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Hello peeps! Im currently obsessed with hero x villain crud so im lookin for anyone who wants to do a rp like that- (yes I’m also just a bored guy and apparently i can multitask in different rps but can’t multitask for irl stuff like work-)


I really should not be joining another one when I still have to start one of mine, but enemies to lovers is my JAM and I would be thrilled if you allowed me to join!!


My characters are rarely straightforward when it comes to one side of the moral compass, so I think I'll go with villain in this scenario ^^

Also sorry for the wait on the character sheet! I'll try to have them up by tonight or tomorrow by the latest.


Absolutely love where this is going, and also thanks for bumping this bc I totally forgot to post my sheet rip—

Name: Eret, “Ego” Wickett
Age: 26
Gender/Pronouns: Male, he/him
Sexuality: Biromantic, ace
Powers: He can manipulate the fibers in clothing.
Appearance: Tall, thin and holds himself in that awkward, ungainly way whenever in civillian mode. He’s pale with pink undertones, especially pronounced around his cheeks, ears, and knuckles—which are calloused from both his time as his alter-ego and his hobbies. His hair is long and unruly, dark brown and hangs past his shoulders. Desperately in need of a trim but hasn’t gotten around to it, yet. His right eye is a dark gray while the left is a lighter steel color. The left side of his mouth is scared almost to his ear, carved like the coninuation of a smile and deep enough to look like a contorted dimple. Another scar starts at the lower lid of his left eye and follows the planes of his face like a tear would, criss-crossing the scar at the corner of his mouth and ending at his chin. He wears a face mask out in public to obscure most of it, but the sliver of scar is often enough to draw the eyes of others.
Backstory: Born into the proud and wealthy Wickett family, Eret had high expectations forced onto him from the moment he could toddle. Expectations that were none too healthy, given the Wickett family is comprised almost entirely of notorious villains. The kind heart he was born with was stomped on as he was made to fit the mold and role his parents set out for him, and in the process of becoming their perfect little villain, Eret learned to enjoy it. Or at least…most of it.
Personality: As a civillian, Eret comes across as a very timid and uncertain person. As a child he was often picked on for his lack of a backbone, and while he’s gotten better at drawing boundaries for himself, he’s not very good at enforcing them. He’s very wary and not all too trusting, and to top it off, he bottles up his feelings until he’s bursting with resentment.

As Ego, Eret is untouchable. It’s the one safe spot he’s carved for himself in this world—the one time where he can let loose and do what he wants without the fear of backlash (at least, until a hero shows up to stop him). He’s cocky and proud and loud, but still easily shaken as he’s prone to be no matter the role he plays.
I listened a lot to the song ‘Wild Flower’ by RM and youjeen a lot while creating him, so he’s definitely inspired a bit by it. I especially like the lyrics, “When's this wretched mask finally gonna come off? / Yeah, me no hero, me no villain / I'm barely anything”.

Also "Wickett" just sounded close to "wicked" so yeah.

@Eli-the-transboi group

Using a already existing character but oh well- XD

Name: Ares La Morte

Age: 21

Sexuality and gender: Bisexual, trans male.

Hero name: la Abtal

Personality: Tends to be shy or distant when around people hes not fond of. This is due to his mental disorders. Even though he struggles with being social, he still manages to have an amazing sense of humor. While he does suffer from ptsd and anxiety, that still doesn’t stop him from helping people in need. While he doesn’t consider himself a hero he does know that his goal is to help people who need it. He believes that no one deserves to hurt like he had to. And it’s his goal to make the world a better place. No one actually knows he has two identity’s. And he is determined to keep it that way. Since no hero is supposed to be autistic or have adhd. Especially in the public eye. And it’s clear theres something ‘wrong’ with him.

Appearance: ares has dark brown eyes and dark red hair. He also has several piercings. He does not consider himself attractive in the least. Standing at a ‘whopping’ 4ft8, and still gaining some of his more masculine body features. He tries to remind himself to not mention he used to be a girl. Especially to people he knows.

Powers: he is able to create anything. Even living matter. He has no idea how it happened, but he assumes it came from the overload of suppressed creativity he had as a child. This also means he is able to make himself look and speak differently just by using his ‘imagination’. If he can think it, it will happen. Good or bad…

Backstory: he came from a very abusive household and ended up being diagnosed with CPTSD, anxiety, adhd, and autisim. He jokes about it at times, saying he’s just a walking bag of mental illnesses.

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Name: Phillip ‘Lip’ Guerrero

Age: 17

Gender/Pronouns: Male, he/him

Sexuality: Omni.

Powers: he has telekinesis. And not a “power” but he knows Taekwondo, jiujitsu, and is a black belt in karate.
Appearance: he’s cuban, so his skin is a light brown, almost like a cherry wood color. He has bright green eyes. Under his left eye is a scar from when he was little, it looks like he got cut by a sword, his hair is dark brown and curly, an undercut. He’s about 5’10”, and he lightly muscled, and really cute. He has freckles splattered around his cheeks and nose.

Backstory: He grew up in Cuba, and lived there until he was about 13, then he was sent to the US by his parents, and he was adopted by some old people. They treated him nice and he liked living there, but he missed his family. He knows both English and Spanish, and spoke both fluently, so he got into school quickly. he has a job at his local supermarket, bagging things, checking stock, the usual.

Personality: he's kind, but he's tough. He normally is a very calm boy,tho he has a bit of an attitude sometimes. He is very sarcastic, when he’s around people he is comfortable around. In school he’s quiet, and only really talks to people if they talk to him first. He is very smart, school and street smart.

Other: he likes to read and is great at baking. He gives off a very cuddly aura, but hates it when people touch him unless he has given them permission.