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(ok! also quick question abt the band, wouldn't they need a bassist?)

(Yes! I'll add that, and it's yours :))

(hi i’m the friend!! i’d love to join as the drummer if i could :D)

(Yep! :))

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Name: Emily Springett
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Appearance: Emily is a very attractive woman with hazel eyes (, honey blonde hair ( that goes down to just below her shoulder blades in length. She has a soft but defined jawline, and her figure is lean and curvy. She has a black and white tattoo of two roses on her left shoulder, wears light but appealing makeup, and speaks with a British accent.
Clothes: She wears loose, flowing tops and tighter pants, like jeans or leggings (
Personality: She's usually pretty outspoken and funny when she's with her bandmates/friends, but when she's the center of attention, she hates it. Most of the time, she doubts herself and has second thoughts about her actions. Very insecure about… a lot. It’s why she plays the violin, since it’s more of a “backseat” role. But she's a hopeless romantic for everything good in the world. And she is able to get along with people pretty well, which is why she’s also the band’s manager.
Likes: Books, her bandmates, her violin, tea, watching thunderstorms, flowers (specifically daisies), writing, and coffee.
Dislikes: Crowds, being the center of attention, being hit on by obnoxious people, her own self-doubt and anxiety
Theme Song: The Writer — Ellie Goulding || Someone You Like — The Girl and The Dreamcatcher
Other: She's a weird balance between a tomboy, jock(ish), sport-loving girl and a shy, nerdy, bookworm girl

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(I feel like that should be an unofficial requirement lol. Like, if you’re not bi, it’s totally fine, but if you are, WELCOME TO THE CLUB BITCH! XD)

(And I’m not sure if we’re going to be able to stick with the ‘met in high school’ plan since we have such varied ages. Any other ideas for how they met?)

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(some of them could have been releasing music on the internet as independent artists, and they went to a talent showcase, and saw how good they others were, and asked to form a band, and this band made it big)

@AnxietyGremlin group

(yea. My idea was pretty general so we could work her in. It also works if your characters background or personality wouldn't really match up with the highschool thing.)


(Or a few of them could meet in uni or flyers could be handed out and they could learn about the band that way)


(i’m just wondering how a 16 year old meets a bunch of twenty year olds? would it be possible to age her up at all because it just seems a little strange)