guess what, she will shoot you. She wont kill you, but she will shoot you.
Once you get to know her, she's protective and easy to hang around, not caring what anybody thinks of her and the word “YOLO” is her motto. Or her excuse for doing wild things for no reason. She isn't the most trusting and her morals are literally non-existent. You try to get in her way, she will do everything in her power to get you out of the picture. She has a very hard time expressing love and she herself is very hard to love. But once she does, its worth it bc then you have a guard dog :D
She's not OP obviously, but she will act like it. She bleeds, she can die, she can get hurt. She is very tough though. Physically and mentally.
Short backstory just to show ya'll she has depth and maybe to understand her a little better and why she's such a mean person haha
Jesse, from when she was little little like a baby gorl was basically given up to a small human trafficking organization in Germany. It quickly grew and spread all over the world. With that being said, she was taken to a lot of places, sold like some sort of toy only to be thrown out.
She's witnessed, done, and gone through some terrible things nobody should go through. Not even the worst people. But bc of that, she's strong and she's learned to protect herself and others.
Jesse was able to get out of the system when she was about 25 and ever since has been a hitman earning extra money as being a tattoo artist didn't pay too much.
i know its not very details, but due to triggers, i will not be going into any more detail. Use your imagination ig.
Anyway, bc of all of this, she has been forced to close herself off to protect herself and survive as long as she already has.
Jesse has a dog named Ghabiun! pronounces Ha-Bean. But the H is pronounced a little rough? Idk
Anyway, he's a Cane Corso Mastiff mix with brown and black brindle pattern. He is very big and aggressive as Jesse rescued him from a dog fighting business a while back but not too long ago. They are each others guard dog and besties.
heres pictures of him :)
Sorry that was quite a bit. Don't mind me haha


I mostly have little baby fellas is that okay 👀
I mean I have an adult too but like two children and one teenager (not sure which of them to use or all of them)
@Luz_Noceda are you interested in this? We could bring Luka and Kas back 🥺

@Nyx- health_and_safety brightness_7

Name: Angela (I haven't thought of a last name yet)
Age: 24
Gender/pronouns: female, she/her
Sexuality: bisexual
Shipping: yes
Appearance: she has a very distinctive jaw line, her face being over all skinny it's almost an oval shape. Her eyebrows are expressive and neatly plucked, they're more of a square shape And her eyes have almost an almond shape to them
Angelas hair is long and straight, a chocolate brown color to it. Her hair is healthy to the point where it shines in the sun and she has no split ends. T. She has no specific hair cut to it, letting it grow naturally. There are some layers to it and she has never once dyed it.
Alex weighs 150 lbs, standing at 5'5". Her skin tone is a medium taupe, having a natural tan to her skin. she's fit and energetic. Her waist is slimmer in shape, being an hourglass figure,"
Personality: shes kind of a loner she's productive and extremely protective of the people she cares about do it's best not to get on her friends bad sides she's a good person to have on your side in a fight she knows how to protect herself from past experiences she
Backstory: //TW// Angela was a very troubled child she spent most of her life in an abusive family which went on for years until she was finally released from the torture, she doesn't ever talk about it unless she trusts the person she's confiding she's never gotten professional help she doesn't believe in therapy she believes it's no help for what she's been through

@Celeste_X0X0_ group

lol use as many as you want as long as you can keep up with them!
(and also a thing for everyone is that like, dont put a whole bunch of characters in, involve them with everyone if you're just gonna ghost the rp. like for any reason tbh. Bc that keeps the whole rp back)
anyway lol, having bb characters is totally fine ^^ in the old one i literally had a 6 year old XD


Excellent I have a couple of babies lol
Mori and Peregrine are the top contenders
Of course Kas is great
And Nich is built for apocalypse stories aha (his apocalypse was more war dystopia type though)(he's also not a child)

@Celeste_X0X0_ group

lol if you're trying to choose between some, play like eenie meenie minie moe. then if you dont like whichever one you pick, you know your answer ^^ if you do, then you also know your answer lol

@Celeste_X0X0_ group

(RIGHT!? i full heartedly agree. Without either of those things, i know nothing of the person's appearance. it tells a lot about what they look like, gives me room for description in my posts, and it also lets everyone know their limitations and strengths! it's always a must have for my character templates haha)

@Anxietyfilledcinnamonroll group

Name: Jaxon “Jax” Ashvale

Age: 21

Gender/pronouns: Male (He/him)

Sexuality: Straight

Shipping: Eh. I don’t recommend it unless you can help him open up. He's also super reserved, so another reason why that would be a bad idea. But you can try your best :)

Appearance: 6’2. He has a combed-over style with medium-length, jet-back hair. His cheeks are hollow. He has an oval face shape. He has sharp arctic blue, eagle-like eyes. He has a hook nose with a kink in it. His skin tone is honey beige and his build is spare and fit. He has a faint scar over his mouth and on his clavicle. He has a long scar on the side of his abdomen from being stabbed. His clothing is a black bomber jacket over a plain white t-shirt. Sometimes wears gloves to avoid callused palms. He wears a leather belt with daggers and throwing knives. He wears black jeans and black combat boots. Edit: He’s about 197 pounds for he’s lost weight from lack of recourses.

Personality: (Hope you don't mind that I copy and pasted it from his notebook page. It gets a bit complicated) Jax is a realist. He gives suggestions on what is achievable in meetings. You will hear him shooting down ideas not possible in this world. He does not daydream about fantasies that could happen; they are just a figment of his mind that will lead to hope. He makes plans based on the realism of the attack. Jax is very down-to-earth. As a child, he had many hopes and dreams; he threw them away after the traumatic event that led to his reserved personality.

In the beginning, Jax's emotionally detached from people. His PSTD got worse after being diagnosed with PTSD two years after his traumatic event. He became emotionally detached to protect himself from the drama, anxiety, the stress of his PTSD, the questions, and the help others offer. He’ll be blunt with others. Jax is not open with his emotions with many people, and that can lead to difficulty. Ηe calls himself numb.

Tying into his emotional detachment, he is a reserved person who rarely shows his genuine feelings. He mostly has a neutral face and tone. His tone will sometimes turn to irritation or change when he’s pleased. Many times, it seems the many manipulative tricks others use do not affect him at all. He acts as if he has a wall around him. Jax rarely contributes his thoughts in situations unless asked, or he feels it’s crucial. He has complete self-control in consequential circumstances, but he might lose it when his bottled emotions become expressed. Jax is polite to people; he respects other opinions and feelings. Jax is self-sufficient. He doesn’t want to dump his emotional baggage on others, he’d rather deal with it on his own time. He won't display his emotions in public. He excuses himself to have his own alone time. Alone, he’ll express his bottled feelings. Two of the biggest exhaustions of his bottled emotions are through crying or anger. Contradicting not displaying his emotions in public is when he snaps and starts sobbing. It happened when he was younger and now in his twenties. It doesn’t matter who’s around him. It occurs on missions, or in times he can’t get alone time.

When someone he cares for gets hurt, his emotions will cloud his judgment. He’ll often jump to action against the enemy instead of thinking it through. Jax is awfully loyal to his friends. He'll protect them with his life. Jax is doubtful of himself. He fears he’ll never pull through and be there to save the ones he loves the most. Jax fears he’ll fail his biggest goal. Jax will claim he isn’t good enough or will screw up everything. He is a humble person. He would never boast about his skills, his only input when asked, “How do you fight so well?” would be Years of tough training. Being humble ties into his reserved and doubtful image.

Backstory: The biggest part of this backstory is the house fire that set him on the road as a loner. It’s also important to understand his PTSD.

Other: He has a scotch collie dog named Phoenix. She has a sable and white coat (White and brown). He found her on the side of the road as a puppy and she’s been with him for 6 years


Name: Peregrine Sauri (goes by any nicknames you can come up with)

Age: 5

Gender/pronouns: Male, he/him

Sexuality: Unsure (not relevant)

Shipping: Nah he's a child

Appearance: (not my art, made in an app)
Extended: He's about 3 feet tall and 30 pounds, very little baby. He's very emotionally attached to the jacket he wears.

Personality: Peregrine is unusually soft-spoken and skittish for a young boy. He doesn't seem to know very much, tending to be naive and childish when it comes to making decisions. He forms strong attachments to people and things, sometimes to the point where it's unhealthy, and he seems to have been excessively sheltered to an extent that he scarcely knows anything about the world or how to interact with anyone other than his parents.

Backstory: Peregrine's parents were never the best, but when the apocalypse started, everything got worse. He was often neglected and ignored for the sake of 'safety', although his parents were more concerned about their wellbeing than his. They scolded him whenever he wasn't quiet, telling him that the zombies were going to get him if he didn't shut up. There was a decently tall barbed wire fence around the perimeter of the property, and eventually, Percy decided to climb it to go find somewhere else to be. He most likely stumbled across this group after a while of not doing well on his own since he's just a kid.