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Ares looks over the city, his face blurred as always. He scans the area, making sure there was peace.

Ares always hated people looking directly in his eyes, so while doing ‘hero’ stuff, he’d always blur his face. It was impractical for some people, and somewhat unnerving for others, but he did it for his own comfort and safety. By now, people got used to it.

He sighs softly and closes his eyes, relaxing slightly as he feels the wind on his face.

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Phillip was walking home from his job, he had a hard work day, and he still had the rest of the day to get through. Three Karens had decided to shop at the grocery this morning, and chose to pick his register to pay at. "Let's just get home, or should I go sit in the park for a bit and feed any birds?" he mumbled to the wind. The wind was the only one who was consistently listening, a great friend to have. She shifted and he headed to the park. "what a lovely day, don't you think?" he whispered.

He sat there, feeding the birds, talking to himself. He had moved out from the old people's house, now he lived in an apartment, with his two cats. He looked at his phone, "12:30. Time to head home, bye birdies, bye wind" He began walking home, not noticing anything wrong or out of the ordinary.