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"Nobody is alone. Not here anyway. There's always someone around. Rotting or not."

The outbreak's been going on for only 6 months and by that time, it's feeling almost impossible to find anyone whos not trying to eat you. Human or not. The worlds a scary place and not just the zombies are the ones you should be scared of.

So first things first. This is going to be a decently big group roleplay that I've been dying to start for a good while now.
These zombies are your average, typical zombies. Just like the walking dead.
Take out the brain, take out the zombie. Easy as that. They're heavily attracted to sound, so try your best to be quiet and fast.
They're easy to take out with just a few if you know what you're doing. If you don't…you're screwed with just one bite. Its very easy to be overwhelmed by them in numbers.
Cities are where they gather the most, though forests are their second option. They'll eat anything live they can get their hands on.
That's it about the zombies, as if you're here, you most likely know just about everything else. Any questions, you can ask me anyhow.

For the humans. As said before, they're not all friendly. The smart ones have trust issues and don't hesitate to kill. The desperate are a little too trusting and just want company. The loneliness drives them insane.
There are multiple groups, all of them think they're the good guys in their own eyes. To others they're either potential allies or enemies.
We decide who is who.


First things first. I can say no. For any reason. Don't take it personally please.

I don't put up with unnecessarily short responses. I get it if there's nothing more to say but that's about it. Don't just put in what they're saying. Put in what they're feeling, thinking, senses of all kinds. Three sentences at the very least. If your replies are unreasonable, and consistently short, I will call it out.

There will be romance. Take smut and stuff to the pms please if there is any.

There will be gore, violence, and mention of triggering topics. Specifically with the mention of triggering topics, put a TW at the beginning of your post.
triggers include: Mention of SA in any way shape or form, mental illness, self harm or the action of any of these things.
As for violence and gore. do the same thing please. Just put like a ///gore warning/// thing at the beginning or before the gore happens in bold and youre good.

You may have 4 characters max. You can add them in any time in the roleplay. So take advantage of that and have fun

With the character sheets. Links are welcomed for appearance. Even if you do have a link, please give us a heavy description of your character's appearance. You don't have to be super detailed on personality; we will find that out in the roleplay as we write together. If you don't know what details to put in your character appearance go off of mine. You don't have to ofc.

I think that's all for the rules. I will ask for a writing sample of yours if I'm not familiar with your writing.

Here's the character sheet

must be human! no elves or anything this is semi realism. think walking dead.

Appearance: (height and weight must be included)
Personality: (optional)
Backstory: (also optional)
Name: Jesse Nadhi (pronounced Jessy.
Age: 25
Gender/pronouns: female she\her
Sexuality: lesbian
Shipping: possible but unlikely
Ive got these paintings of her i did :3 these are linked to my Instagram with her wife Zander This one is showing off more of her face. this is an older one. her skin is just a tad darker than this, nose a little bigger and eyes a little meaner looking. she often can pass as a man given her size and facial structure. she scary

She stands tall at 6’4” and Weighing roughly 220 lbs. Jesse has a muscular build with broad shoulders and a good bit of definition in her muscles but she's not shredded by any means. she looks like a very large man.
She has darker skin (as seen in the paintings above) with green eyes and a caramel faded color along the rim of her irises and she's got thick brown eyelashes that aren't that long. Her eyes are slanted into a mean glare constantly and her thick bushy browns are always pushed together as if she's always pissed off. which most of the time she is. Her lips are thick and darker, her cupids bow is more prominent and her skin is dotted with moles and freckles. She has a beautiful large Roman nose that's slightly downturned with a thick black septum ring, and no other piercings. She has a small tattoo of a semi-colon on the side of her neck as well.
Her jawline is thicker and defined, more sharp squarish and her cheeks are prominent.
Jesse is part Arabic part German. She has a THICK German accent and a low, raspy voice. some of the time it's a little hard to understand her and she mostly speaks German when she is alone. it's very obvious English isn't her first language.
She has a wolf cut goin on with thick dark brown hair that she sometimes slicks back, with water or blood. depends on what she has on hand at the moment and if its accidental or not lol. She has a dark green bandana on her at all times be it on her arm or pulling her hair out of her face.

Personality: (optional)
She likes socializing, but isnt very good at it, as she comes across as mean and crude in a lot of her words and actions. Jesse is playful but again, in kind of a rude way. She doesn’t get along with others much. She isn't very likable (at first anyway, but I'll let you guys be the judge of that)
Once you get to know her, she's protective and easy to hang around, not caring what anybody thinks of her. She isn't the most trusting and her morals are non-existent. You try to get in her way, she will do everything in her power to get you out of the picture. She has a very hard time expressing love and will do it in only ways she understands.
Her love languages! i would divide these up into giving and receiving but they're the same thing for her.
acts of service (bringing you things you need to survive, trinkets she finds, giving you a gun or any weapon) touch but doesn't do well receiving touch. Quality time

Backstory: all you need to know is she is looking for her wife, who is most likely dead. Zander, seen in the pictures above, but here is another one of her haha

She also has a dog Ghabiun (pronounced Ha-Bean)
he is a cane corso she saved from a dog fighting ring and is massive. have a looksie

Edit: to clean up the rp and make it easier for you to find them, I'm putting all of my characters right here

now that we have more people here is my oldest and most beloved character, Min-Hyuk
I hope you guys love him as much as I do (not possible)

Tw: scars
Name: Min-Hyuk Youn
Age: 28
Gender/pronouns: male he/him
Sexuality: bisexual
Shipping: possible but hes just a menace so we’ll see if anyone even likes him
Appearance: (height and weight must be included)
Min-Hyuk stands at 5'11 and he weighs 180lbs and his ethnicity is korean
Before I continue, here are some paintings of mine I did of him linked to my Instagram profile (him with Jesse's wife Zander 0,0 scroll to see a closeup plz I'm vv proud of it) with a buzz

alirghty and for those who didn't see my paintings, or are just super awesome and you're reading this anyway, (I love you) here's the rest of his physical description
He's decently fit but not absolutely jacked lol he has more of a triangular build with broad shoulders, wider biceps and your average size hands. He looks like a little gym rat, which I wouldn't put that past him.
His skin is a darker olive tone with scars here and there, nothing too crazy. He has no freckles, but he has a small, dark brown beauty mark below his right eye. His eyes have a strong slant to them, the outer corners slanting up and his iris' are a mirror-like grey but often seen as black unless in the sun or very well-lit places. He has tired looking eyes with dark circles around them, though the skin around his eyes is naturally a darker, more saturated color.
Min-Hyuk has a larger nose, slanting a little upwards with a soft, yet prominent bump along his bridge. He has both sides of his nostril pierced with long spikes connecting each other over his bridge with a silver chain. He has his septum pierced as well, decorated with a longer, spiked ring.
He has small silver rings littering his ear and gauges about 19mm everything else on his ears is either 14g or 16g for the smaller ones.
His lips are plump and dark, with only a slight hint of pink to them and he has a microform cleft lit he never had surgery on (on his right side)
Min has snake bites on the bottom side of his lips, with two smaller spikes curling around his lips, though they rotate often. All of his piercings are 14g
His face shape is more circular/square, with prominent cheekbones that rest high on his face and a slick jawline. From his neck down to a part of his chest and all of his left arm down to his wrist, he has a beehive kind of pattern tattoo that's black but has a little bit of fade. He also has a tramp stand of the words "his bitch" in cursive above his waistline that you might be able to catch a glimpse of from time to time 0.0 Min-Hyuk also has a heavily detailed, black tattoo of a long ass centipede along his spine, ending at the tramp stamp on one end and crawling up into his hair. If he didn't have his hair grown out you could see it crawling up the back of his scalp, with heads on both sides.
Min-Hyuk's hair is a beautiful wavy mess of a long wolfcut going past his shoulders, ending around the middle of his shoulder blades, having grown out during the past year, and is raven black, having a sort of blue shine to it in bright light. With the wolf cut, unlike Jesse's, he has very wavy bangs and a lot of volume to his hair, especially nowadays when its a little greasy. He has thick, dark black brows with a slit on his right side.
You can normally catch Min-Hyuk wearing almost anything, maybe rocking a crop-top hoodie now and again, but normally black cargo pants with chains hanging from the belt. He carries a pistol and an assortment of pocket knives he's rather fond of. He wears heavy-duty working boots with steel toes and as far as tops go, anything from hoodies, wife beater tanks, to t-shirts and sweaters. ill be writing exactly what he's wearing at all times though and probably provide links as well (and you can do the same!)
he wears a good bit of silver chain like jewelry and silver rings, and his nails are painted black or drawn on with sharpie most likely.

Personality: (optional)
oh youll see ;)
Backstory: tbd

Name: Zander Nadhi
Age: 25
Gender/pronouns: she/her female
Sexuality: bisexual
Shipping: no she married :)
look at my previous links for Zanders refs, all of them I've painted myself so plz don't use them <3
also a little bonus for you, a little sketch I did lately of Jesse with her wife Zander

–Zander stands tall beside Jesse being 6'0" with a lean muscular body, weighing in at about 150lbs. She has a slim hourglass shape with thicker thighs and calves. She has longer limbs and neck, and her skin is a lighter shade of olive and she doesn't tan super easily. Her skin is dotted with freckles and her cheeks seem to always be a little red. Naturally shes a blonde but she dyes it dark red and she has dark red eyebrows that are defined and have a strong arch in them, making her look like she always has an attitude. Which she does.
Her hair is cut to her chin, though occasionally she lets it grow out an inch or two above her shoulders. She has a middle part and her hair is naturally very straight, worn commonly slicked back like Jesse's
Zander has a very sharp, angular face shaped like a diamond, with a pointed nose with a straight bridge and high cheekbones paired nicely with larger eyes and thick eyelashes and her lips are more on the thinner side but still definitely there, just not as thick as Jesse's lol
If Zander is wearing any makeup it'll be expired to hell and back but that won't stop her from giving herself that red lip and sharp cat eye she always seems to have, taking pride in her appearance, knowing she looks good with or without makeup.
She has earrings littering her ears and a long, thin tattoo going from her neck down to the right side of her foot, a red swirl of lineart going every which way in a flowy kind of pattern.
She wears a black wedding band and keeps her wedding ring hidden away in her belongings so nothing happens to it. (Jesse also wears a band)
You can almost always see Zander in a pair of short shorts or a pair of sweat pants but with a slit down the leg, and a thigh strap with a gun and a longer knife attached to it with a white semi-see-through tank, with a pair of work boots as well. But occasionally you can catch her in something a little more dressy, be it a crop top or a hoodie, anything is better than a blood-stained tank let's be honest.
Lastly, Zander is Slavic and it shows in her accent
links for her clothing

Zander is very charismatic, and confident in herself and what she is capable of and it shows. Her confidence radiates off her in an attractive, yet slightly scary way. She's very flirtatious and friendly though, filled with snarky comments and mean comebacks, or just being offensive, she'll catch you off guard.
She's brave and has more balls than half the men she's known, throwing herself into the crossfire without thinking and somehow coming out on top, being good with strategy and thinking fast on her feet. She can read people well and most of all, she's very sneaky and can be extremely manipulative if need be.
She puts herself first in almost every situation and survival is her only goal, whether or not its at the cost of others' friendship, safety, or even lives.

Zander and Jesse grew up together but they got separated shortly after the apocalypse start, that's all you need to know

Character List

Celeste (me)
Jesse Nadhi 25
Min-Hyuk Youn 28
Zander Nadhi 25

Chernobyl Lovette 21
Jake Satori 22

Jaxon “Jax” Ashvale 21
Valerian “Val” Havenfrost 21

Sarah Barker 20

Jackii DeGuzman 19
Emerson Solis 20

Shaun Harlem 21


Angela Merkel 22

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I̶̶̶'̶̶̶m̶̶̶ s̶̶̶u̶̶̶p̶̶̶e̶̶̶r̶̶̶ i̶̶̶n̶̶̶t̶̶̶e̶̶̶r̶̶̶e̶̶̶s̶̶̶t̶̶̶e̶̶̶d̶̶̶(read: i clicked on this thread so fast)
(Hello Celeste!)

@Celeste_X0X0_ group

AH!! thank you guys! i missed you guys sm!! I'm really excited to write with you all again!! i didn't know how many of you guys were still active on here haha!
you are all super welcome ofc! fill out however many character sheets as you want (or you can literally copy and paste from the last one lol)
I'm really happy that you guys are interested in this and remember me ^^

@Anxietyfilledcinnamonroll group

We missed you too! For me, I'm a bit spotty because my school blocked NB and the work is ugh, but I also go on break soon, so I’ll be way more active again. Anyway, yeah, I'm just going to copy and paste Jax's sheet XD. Also, I never forgot ya :)

@Dayzed forum

dude, ever since you left i've been wanting another apocalypse rp just like the one you made- unfortunately for me, i'm a bit hesitant when making group rps haha
and of course we remember you!! both you and your characters are super memorable for me
for the character templates tho i'll either pull one up today or tomorrow cause i think imma head off in a bit

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(Hi so its very unlikely that I'm gonna be active this afternoon through tomorrowish, so if yall wanna start when im gone just go ahead I can jump in later)

@Phrog-King terrain

Sorry it took me a bit, here's one of my characters

Name: Jackii DeGuzman (pronounced Jackie Day-Goozman)
Age: 19
Gender/pronouns: AMAB cisgender. (He/Him/His)
Sexuality: Bisexual
Shipping: Probably. If so, will most definitely be angsty and possibly toxic (Jackii isn't a good person)
Appearance: 112 lbs. This is light for a 5'11 19-year-old man, but he eats almost nothing anyway. He keeps his naturally platinum hair messy and fluffy, curtain-cut bangs, and tapered short at the nape of his neck. No matter what he has on hand, his hair is very important to him. He was never able to grow facial hair even if he wanted to, so that's not something he worries about. He's Asian-American with moderate brown skin and a caramel type of complexion. His body is delicate and thin he never works out unless necessary, and he uses long-range silent weapons more than anything, as he's near useless in close combat. Not that he can't fight, more that he's not effective. He wears loose, baggy clothes and he always has a watch, another thing he is overly worried about at the end of the world.
Personality: He has sociopathy and infatuation syndrome. His infatuation is with time. All aspects of it. He's obsessed with the way time works, and the way it passes. He often watches clocks. He sits huddled in a corner for hours, staring at his pocket watch. He is not a good person and was ecstatic when the zombie outbreak hit. A sociopath, a druggie, a liar, a cheater, a thief, and possibly a murderer, the world would be his playground. He has no compassion for life, human or otherwise, and is not a team player unless it directly benefits him. He is extremely crafty when it comes to getting his way. He is good at pretending to be good though, and sometimes develops actual bonds, though they never work out

@Anxietyfilledcinnamonroll group

Here’s Jax once more XD


Name: Jaxon “Jax” Ashvale

Age: 21

Gender/pronouns: Male (He/him)

Sexuality: Straight

Shipping: Eh. I don’t recommend it unless you can help him open up. He's also super reserved, so another reason why that would be a bad idea. But you can try your best :)

Appearance: 6’2 and weighs between 196–203 pounds. Jax's hair has thick, coarse, and choppy jet-black hair with many sharp angles. His hair is medium-length and wavy. It looks to be extremely healthy. He seems to take care of it well, even if he's in a depressive state. His hair gets in his face when damp with sweat or water. It annoys him, but he refuses to cut it any shorter. Jax's face is a softer, oval shape with rounder cheekbones. His cheeks aren't exactly chubby, but not noticeable either. He has a normal jawline; however, his cheeks and eyes are slightly sunken from lack of sleep. Jax has upturned, sharp eagle-like eyes. They are a stark arctic blue with specks of dark blue. They're often cold, piercing through you, but they do soften once you get to know him. These blue eyes are his most striking feature. They make him appear cold and unforgiving. His eyebrows are also bushy. He has a hooked nose that is curved at the bridge but doesn't droop to a point at the end. The tip of his nose is softer, almost like a button nose. The bridge of his nose has a sharp kink in it from being broken when he was younger. Jax has thin lips, with the bottom one being slightly bigger. Jax's body has a more boxy shape to it compared to others. He's lightly muscled, but has a little bit of fat around his ribs. Jax is quite tall, but not lanky or bony. He's constantly training, which is putting a visible strain on his body. He has a honeyed skin tone. It's slightly darker than a natural olive, but not as dark as a golden skin tone. He has cooler undertones to him, his skin taking on a duller look. Jax has faint pinkish scars over his mouth, clavicle, and side of his neck from minor injuries from a dagger. He also has a long pink scar on his abdomen starting from his belly button to his side from being cut open.

Clothing: The black bomber jacket he wears is thick black leather with strips of alternating stab and bulletproof material lining on the inside. It’s heavy and gets warm quickly. There is a patch with his name on the inside of the collar. On the back, a friend painted purple hibiscus flowers for him, and he textured it with purple embroidery thread. He wears a plain white T-shirt under the jacket. To avoid calloused palms, he wears black fingerless gloves. Jax wears a black leather belt and comfortable black dark-wear cargo pants. He also wears black tanker boots. They’re boots with buckled straps to help with compression.

Personality: Jax is a realist. He gives suggestions on what is achievable in meetings. You will hear him shooting down ideas not possible in this world. He does not daydream about fantasies that could happen; they are just a figment of his mind that will lead to hope. He makes plans based on the realism of the attack. Jax is very down-to-earth. As a child, he had many hopes and dreams; he threw them away after the traumatic event that led to his reserved personality.

In the beginning, Jax's emotionally detached from people. His PSTD got worse after being diagnosed with PTSD two years after his traumatic event. He became emotionally detached to protect himself from the drama, anxiety, the stress of his PTSD, the questions, and the help others offer. He’ll be blunt with others. Jax is not open with his emotions with many people, and that can lead to difficulty. He calls himself numb.

Tying into his emotional detachment, he is a reserved person who rarely shows his genuine feelings. He mostly has a neutral face and tone. His tone will sometimes turn to irritation or change when he’s pleased. Many times, it seems the many manipulative tricks others use do not affect him at all. He acts as if he has a wall around him. Jax rarely contributes his thoughts in situations unless asked, or he feels it’s crucial. He has complete self-control in consequential circumstances, but he might lose it when his bottled emotions become expressed. Jax is polite to people; he respects other opinions and feelings. Jax is self-sufficient. He doesn’t want to dump his emotional baggage on others, he’d rather deal with it on his own time. He won't display his emotions in public. He excuses himself to have his own alone time. Alone, he’ll express his bottled feelings. Two of the biggest exhaustion of his bottled emotions are through crying or anger. Contradicting, not displaying his emotions in public is when he snaps and starts sobbing. It happened when he was younger and now in his twenties. It doesn’t matter who’s around him. It occurs on missions, or in times he can’t get alone time.

When someone he cares for gets hurt, his emotions will cloud his judgment. He’ll often jump to action against the enemy instead of thinking it through. Jax is awfully loyal to his friends. He'll protect them with his life. Jax is doubtful of himself. He fears he’ll never pull through and be there to save the ones he loves the most. Jax fears he’ll fail his biggest goal. Jax will claim he isn’t good enough or will screw up everything. He is a humble person. He would never boast about his skills, his only input when asked, “How do you fight so well?” would be Years of tough training. Being humble ties into his reserved and doubtful image.

Backstory: The biggest part of this backstory is the house fire that set him on the road as a loner. It’s also important to understand his PTSD.


Name: Valerian “Val” Havenfrost

Age: 21

Gender/pronouns: Male (he/him)

Sexuality: Pan

Shipping: Sure :)

Appearance: He is 6’0 and weighs between 180–187 pounds. He has unruly, wavy ginger hair that refuses to be tamed. It is a "nightmare". Val’s face is a sharp, diamond-shaped. His cheeks are sharp, but not too noticeable. He has green, almond-shaped eyes that make him appear soft and inviting. His eyebrows are also arched. Val has a straight, button nose, which is often compared to a bunny’s nose by people. He has thin lips. His body has more of a triangular shape. He’s lightly muscled and seems to be a little thinner than normal. He has small shoulders, but sturdy hands. Val has pretty pale skin due to his Irish heritage. No matter how much sun he gets, he just burns (this usually causes him to look like a lobster without sunscreen). Val has a bunch of small brown freckles all over his face, arms, and shoulders. Many think they are pretty, while he thinks they are a nuisance. He also has a small scar on his cheek from an accident.

Clothing: The gray double raider jacket he wears is thick gray leather with strips of alternating stab and bulletproof material lining on the inside. It’s heavy and gets warm quickly. There is a patch with his name on the inside of the collar. On the back, a friend. His jacket is decorated with pink accents. The back had a small pink and purple cat sitting with moths and butterflies. The moths and cats are embroidered by Jax to make it look fuzzy. He wears a plain white T-shirt under the jacket. Val wears a black leather belt and comfortable black dark-wear pants. He also wears black hiking boots.

Personality: (It’s very messy. He’s not quite finished) Val is arrogant, cocky, Coy, wild, witty, Snarky, sometimes a smartass, and has a very sarcastic attitude. He is known as the king of comebacks. He is headstrong, hates conforming to rules, and loves testing the limits. He can be serious in dire situations, but, they have built his life on an optimistic lifestyle. Val can get angry very easily, though. One thing that triggers them is people calling him Valerian or calling him by his full name, Valerian Grant Havenfrost. The thing he purely hates with a passion is betrayers. He has an unruly personality that can be tamed quite quickly. Val is quick to snuff out outliers and untrustworthy people. He attaches easily to trustworthy people, but Jax is the only person Val would trust with his life.
He is kind to most people but is rude and snippy towards untrustworthy people. He curses when he's incredibly angry. Val can be very skeptical when it comes to certain quests. He loves taking on challenges.
He is the comedic relief type character, but their emotions go deeper than that
Jax is the one who would give its own life to save Val and protect him
Val has tons of chaotic energy
He is an excellent escape artist
Val is very impatient, especially as a patient with healing wounds
Val is very uncoordinated when it comes to throwing things

Backstory: He’s Jax’s travel buddy :D

@Celeste_X0X0_ group

AHHH I'm glad to have Jax back!! I missed him! Unfortunately i dont think I will be adding Cassius and his bb girl Fia but I just might lol

ALSO I love Jackii! i cant wait to see how he interacts with everyone else!

@Celeste_X0X0_ group

(Hi so its very unlikely that I'm gonna be active this afternoon through tomorrowish, so if yall wanna start when im gone just go ahead I can jump in later)

that's totally fine :) we probably wont start for a hot sec

@Celeste_X0X0_ group

dude, ever since you left i've been wanting another apocalypse rp just like the one you made- unfortunately for me, i'm a bit hesitant when making group rps haha
and of course we remember you!! both you and your characters are super memorable for me
for the character templates tho i'll either pull one up today or tomorrow cause i think imma head off in a bit

you're literally so sweet that means so much to me! I'm glad people like my apocalypse roleplays haha they're my hyper fixation I was worried people were annoyed that's all I do lol
and no rush getting everything together. we're still waiting for more people to join (though if nobody else does you guys are perfect ^3^

@Dayzed forum

aaaaaa !! definitely not annoyed, they're also my jam :)
and cool beansss, though, i did go ahead and heavily edit Cherry because a lot has changed with her so i'll go ahead and get that up right after i post this
hopefully others join too, i am… so excited sjdfnhjgkl

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Name: Chernobyl Lovette
Age: 21
Gender/pronouns: Cis Female, She/They
Sexuality: Androsexual
Shipping: I wouldn't mind

Appearance: Cherry has big round hazel eyes, chestnut brown taking up most of the space in her eyes towards the middle but mixing with the deeper green on the outside. She has dark eyebags underneath and no matter how much she sleeps they never seem to go away, makeup not being able to save her nowadays.
Cherry's hair is styled in a shoulder-length shaggy mullet that's fluffy with soft bangs. Their hair color is a dark brown that is naturally fluffy and thick, getting tangled a lot more easily. If she doesn't brush it often or washes it, it clumps together making it a tangled mess- oddly taking on a wavy and even slightly curly texture.

Cherry has a square-shaped yet sort of button nose. Her face also takes on a bit of a combination of two shapes, a fusion between heart and square shapes, some parts of her features looking sharp while others take on a softer look. She doesn't have freckles per se, but more so several beauty marks on her face, the right side having the majority of them, about three or four, while her left side has only two. There are a few more dots scattered about but those are lighter than the other ones which are more noticeable and darker. All of them are positioned by the outer corner of her eyes, decorating the top half of her face, mostly the cheek area.

Cherry's mouth is what can only be described as very "pouty", her top lip a more rounded shape instead of Cupid's bow, though, it isn't fully round, just barely having an M shape. She has full lips, the bottom half only slightly bigger than the top.

Cherry is 5'6" and weighs 130 lbs.
Her body type is mesomorph, a bit of muscle to her but mostly on the thinner side, her body taking on an almost hourglass shape. She naturally has a bit of extra fat on her stomach area even though she's a fit and active person, not being flat-stomached like most toned and athletic people. The best way she can be described is having a "relaxed" body shape with soft curves.
Cherry's skin tone is a lot lighter than most people who are considered Hispanic. She has a rose beige skin color, with a few small yet faint moles doting her back and the rest of her body.

At some point when she was a teen, she got top surgery, it being on her list of things to prepare herself for what should have been college. Cherry also has several tattoos, all of them being a micro realistic style with lots of geometrical lines and shapes, none of them really connecting and instead being spread out, yet looking like the whole thing goes together, like a large art piece that took years to do. One of them is a "XV" tattooed on her wrist and a verse of a Sanskrit hymn on her other arm.

Her type of dressing style is mainly huge t-shirts over skirts with bell bottoms, the skirts having a bit of a flare to them. She wears what would be considered a "corset" over her shirts to give her clothes a "cleaner fitted look" but they're not exactly corsets, just another clothing piece that loosely sits on top as a decoration.
(Example of what she wears:

Cherry is also known for wearing coin jewelry- things like silver coin earrings, and necklaces. Hoop bracelets and thinner flat "bracelets" (more so cuffs) on the upper part of her forearms. She's got an odd combination of minimalistic Egyptian and dark academia rockstar going on, her helix piercings being a testament to that (and winged eyeliner, but not for this rp).

(I also do have a picture for her. It's the closest thing I could find.

Personality: Cherry is generally a very kind and soft person, often worrying about other's well-being, be that emotionally, mentally, or physically.
Although she is kind and soft, these things do not mean she is meek and quiet, in fact, it's the opposite. She's very energetic and gets excited easily, a very loud personality to be around, almost intoxicatingly so, but for that same reason she has a soft spot in her heart for those who match her energy and can put up with her.

Cherry's got a huge heart which can be taken advantage of at times, but she does well in standing up for herself. There'll be times when she's more inclined to not say anything and let things happen in favor of not starting anything, but even Cherry has her limits and is not above decking someone in the face and starting a fight. However, one thing about her is that she is very much a person who works through problems until she solves them, looking at them from all angles and only resorting to extreme measures when she absolutely has to.

While her outer nature is along the lines of being "catastrophically aware of herself and everyone around her", the truth is she's a much sadder person than she lets on, a melancholic air about her once you get to know her on more than a surface level.
Even now, she still likes indulging in love poems and letters, picking up romantic philosophical books when she can find them, secretly carrying around a book or two on her person at all times but never anything more than that.

She's not at all strong as her determination and willpower to keep going makes her look, her physique often overlooked and not considered much of a threat, but what she lacks in strength she makes up with being attentive to detail and taking deadly risks- even if she cracks just a little more under the pressure every day.
Cherry may be a bit more impatient nowadays due to the circumstances and is a lot quicker to snap, but she means well, trying her best to not take things personally, even if they are meant personally.

Backstory: Cherry comes from a very well-off family who immigrated from Spain to America when she was a kid. While no specific event sticks out to Cherry as being "tragic" or having it bad, there were a series of lows during the moving period to a new country, mostly common things almost everyone feels at some point during really stressful times.
Her parents separating or fighting was not something Cherry ever had to worry about, her mother and father loving each other dearly and sharing that love with her too, nothing being held back from her.

From a young age, she was encouraged to be herself and they never scolded her for "being too much", never treating her as an actual kid at times either, knowing that even though she was a small human being, she was very capable of intellectual conversations, this also helping her be firm in her decisions as she grew up.
Cherry's parents pretty much let her wander to her heart's content but gently corrected her and reeled her back in when she did something wrong, letting her find her footing while also being there to catch her if she did fall.

Ever since Cherry could remember, she's had the best of the best, her father Alvaro a talented artist, picking up watercolor and acrylic oils as his medium for painting when he was younger. He was arguably the gentlest towards her while Cherry's mother would have been considered the more "fiery" person, oftentimes snapping her fingers as she rounded the two to go out for an appointment, "Vamonos! Vamonos!" a common phrase in the household as both Alvaro and Cherry took forever to get ready.

Name: Jake Satori
Age: 22
Gender/pronouns: Cis Male, He/It
Sexuality: Gay
Shipping: Same as Cherry

Appearance: Jake's got charcoal grey eyes, an almost very dark silver even though there's a hint of blue that is more noticeable when the light hits him just right. His eyes are angled in a cat-like shape, being an almond shape, but also round and wide and just barely slanted. His eyebrows are thin yet bushy with two slits on one side.
Jake has coal-black hair that's curly, and soft, yet slightly puffy. If he's been out in the rain, it gets really frizzy and puffs out more than what it normally looks like. Because it's kind of hard to tame, he regularly shaves the sides of his head, kind of rocking a short yet overgrown deathhawk cut, though, it looks like a really shitty attempt at one since he does it himself.
Jake's hair is decently long but not by a lot since it's curly and barely obscures one side of his eye. It would be a bit longer than you would expect if he were to straighten his hair.

He has a decently long straight nose that is somewhat turned up with a slightly curved bridge. His top lip is kind of thin while the bottom one is slightly plumper, the bottom one looking like he's chewed on it a bit, some spots bright red while the rest looks normal. His lips have a rougher texture because of this, having lost his chapstick he keeps on him at all times. His bottom lip is decorated with black hoop snake bite piercings- his tongue also being pierced.
Jake's face is a mix of heart and round shapes. He has a strong jawline, but still maintains a kind of baby face, though not as much fat on his face as when he was younger. His features are overall really soft looking, the freckles dusting his face only adding to the “soft” look.

Jake is 5'11" and weighs 169 lbs.
He is extremely pale to the point where his skin looks to be a very milky white. His body is more of a mix of mesomorph and ectomorph types, having some muscle for him to do his daily activities which involve a lot of exercise, but not extremely so. He, however, leans more towards the twink ectomorph body type.

He has a few tattoos here and there, but one of the larger ones is the one he has on his side of a guy playing a guitar. (It looks a little like this:
Jake's got a lot of piercings too, the more visible ones being the snake bite piercings on his bottom lip and the 8mm plugs on both ears. He also has three vertical helixes on both ears as well, but only one industrial on his left ear. And because Jake is Jake, all his piercings match the color of his outfits, black.

The clothes he wears are more of a punk scene type, but it's not all the time. He alternates between a few black aesthetics like biker and goth outfits. Sometimes he'll opt for a simple black outfit, things like T-shirts with explicit graphics on them like occult stuff, gore, blood, suicidal themes, self-mutilation, etc., and simple fitted black jeans. He likes the look of spikes and chains, so you'll most likely see those on the clothes he wears. Crust pants and battle vests were mainly his go-to's before this, loving to give off that "fuck you" vibe with his patches and hand-decorated designs. He also wears alternative shoes like boots, heels, and platforms (though not so much the heels anymore. Makeup as well, but again, not so much anymore.)
The only thing that stands out about Jake is the cool-colored pastel necklace that he holds very dear to his heart.

(Here's an example of kind what he could be wearing:, or this one

(I saw this drawing a while back and while it's not mine, I thought it looked strikingly similar to what my guy might look like so I'll link it here in case any of you guys want an image to look at instead:

Personality: If you met Jake and don’t know him on a personal level he’s very much the prankster type, teasing others and flirting till he gets what he wants. He’s confident to a disgusting degree, almost on the verge of a god complex, thinking he can do whatever he wants without consequences. His cocky attitude, however, is simply a front as he has walls built up for a reason, his what he believes to be "fake personality" not only a way of protecting himself but also mostly to be seen as insufferable than pathetic for letting his emotions get the better of him. Sometimes his bold personality blends in with the sadness, making this weird concoction of Jake trying to reach out for help only to back out at the last second.

Jake is mostly a friendly face although very chaotic, loving to push people's buttons. Maybe he's got a bit of suicidal tendencies, rushing into danger for the smallest things even when it's not prompted, but that's how he's always been, and it's quite literally a miracle he's still alive.
There are rare occasions where he'll seem a little more dejected than usual, looking really dull and tired unless something really interests him. Jake is also a little touchy with certain subjects, so if you bring up the wrong thing, he'll definitely snap at you if you keep trying to push him to tell you more when he's stated he won't.

Jake isn't difficult to befriend, but sometimes he just seems like a spiky character due to the way he carries himself, looking straight-up murderous more than half the time when he's not being an idiot and bothering someone, but on the contrary, he’s a very caring individual and will panic if someone he loves is hurt. He's very attentive to those who have faced similar struggles as he has even if he struggles to form connections that aren't just surface level.

Background: Jake comes from an Italian family whose grandparents made the move to America, Jake's parents already knowing the ins and outs of the country by the time he was born. And while his parents hadn't been especially terrible to their first child in the beginning, the Satori kids weren't exactly raised in a good household.
After it was discovered that Jake's mother had been infidel to her husband things completely went downhill for the family.
Jake's mother left when her youngest child turned six and the truth about who the father was came to light. Jake's father spiraling at the time and taking out his frustrations on his children. Unfortunately, things were never the same, and abuse on their father's end didn't stop even as Jake hit high school.
As a kid, Jake had it bad, but his brother had it worse as he took on the brunt of the abuse. That didn't mean that it was any easier for Jake, and since there wasn't a whole lot Jake could do as a kid, dealing with his father and then brother who turned on him with jealousy and hatred when he perceived Jake was getting special attention from their father, he left.

So at age sixteen, he found himself running away and onto the streets where a guy who worked with prostitutes took him in, giving Jake a job as a male escort and also a place to stay. Those few years weren't the best, in fact, they weren't much better than his home life, but after a while, he grew accustomed to it until he was able to save up a little and manage on his own without the help of anyone who only seemed to want to take advantage of him.
What happened in those years is mostly a secret and Jake never talks about it in favor of keeping his dignity to those who don't know him. His home life is also rarely told, but it's much easier to talk about than the years in between. While he may not talk about any of them in detail, vagueness being his specialty, sometimes they will be brought up in passing for a moment or two before his "vulnerability" is gone. Never taking himself seriously and passing off his traumatic experiences as something that "just happens".

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came to edit Cherry a bit cause i realized i forgot her height and weight, but i was reading over everyone's character templates again and i love how for the shipping part, everyone's so far is basically:
"it really isn't advised."
"but if you're into that and can make it happen somehow-"

btw love all of these characters so far, they all have my heart, i’m a sucker for the rougher characters that lean a little more into the negative emotions 💙

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(Also I can finally get smth up for my girlie now yay)

Name: Sarah Barker
Age: 20
Gender/pronouns: Female, she/her
Sexuality: Unclear, not something she's explored
Shipping: Maybe?
Appearance: Sarah is 5'5" and 120 lbs. She is not exceptionally strong, but decently fast. She wears what used to be her brother's jacket (usually around her waist) and a long sleeved shirt, as well as a skirt that falls just below the knee and leggings. Her clothes are very battered, and there are faint bloodstains on her jacket. Her black hair is short and scraggly, in what was a pixie cut at one point but is now very much grown out. Her eyes are wide and unblinking, with a thousand-yard stare, despite dark circles. She has dark olive skin and a pointed nose with a straight bridge. Her lips are thin and chapped.
I'll probably draw her at some point so when I do I'll link it!

Personality: (I'll explain the best I can but whatever is unclear will become apparent I'm sure) Sarah is doing whatever it takes to survive at the moment. She is anxious and flees combat whenever she believes it's sensible, which is about 70% of the time because her only weapon is a rusty knife, which she is constantly sharpening. While she holds a blank, absent expression most of the time, she is very observant, her mind always on something (does that make sense?). Despite this, though, she usually follows instinct when it comes to combat, and tends to act fast.
Sarah wants to be able to trust people, and has been making passive attempts at forming alliances, but finds this difficult because she herself is distrustful.
Backstory: All that's necessary to know at the moment is that she used to be getting through this with her brother, Aviv, but he was killed in a fight with someone else, in which he slipped off a ledge and Sarah fled.

Tell me if I should add anything :)

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(RAAHHH JDBFKHBGF i'm so glad you love her!! she's one of my favorites :D also i love Sarah sm!! we should have her and Cherry be frens bc i think that could be really cool, just putting it on the table if it's something you'd be interested in doing hsjbfjg)

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(RAAHHH JDBFKHBGF i'm so glad you love her!! she's one of my favorites :D also i love Sarah sm!! we should have her and Cherry be frens bc i think that could be really cool, just putting it on the table if it's something you'd be interested in doing hsjbfjg)


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(here's the other i wanted to add. Just 'cause i think it'd be interesting to put him in this situation and see how he does. May or may not kill him for plot, idk yet)

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(RAAHHH JDBFKHBGF i'm so glad you love her!! she's one of my favorites :D also i love Sarah sm!! we should have her and Cherry be frens bc i think that could be really cool, just putting it on the table if it's something you'd be interested in doing hsjbfjg)