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"I'm good! How are you?" He said, stopping his tuning and checking his phone as it buzzed. He read the messages right as Anna and Apollo walked in
"Hey!" He returned as he picked up his guitar and finished tuning


Apollo gave them a smile and asked, “Is it just the two of you right now?”

He wandered over to the drum kit. Setting his bag to the side, he pulled out his drumsticks

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(Yeah, that’s totally fine! Also I haven’t seen our other two bandmates in a while, so I’m going to say we can go without a bassist, and Emily can also do piano, if that’s alright with y’all)

"Good," Emily replied to Quinn before gesturing around for Apollo and arching her eyebrows with an amused smirk. “I don’t see anyone else,” she teased lightly. “How was class?”


(hmm if they don’t come back we could see if Cuji’s character could play bass? also, is the band maybe rehearsing for a gig?)

Apollo chuckled, shaking his head, “Fair point,” he said. “It was interesting, but my attention span decreased with every minute overtime. My professor does not know what ‘class finishes at 12:30’ means.”

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(That would work if Cuji is on board! And yeah :))

Emily set down her violin gently in its case before approaching the keyboard beside Apollo's drumset and setting her lithe fingers over the keys. "That's understandable," she remarked, playing a few basic chords quietly. "And what time did the professor finally release you?"


(I originally had Anna only know piano, but I can say she knows the basics of bass.)

Anna gave a small greeting as she entered the room with Apollo. They were a few minutes late so she quickly started to set up the speaker and microphone that were permanently kept in the room for other functions.
She noticed that two of her band mates were missing and decided to speak up about it. They had a gig coming up and it was important not to miss any rehearsals.

"Is Maki or Caleb coming today?" Anna spoke into the mic, bringing the volume up slightly as to test it.

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(Oh, that totally works too! I forgot you had Anna know piano. We can have Anna and Emily alternate for songs Emily has to play the violin, Anna can play piano. And Emily can play piano sometimes so Anna can just sing, if that makes sense and works for you :))

Emily frowned at Anna's question. "I'm not sure. I haven't heard from them, and it's been dead air in the group chat. Let me try them again."

Emily S 🎻 ☕️ 🇬🇧 in Disaster Bis 🎶
Maki and Caleb ETA??

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(JEsus Christ I forgot completely about this, I'm so sorry. If anyone wants, we could come back to this! I just super busy around Christmas </3 Sorry loves!)