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A number of letters and a few journals from the 1890s were discovered after some amount of time. All that was discovered was out of sequence, but it was still possible to solve the murder mystery with an abrupt conclusion.

In London of the year 1894, a respectable doctor, William Harker, was found dead in his study, and now a detective is looking into a bizarre murder case. However, in an effort to hide a crime they did not commit, the two colleagues, the spouse, and his present patient all assumed they had killed the man. Even the detective questions whether or not they actually killed the man. But the murderer who carried out the crime made an effort to confess, shocked by the viciousness of what they had done. The actual killer is left to look into the enigmatic cover-ups and how to put themselves to justice while in denial since the detective does not believe them and in denial themselves.

Alright, I do say it is written in letters and journal entries, but would that make sense timeline wise, or would classic RP style work better? Or would you like to keep the letters, note, journals and what not idea?

The inspiration would be this pin, Some other inspirations would be The Strange Case of Jekyll and Hyde (Hince the RP name lol) and Dracula for the journal and letter idea.

I also would like to be the detective since I have more there on a visual standpoint to connect it all :)


Detective: @Anxietyfilledcinnamonroll
Colleague one (Nurse): @menace-to-society
Colleague two (Doctor): @letsgetlegit_9113
Spouse: @Sweet_Pea
Patient: @ScotchTapeWorm
Murder: @Davadio

Just a few rules/notes:

  • I’d appreciate a small paragraph or more per response and some amount of detail
  • If you have any questions or suggestions, please tell/ask me
  • There may be mature themes


Name:Kathrine Harker

Age: 24


Personality: A loving person and kind towards friends and family over all a great person

Background: she got married to William when she was 18 since this is the 1800's and then she became a school teacher and has been ever since.

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(Oh hi… sorry. I have been insanely busy. I would still like to do this, but my schedule might be a bit skewed. Things should be normal once we get out of January, though (I have a final and gazillion tests). So those who would like to join can fill out a character sheet, and I will try to get one out myself. Sorry for like— disappearing lol)

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(It's alright, I can (slightly) relate. 😅 I might make my character tomorrow though. I'll take the role of colleague 1 or 2, if that's okay. )

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(Oh, okay. I might take the doctor. Also, is it okay if the doctor is female?)

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Name: Dr. Rose Stephens
Age: 26
Gender: female
Role: Colleague 2 (Doctor)
Appearance: She has long, wavy, dark brown hair ( usually worn in a bun or in a dutch braid crown), light skin, and emerald green eyes. She usually wears reading glasses. {} (Just imagine she has emerald eyes okay, I can only do so much in Artbreeder. :'D)
Personality: She is very serious while doing her work. However, she is very kind to everyone she knows and meets, but barely shows her emotions, to say the least.
Background: She graduated from the London School of Medicine for Women. She has known William Harkins for a few years and has proven to be a good colleague to the doctor.
Other: She is unmarried and hopes to stay that way. She also loves children, but is unable to have any, although she never wanted any of her own in the first place. She is very passionate about doctoring.

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Name: Atlas Mill

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Role: Patient

Appearance: Atlas has deep, charcoal black hair that is naturally very curly. If he grew it out longer he would have ringlets, but he keeps it acceptably short for the time and does his best to tame it. He has his wild curls that ring his head and is extremely pale. His skin is pale white to the point of being nearly translucent in places, echoed by the bright blue of his veins. Atlas has a face like that of a young boy, with massive blue eyes and thick, dark eye lashes. Full lips that curve downwards and a round face, giving him almost a cherub-like aspect, if it weren’t for the deep bags under his eyes, and the mischievous look in them. Atlas is not the tallest man, standing on average about 5’6” and shows signs of an unhealthy thinness.

Personality: Despite his cherub and boylike appearance, Atlas is not an angel. Not even close. He’s a clever man, unnaturally quick, and highly mischievous. So perhaps he is boylike after all. Atlas can be a bit unpleasant at times, pushing boundaries far beyond comfortable levels of others. He’s aware of what he’s doing, he just generally doesn’t care. When bored, he is also very flirty, though I can’t honestly say he’s ever been in love yet.

Background: Atlas knows Dr. William Harker as a family friend. Dr. Harker was always the Mill’s go-to doctor, since they could afford regular visits as a well to do family. Atlas grew up very sickly and spent a large amount of his time in his later life with the doctor. He has a peculiar condition, on top of his already sickly constitution. Atlas has gaps in his memory, spots where things are dark and he has no idea what he’s done or what he said. It’s a bit like sleepwalking for him, except it can happen at any time, walking down the street and finding yourself halfway up a tree or eating dinner then finding himself hiding underneath a table. The doctor had been looking for some sort of remedy for Atlas at his fathers request, and had been somewhat successful, the blackouts happening less frequently, but for longer.

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Name: Sir Bailey Fox

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Role: Detective

Appearance: Bailey is a smaller gentleman, peaking slightly over 5’7. He is quite thin, as mentioned by many folks. His shoulders are small, and so are his hands and wrists. Bailey has a fair skin tone and soft cheekbones, his face the shape of an oval. He has brown, almond-shaped eyes that nearly always have an air of curiosity and a small button nose. He has wavey, blonde hair that is slightly unkempt by Victorian standards. Bailey wears a black suit with a black bow tie. A small gold chain hangs from the third button on his vest. His shoes are shiny, black leather dress shoes.

Personality: Bailey is a studious man, analyzing all details given to him. He keeps his detective agency running with effective orders. He does, however, have high expectations for his agents and can be somewhat scornful towards them. Bailey is an extremely hard worker, holding high standards against himself.

Background: Since Bailey was a kid, he was on the case around the house, looking for missing toys and farm animals. Once he had grown up, he’d gone to school and started to work among the police as an officer. Somewhere along the way, he had climbed up the ranks, creating his own private agency and using his skills to beat the police in solving mysteries.