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After saving the kingdom of Hyrule, you thought that your duty as a Hero was over. You'd stopped the forces of evil from destroying the world. You'd protected the Triforce. You'd saved or worked with the Princess. Now you were done, right?


Maybe you had decided to settle down with the person of your dreams, whether they were the Princess you'd fought alongside or a peasant boy with the sunniest smile you'd ever seen. Maybe you decided that the road was your home now, and that you'd live out the rest of your days traveling and helping those you come across. Hell, maybe it's been decades since your adventure came to a close and you thought that destiny had finally decided to smile upon you.

Unfortunately, the Goddesses aren't above pulling a retired hero into one of their messes if it needs cleaning up.

~ ~ ~

So! Welcome to the RP! We'll be playing different incarnations of Link, in a Linked Universe-style scenario. There were some Heroes that didn't make it into the main AU, and I thought it would be cool to do something with them. If you'd rather play an OC Link, too, then be my guest! There's no need to know anything about Linked Universe, but the Boys might be making an appearance at some point…


  • Absolutely no sexual content. Innuendos/dirty jokes are alright, but we don't do smut here. Thank you kindly.
  • Gonna follow this up with please no shipping Links together? Makes me(and a lot of others) kind of uncomfy, they're the same person, just… reincarnated.
  • You can play more than one Link! If you'd like to play an OC and a canon Hero like me, you're totally welcome to. I'll probably keep it down to two or three, though? Just to keep things from getting overwhelming.
  • Please be literate, and don't just write one-liners. I know it can be tough to get a lot of words out, but 2-3 sentences minimum, please. Grammar can kind of be a pet peeve for me, too, so try to be grammatically correct!
  • Don't! Be! A! Dick! Or a bigot!!
  • LGBTQ+ is loved and appreciated.
  • Chances are I forgot something that I'll need to add later, so expect revisions!

Pretty much every main-series game has a Linked Universe character already, but there are some that don't. Plus the cartoon and, if you're really brave… the CDI games… Here's a list

  • Spirit Tracks(this is not Wind and I will write a whole-ass essay on that)(TAKEN by Jockey)
  • Age of Calamity(TAKEN by yours truly)
  • Cartoon
  • CDI
  • That one musical commercial
  • Cadence of Hyrule
  • There's also that hero between Ganon's defeat and Wind Waker in the adult timeline
  • Plus more, probably!

Aaand now that that's out of the way, the template!! No "name" section per se because they're all Link(unless you want to do something different, ask but keep in mind that they all have to be Heroes), instead there's a Title and Nickname section. Nickname is just what they call each other typically. No gender either, since they're probably all gonna be guys. Again, ask if you want to do something different

Appearance(an image is fine):


Unfortunately, that's already a Linked Universe character. We're going off of characters that haven't been interpreted in that AU. I can give you a list with their games, if you'd like?


Oh, and also!! My bois!!

Title: Hero Of The Great Calamity
Nickname: Calamity, Cal
Age: 20
Appearance: Cal looks like the Link from AOC; blonde hair typically styled in a ponytail, blue eyes, and slightly-tanned skin. He does, however, have scars on his body. A few particularly noticeable ones include a diagonal slash across his face and a burn from a guardian lazer on his right side. Clothing-wise, he wears the Champion's Tunic and Hylian Trousers from his game, as well as greaves, bracers, shoulder pads, and other assorted bits of armor(I'm bad at describing this kdsnav). A royal blue scarf, passed down for years upon years, sits on his shoulders and is in quite good condition considering its age.
Personality: Cal is quiet and tends to seem stiff or intimidating. He doesn't typically speak unless spoken to. What he lacks in social prowess, however, he more than makes up for in combat ability and observational skill. He is more than capable of taking on multiple enemies several times his size at once, but sometimes has trouble recognizing when he needs to ask for help and even when he does realize it, he struggles with it. Cal is a bit of a doormat and has trouble saying no to people. He's also got a huge soft spot for younger children.
Backstory: Age of Calamity, basically. A few years have passed since he and the others sealed Calamity Ganon away, and he's risen through the ranks all the way to Captain of the Hyrulean Guard. Currently, he's engaged with Mipha–though his feelings for her are… complicated–and would make regular visits to Zora's Domain to see his wife-to-be before being whisked away by the mysterious dark portal.
Other: He picked up the slide whistle because Gadget(that's the nickname for his Zelda) liked the sound(it sounds like Terrako) and he wanted to make her happy. He does not have Wild's mad cooking skills, but he can make a few decent dishes.

Title: Hero Who Broke The Curse
Nickname: Breaker
Age: 19
Appearance: Breaker has short-ish straw-blonde hair with the typical bangs and sideburns that you'd expect from most Links, just a little bit messy, and blue eyes and sort of tanned skin. He wears a green tunic over a white collared shirt, leather bracers, tan pants, and knee-high brown boots. Also the typical "several belts and pouches". He also has a sky-blue bandanna tied around his left arm. On his bandanna are three pins in the shape of music notes. One is green, one is a deep blue, and the other is red. His armor is mostly chainmail underneath the tunic, but he also wears metal knee-pads.
Personality: Ah, Breaker. He's friendly, bouncy, a tad bit naive, and tries to see the best in everybody. Basically, a golden retriever given Hylian form. He lives by his word and would rather die than break a promise, especially to a close friend. Breaker tends to get rather uncomfortable if the others bring up their battles with Ganon, squirming and fidgeting with his bandana or belts
Backstory: As Breaker's title suggest, he broke the curse in his timeline. His adventure takes place around 400 years after the events of BOTW(which I headcanon to be a part of the child timeline but that's definitely not canon). He was close childhood friends with his Zelda(Lyra) and Ganondorf(Percy) and when he and Lyra found out about the curse, they vowed to save their friend. It started to take Percy over, but with the help of a few blessings and a sacred song, Breaker and Lyra were able to separate the curse from Percy before it was too late. The three of them then proceeded to fight what was basically a small piece of Demise that had kept reincarnating inside of each Ganondorf, and defeated it, thus breaking the curse.
Other: In his bag, Breaker carries a pictograph of himself, Lyra, and Percy that was taken shortly after their victory. The pins are magic and will probably be elaborated on later, but he rarely uses them. It's been about a year since his adventure.


Alrighty, here you go!

Sky: Skyward Sword

Four: Four Swords, Minish Cap

Time: Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask

Twilight: Twilight Princess

Wind: Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass

Wild: Breath of the Wild, presumably the sequel as well

Warriors: All Hyrule Warriors games aside from Age of Calamity

Hyrule: Zelda 1 and 2

Legend(oh boy, he's got a lot): A Link To The Past, A Link Between Worlds, Oracle of Ages/Seasons, Link's Awakening, Tri Force Heroes I believe? He's got the most, so it's easy to lose track.

The games mentioned in the first post are fair game, though! Gonna add Cadence of Hyrule to that list as well.


Wind waker is already taken? That's kind of Wind's titular game lol. If I was unclear, my bad–it's a little late and I've been doing exam review for a while now–but the games listed in the post with the LU boys(Sky, Hyrule, etc.) are games that already have characters. I plan on having our group cross paths with them a couple of times, so it wouldn't make sense to have two heroes from the same time lol. If you'd like to play as a character from that timeline, though, Spirit Tracks is available!


Yeah, no problem! I wasn't sure if I was totally making sense anyways haha, see you tomorrow! I'll probably be kind of inactive because exams, but I'll definitely be able to come online at least a little bit.